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Xkcd M87 Black Hole Size Comparison tardis Internet Space

Xkcd M87 Black Hole Size Comparison tardis Internet Space


Krypton Radio – Your Sci-fi Radio Station

Black hole image released by Event Horizon Telescope team in world first - Science News - ABC News

GALACTIC UNITM87 blackhole ...


... black hole in M87 is about 2.5 times smaller than the shadow imaged and is 40 billion km across...that's about 4.4 times wider than Neptune's orbit!

Astronomists have just released the first image ever of an “unseeable” blackhole

Anatomy of a Black Hole

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Here's What the First Images from the Event Horizon Might Look Like

As the black hole grows, it starts to emit a very powerful wind. This is not from the black hole itself, but from a disk of material — called the accretion ...

It didn't see a star exploding as a supernova, it saw a star literally getting torn apart as it fell too close to a black hole!

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Black hole, real versus the computer simulation. Yep. Looks about right.

The variety of galaxies is amazing. Some look like relatively normal spirals and ellipticals, but you can see some that are clearly distorted due to ...


The likely scale of the largest supermassive black hole known, S5 0014+81, compared to the size of our Solar System : space

With that in mind, I present to you LAB-1: a glowing glob of gas as seen by the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope:

BLACK HOLE Temple Found Underground? Secret Doorway to Parallel Universe?

... if you're feeling frisky, cram this onto your hard drive: an image that's 8500 x 8400 pixels and 29 Mb in size! And trust me: you want to.]

Randall Munroe, who draws the geekerrific xkcd webcomic, has created a really good chart showing relative radiation doses absorbed by humans doing various ...

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To grasp a billion stars

xkcd and other-world walkers

First ever black hole image released | I Fucking Love Science | Earth from space, Science nature, Outer space

Take a look at the image displayed here [click to redshiftenate]. Every object you see there is a galaxy, a collection of billions of stars.

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Astronomers see ANOTHER star ripped apart by a black hole!

Simulating Space: A computer simulation of a gas cloud passing near the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way, and the gravitational ...

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The First Ever Image of a Black Hole | Krypton Radio - Your Sci-fi Radio Station


It does show concentrations of dark matter along galaxies and clusters of galaxies, but also shows how even "empty" space well outside ...

Before I do anything else, I simply have to present this insanely cool Hubble image of the galaxy cluster MACS J1206, which lies at the mind-numbing ...

A Review of Disney's "The Black Hole"

Binary black holes and a potential Earth-like planet - Bad Astronomy : Bad Astronomy

In galactic collisions, might makes right

Primera imagen de un agujero negro - Buscar con Google

Pump up the galaxy

This is a famous press-image of a black hole created by NASA:

To put today's black hole image into context, here's a zoom in to the core of galaxy M87. The Event Horizon Telescope has 2,500 times better resolution than ...

The Cassini spacecraft took this lovely image in December 2011, during a close pass of Saturn's moon Dione. Ignoring Saturn's rings slashing through the ...

NASA just released the largest picture ever taken (and it's awesome) : The Loop

From Earthrise to the black hole: astronomy's most famous images.

April 24th marks the 22nd anniversary of Hubble's launch into space. To celebrate it, NASA and ESA released this devastating panoramic view (also available ...

If we terraformed the Moon! I'm okay with this! FuturistSpeaker.com #terraform #moon #marsisnext | Future Trends Report

The same goes for bars. That's the long, horizontal, relatively straight feature going across the galactic center. That's a natural consequence of gravity ...

You might know that the Milky Way is a spiral galaxy, perhaps the most beautiful galaxy type. You've seen 'em: majestic arms sweeping out from a central hub ...

Will Space exploration ever become a reality or remain a fantasy just for movies?

Desktop Project Part 22: A black hole belches out a hurricane

Yeah, I know. [Click to galactinate — I had to shrink it to fit here, and it lost a lot of the coolness when I did — or grab the ...

From Earthrise to the black hole: astronomy's most famous images.

The planet was found using a machine-learning system from Google, which was put to work sifting through data from NASA's Kepler spacecraft.

This is a frog plugging a black hole by John Lautermilch:

But ...

Chandra X-ray image of NGC 4649

Black Holes (Infographic)

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The largest virtual universe ever simulated | Space News | Universum, Kosmos, Lichtjahr


The Triangulum Galaxy, writ large

Followup on the star torn apart by a black hole: Hubble picture

#EliteDangerous #AprilUpdate

If you turned a telescope on Jupiter now, you could see its moons. Even binoculars - steadily held - will let you glimpse the moons!

Hubble grills a confused galaxy

Hubble peers in on a galactic snack

Gargantua from Interstellar | My favorite depiction of a black hole.

You can see tendrils, wisps, and many other features. One of the neat things that you might miss at first is how the dark clouds change the colors of stars ...

meteor color

New Black Hole Deception Reveals Occult Q Secret

Photon Paths around a Black Hole

Most images of black holes are illustrations. Here's what our telescopes actually capture.

AAS #2: Black hole doesn't eat baby stars, and Milky Way more weighty

Einstein Confirmed: Gravity Waves Exist

The black hole ...

A tiny galaxy that hides a big secret

For example, the Markarian 573 galaxy has a black hole at its center which is spewing beams of light in opposite directions, giving its inner regions more ...

LO95 0313-192 is the large, edge-on spiral galaxy left of centre

Pretty, isn't it? Abell 520 is a galaxy cluster about 2.4 billion light years away, and a mass of several trillion times our Sun's — it's made of galaxies, ...

Did you know?

Corey S. Powell


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image/gifSize of a Neutron Star compared to New York City (i.redd.it)

Lunar Eclipse July 2018

... you can spot them with binoculars easily in the northern sky, and they are a mere 12 million light years from us (for comparison, ...

This is one of the most beautiful images I've ever seen. The large scale structure of galactic superclusters

21 July 1969

The highly distorted supernova remnant shown in this image may contain the most recent black hole formed in the Milky Way galaxy. The image combines X-rays ...


[Click to galactinate and get access to a zoomable version — and you want to. I shrank the image considerably to get it to fit here.

If we terraformed the Moon! I'm okay with this! FuturistSpeaker.com #terraform #moon #marsisnext | Future Trends Report

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Wednesday! The Event Horizon Telescope Hosts a Press Conference. Their goal is to capture the first image of a black hole - here's hoping for the best!

This is a famous press-image of a black hole created by NASA:

The dusty depths of a spectacular spiral galaxy

Another great talk at #Asma2019 and definitely one for the @paraboladies !pic.twitter.com/ExGe3Yqutj