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Riskhappy on Instagram You have a duty to communicate your wants

Riskhappy on Instagram You have a duty to communicate your wants


@riskhappy on Instagram: β€œ"You have a duty to communicate your wants and

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Another reason to love @johnmayer πŸ–€ I can't think of many things more

"Manifesting all of the time, creating your life, and grinding hard always sounds. "

β€œA good friend won't agree with you to make you happy. If. β€œ

Tell me one thing someone has taught you this year? β€’ sylvestermcnutt.net for everything #sylvestermcnutt

β€œNo decision will pay off more than prioritizing your life and giving extreme focus and energy to the things with the highest return.” #riskhappy

image of poster saying that people with ID need choices and voices

Slyvester Mcnutt..instagram...Get the book The dear queen journey.

β€œIf you consider your struggles a guidance system explaining how to move forward instead of emotional and situational road blocks, struggling will be a lot ...

If you had not suffered as Β· riskhappy

I was listening to a talk with Tim Ferriss the other day. I haven'

"Six months from now you can be in a completely different space, mentally,

Sylvester McNutt

Our retreats are for the sensitive souls who feel it all. We welcome the full spectrum. Hearts, minds, bodies, souls, wide open ready to connect deeper than ...

β€œAs you grow older, you'll find the only things you regret are

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Aquarius January Overall energy is divine unity. Relationships that continue to grow closer. Forgiveness

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"Every time you get upset at something, ask yourself if you were to die. "

So trueπŸ‘Š #oyesilfemi #coverstar #covermodel #modelling #actress #actors #

Media by roninbatman: πŸŽ©πŸŽ©πŸŽ©πŸ§πŸ§πŸ§πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡

(I made 54 favorite notes into a small paperback ... my self-published art & emotions project! Maybe Notes From Your ...

"There are people less qualified than you, doing the things you want to do

My newest book, Dear Love Life is helping people date more effectively by giving strategies, facts, & perspectives on dating in this generation

Entrepreneur Voices on Emotional Intelligence has the game-changing advice that will burst your bubble, get you out of your comfort zone, and boost your EQ ...

Disconnection is required to connect My current...πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ’― #soulwork #

... by politicians especially, and how performative it always feels to me - which is reinforced shortly thereafter because they almost always repeat their ...

riskhappy. "

A gentle reminder - you're doing great! What step (big or small

Thanks to @the_wpf for these awesome Alzheimer's communication tips!

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Capricorn January Reading Overall energy is moving slowly and making sure you do things right the

There are women who would want to get laid and not get attached. They may

unknown #riskhappy Β· Empaths are often chosen to shift generational patterns of pain and abuse. You might not

ALWAYS do what's best for you. Do you, as it relates to YOUR life


Regrann from @thesocialexpressafrica - Hi! Its #FridayFeed and were super happy to share

Just a Monday reminder to be a the kind of person who shows up in the

[ #Jabodetabek ] . [Opportunity to Join GHII] β€’ Hello Indonesian youth,

#Repost @listeningactively ・・・ Repost @daniel_beaman 🧰 tools for your box #boundaries #manipulation #abuse #control #deflecting #dysfunctionalfamily ...

Day 12 #mindsetreset Normally I would have talked myself out of working out today because

... #spiritually #happymind #mindcontrol #controlyourself @julian_679chin @ riskhappy @plantmacro @thesleepingmillionaire @napoleon.hill @ntrott50 @juanpa

My personality confuses people. I enjoy being alone, a lot, but I am

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Ranata Suzuki on Instagram: β€œβ€œI will not tell you to get over the person you 're thinking about… that would make me a hypocrite.

55 minutes ago. You have ...

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LEFT or RIGHT , BRO COMMENT BELOW! Follow me on @left_or_right_bro #manchester #

β€œAfter her car ran out of fuel, TunDe walked to the station, gas

Our own thoughts can be the most difficult force to control. . We need to

What do ya think, would you want melo back in NYCπŸ€”. Me personally

This world places so much emphasis on material things... We measure one another


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Humanities July

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#love #lovequotes #kindness #loveyourself #happiness #happy #happythoughts #happyday #happydays #insta #instathoughts #totd #qotd #thoughtoftheday ...

How do you define humanity?⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #fortwayne #humanlibrary #humanlibraryfw #hlfw19 #community ...

image by Ben Cotton (@iambencotton) with caption : "Amen Sister. #

The unfortunate truth. πŸ₯Ί #boroughkings 🦁🐯 - . . . . . #

Media by roninbatman: You know when you're sitting in your car staring into

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Work to do (31/100) ↓ full poem below ↓ β € People don't like opinions. Do the work. Stand in the dark, like I have. Until you can walk with the devil, ...

Im other words, thinking with the head in your pants is going to

#Repost @commandinglife with @get_repost ・・・ βœ¨πŸ™ You have a message

@Bitpays completed the 3rd airdrop of the 25,000,000 $ONE & 3,000

Daniel 3. Three friends, who stared a king in the face and were willing


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What have you been unwilling to do that would unlock your potential?⁣ ⁣ And

Redbait β€œCages” will be out in early summer but let's

New month. New gratitude. New mindset. New attitude. New focus. New results. New beginning. #riskhappy #purpose #new #freshstart #happy

How many times have you told a friend you're β€œhere for them?” How many times have people said it to you? What does this even mean?

Me if you could 'see' me in text form. #alopecia #stronger #compassion #overcoming #resilience #breakthecycle #acceptance #understanding #kindnessisfree # ...


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What do you think πŸ˜…? @alpha_leaders

The only things life guarantees is that there are no guarantees, life will happen in

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It's not easy to miss any of these, especially when they are for our kids

But cheering people up or calming people down might have been somethin

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πŸ¦‹*Words to remind ourselves of, but often forgotten*πŸ™Œ Hugz & Kisses

@juliohardaway made money on #TESLA $TSLA going down . He's only been trading options a few weeks within my group chat now and has a great understanding!

Saying No ....πŸ₯ . . . . . #essencepsychology #assertiveness

You have a message! ✨ πŸ™ We are here for you. β€Ό TAKE these messages with you πŸ‘‰ grab our 365 Daily Inspiration Pocketbook.

Repost from @childish_hacker CTI Metrics Cheat Sheet - [Gert-Jan B.]


Blue Color Meaning– The Color of trust. Blue, the shade of the sea

β€œI was just a scared kid pretending to have it all figured out. The

Always take care of yourself... β€”β€”β€” @glimpseofthelight #glimpseofthelight

Whatever that might have happened this week shouldn't change your thinking, Be positive always. Happy weekend my beautiful people.

Any rituals you would like to add? I would love to read them belowπŸ‘‡

How would you describe the relationship you have with yourself? . . What about the conversation in your own head all day? . . Is it a healthy loving joyful ...

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The type of thoughts that creep in your head on your commute home after a TRYING