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With an average range of only 100 mi 161 km per charge all

With an average range of only 100 mi 161 km per charge all


The 2018 Leaf's official EPA highway range is 214 km (133 miles) from 100% state of charge down to empty. However, the EPA test is conducted assuming ...

2018 Leaf vs Long Journeys — Can It Take The Heat?

Watts Up With That?

Tesla Model S P100D owner sets record 560 mi (901.2 km) drive on a single charge

Carmakers who want to provide all-round capable EVs take these requirements for decent highway driving duration and fast-charging capability seriously.

Guessometer [GOM] reading average on full charge 123 [77 miles] highest 161 [100 miles] – I got between 150 and 156 many times when charging at home using ...

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Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor

Model 3DISCUSSION: Is It Normal to Lose This Much LR Model 3 Battery Life from Sitting Idly in a Parking Lot?

“It was just ...

Leaf home charging by ovoenergy.com

The fast charger at Ballinalack is on a plinth and positioned to face into the sun. This means it is very difficult to read the information screen.

However, something that seldom gets mentioned by most traditional car reviewers, including those giving the Leaf awards, is that in certain circumstances, ...

Chevy's New Electric Car Has a 238-Mile Range

The ...

AutomotiveModel 3 Battery degradation. After 25,000 miles (40,000 km) ...


Fly Free's latest 50 mph electric motorcycle promises 100 mile range, ~$4,500 pre-sale price

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All The Results From Independent Test Of Nissan LEAFs With Lost Capacity. Not All Instrument Failure

Chanje V8070 electric medium-duty truck

A year-long test of a BMW i3 Range Extender: what did we learn?

2017 BMW i3 Range-Extender First Test Review

Jaguar I-Pace

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Road-tripping along Quebec's Electric Circuit in a Nissan Leaf

Energy use and life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of drones for commercial package delivery | Nature Communications

Charging and discharging Li-ion only partially prolongs battery life but reduces utilization.

The ...

The Great American Road Trip Has Gone Electric

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The updated Renault Zoe now has a range of almost 200 miles on a single charge and just became available in the UK.

Capacity Retention

There's a lot of missing info and the number of quick charges is very large for the number of kms (one charge per ~16kms??)

Chanje V8070: range is claimed to be 100 miles (161 km) with a

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By Steve Goreham

The EPA has released its Volt ratings in preparation of the car's market launch

If there was more DC fast charging infrastructure around (i.e: a single unit in Geelong for my trip to Lorne, or a single unit somewhere along the M80 or M8 ...

ICED – Internal Combustion Engine [Petrol or Diesel] car parked in EV spot


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2017 Zero S Electric Motorcycle

This electric vehicle startup wants to Chanje last-mile delivery to electric | TreeHugger

EV in TIME magazine 1914

“It was just ...

BMW Connected app: how to control the BMW i3 from your smartphone

fly free smart old

Alta Motorcycles has two solid options for those just entering the market. The Redshift SM, pictured here, has an output of 40 hp and 120 ft.-lb. of torque.

Forget A to B, electric cars can now get you from London to Paris - KXLH.com

Eleven new Li-ion were tested on a Cadex C7400 battery analyzer. All packs started at a capacity of 88–94% and decreased to 73–84% after 250 full ...

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The Monroney label shows the United States Environmental Protection Agency's combined city/highway fuel economy rating of 99 miles per gallon gasoline ...




Fisker EMotion teaser ...

A smart key, USB charging ...

Effects on cycle life at elevated charge voltages

Production of the bipolar electrode on a pilot scale

... The BMW i3's carbonfibre-reinforced plastic 'Life module' brings a touch of F1

All the fancy features like radar cruise, active lane keep assist, auto wipers & headlights, auto hold, CarPlay, AutoLink Premium and so on are all on ICE ...

The concept truck design includes an Engine-Generator option for extended range capabilities, allowing users to benefit from Cummins B4.5 or B6.7 engines, ...

In this article, I will summarise some key characteristics of the 2018 Nissan Leaf, and provide some exclusive data. This is part one of a couple of ...

It's one year old (since first registration in the UK) last week....and it arrived in NZ in late October with about 4300km on it.

Population average primary energy consumption. Electric charging only at home.

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Volt in Arctic FleetCarma portal screenshot

The following table summarizes the land position of our properties in Nevada as of December 31, 2018:


Fly ...

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Area comparison map

Culture & History

... 28.

A year-long test of a BMW i3 Range Extender: what did we learn ...

And the new Audi E-tron is expected to charge at up to 150 kW. Indeed, here's a charging graph from a recent test at a 175 kW charger:

Clearly, these two high-power situations — high speed driving and high-power recharging — can result in excessive temperatures that passive heat transfer ...

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Its all about the range! We wanted to build the world's longest range electric bike with full fairing weather protection for our commuter customer base.


Example coverage of drone delivery systems. a coverage with the base-case quadcopter range (3.5 km) in the city of San Francisco, CA, USA, ...