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Retrogasm This is a lot like we communicate today Retro SciFi in

Retrogasm This is a lot like we communicate today Retro SciFi in


retrogasm: This is a lot like we communicate today.

Galaxy Science Fiction - August 1952 - Magazine Cover Poster


Aliens in the City

This certainly falls within the category of: "Things I Just Don't Worry About!" ... trick is - I need to add some more "things" to that list again.

Retro-futurismo Kitsch

vintage retro illustration science fiction sci-fi sci fi alien pulp art art pulp horror

scientists for death and destruction needed!

The Awesome Car Art of Scott Fischer

City on the Moon by Murray Leinster (retro futurism / vintage science fiction)

love this series that ran in newspapers from the late 50's thru the early 60's.

Vintage Sci-Fi Image of the Day: After Doomsday

Worms Battle Islands • Nintendo Wii #worms #wormsbattleislands #battleislands #wormsgame #mycollection

You've been warned. Consider me warned

The Most Vibrant Pulp Science Fiction Art You'll See This Week

Sci-Fi Image of the Day: 'Robot Space Trooper'

The Housewife's Book Vintage 1930s Household Management Manual Housework Cleaning Cooking Care of Clothing 30s Home Decor Womens History

[WIP] Firekeeper Zelda - Retrogasm Art Competition — polycount. If you could communicate ...

Or, the girls and Cameron.

Newspaper of the students of the University of Surrey

25 Indulgently Pulptastic Book Covers From Sci-Fi Legend Jack Vance

7-up-ad. Retrogasm

Stunning panoramic sunset from the La Silla observatory in Chile.

Image result for art deco sci fi

**A further explanation on why I created @kittsevents ** .. 💠

love this series that ran in newspapers from the late 50's thru the early 60's.

Some reading material from around the ...


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Temple of Time Ruins

Synthwave city💙💜🖤 #hashtags #kitt #thehoff #davidhasselhoff #michaelknight #

Vintage Novelty of the Day: Zoom Girl

Theros Temple of Deceit

Robby the Robot, Actor: Forbidden Planet. Robby was the brainchild of, and designed by Robert Kinoshita, and built in by the MGM

Kitty Kallen being used to hawk shampoo during her resurgence of popularity in the mid-1950s. Now that's fame.

retrogasm: “ How awesome is this… ”


Christmas Films Watched. On Christmas Day, we ...

Theros Temple of Abandon

In the ancient times the Stoa had a dual purpose. It was the market place with a lot of different shops and the place for entertainments.


1st part of today is cleaning the games room, 2nd half of the day includes

By Martin Ansin. [/Film]

I can get over the whole 'lizard look'. Back then, it was nice to get an updated version of the Turles from my youth, but they were only slightly better.

... Preserved for Future Orders.

Vintage Katy Keene Comic At by Bill Woggon

Vintage Comic Panel of the Day: IRON MAN

What do you know, Weyland-Yutani had it right all along, it is a bio-weapon![/caption] Biology in fundamentals has a lot of ...

18 Vintage Sci Fi Posters: Robots, Aliens, Monsters and Hot Women | Manolith

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In fact, it was the first and largest shopping center of the antiquity and became the main meeting point of the Athenians that period!

The Klassen Viano Is An Über Lux Mercedes Private Jet For The Road

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an den Sieger Dennis Holstein mit Tin Fins (PDF)!


from here.


Our pals at The Field Museum here in Chicago tweeted an amazing picture of the current location's ...

Big Band Chanteuse Kitty Kallen Epitomized an Era

Part of a Retro Gaming Scoreboard using @posca_uk markers #retro #retrogaming #retrogaminglife

Vintage Art Print Science Fiction, Retro UFO Poster Space Print Bedroom Design, Large Wall Art Star


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Martell Cognac Brandy, 1968

Out of the package the figures are articulated very well. Knees, elbows, shoulders, etc. Much more so than their current predecessors of the 80's

Retrospace: Vintage Scan #20: A 1972 Quiz on Women's Lib

freedomtotalk: 1 – Floral Jeans $32.06 (27% off!) / 2 – Black…

This Flowchart Will Tell You Exactly Which Classic Car To Buy


The ceremony of the signing of the 2003 Treaty of Accession of 10 countries – Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, ...

Theros Erebos, God of the Dead

Global Panic of July 1014 Quote of the Day

So hands are an important part of communicating and i need to learn how those 4

... Quick meme image of Han Solo

Tobor The Great Film Science Fiction, Fiction Film, Digital Illustration, Old Movie Posters

Kitty Kallen with Frank Laico at the CBS Records studio in Manhattan, 1958.

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1919 Oakland Sensible Six Roadster by Alden Jewell. “

I'll Keep You In My Hoosegow, Valentine

Today, it's one of the impressive stoes (covered walkways) in the Athenian Agora, which is located just northwest of the Acropolis in central Athens.

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Theros Temple of Triumph

i dropped symmetry super early and only copied and redynamesh ears and parts of the eyes, rest is done from scratch, don't ask my why, so much more to do ...

Vintage Comic Panel of the Day: The Martian Problem


129/365, Worms , worm . not a big fan of strategy games l

An ad for the original television movie of "Wonder Woman," which starred Cathy Lee Crosby as the titular character.

Retro Robotic Renderings - Michael Murdock Replicates Vintage Invention Illustrations (GALLERY)

advertisingpics: Trust Swanson

On top of the roof of the tower was a bronze weather vane, which was rotating depending on the wind, showing the direction of the winds, which reliefs are ...

If you're looking for some family friendly holiday fright, head to the EMP Museum (325 5th Ave N) in Seattle, WA, for a screening of Joe Dante's Christmas ...


Art Show: Why Michael May Loves Dr. Dinosaur