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What the world needs now Human Compassion for people and animals

What the world needs now Human Compassion for people and animals


What the world needs now ~ Human Compassion for people and animals please!

Humans Hugging Other Animals. Kinder World

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - DECEMBER 03: A traveler pets a therapy dog named Donner

Dean Wissing photo, Creative Content License CC0

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A visitor pets a cat at the pop-up "Cat cafe", a

What Animals Teach Us

dog empathy.jpg

Why People Care More About Pets Than Other Humans

I think “our mission is kindness” is a wonderful mission statement, and I think it could very well be the mission statement of the whole vegan movement.

Psychology Today

Strangest emotional support animals taken on planes from peacocks to monkeys

Some humans seem to care more about pets than people ... but why?

Humanism Needs an Upgrade: The Philosophy that Could Save the World

Animal welfare

Bucky, a 1 1/2 year old Pug photographed in New York, NY

Free-spirited Frankie is sometimes forgetful, but she never misses a chance to speak up for animals—just like Lily Tomlin, the actor who portrays her.

glisic_albina/Adobe Stock

World Kindness Day is a celebration of what most people consider our species' best set of qualities: compassion, consideration for others, ...

A sea lion rests on the edge of a pool at the Marine Mammal Center June 15, 2009, in Sausalito, California. Scientists had been baffled by a recent spike in ...


Yale Environment 360

Think empathy makes the world a better place? Think again …

So it's not the difference between human and animal–it's the innocence of the victim.

50 Inspirational Vegan Quotes

The First-Ever PETA Elly Awards: Celebrating Compassion for Animals in TV

Celia Deane-Drummond, Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame, uncovers the shared history between humans and animals and reveals how our ...

The Inner Life of Animals: Love, Grief, and Compassion: Surprising Observations of a Hidden World


Our animal counterparts have quite a few lessons to offer (the value of napping, for one). Humans are fundamentally social animals, and in learning to ...

President Barack Obama crouches to greet his dog, Bo, outside the Oval Office of

Jonathan Payne. Even compassion ...

No Animal Sacrifice

The Animals' Agenda: Freedom, Compassion, and Coexistence in the Human Age: Marc Bekoff Ph.D., Jessica Pierce: 9780807045206: Amazon.com: Books

Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a ...

Compassion Fatigue For Animals Rescuers: What You Should Know Before You Judge - Cole & Marmalade

The Friendly Fig

Image: American Grizzly in the middle of a paved road showing wildlife in a concrete

Lions surrounding humans in a cage

Unthinkable Today, Obvious Tomorrow: The Moral Case for the Abolition of Cruelty to Animals

A psychologist explains the limits of human compassion


Why I'm An Animal Rights Activist When There Is So Much Human Suffering In The World

They question of what is consciousness has been called by scientists and philosophers “the hard problem” due to the difficulty of answering it (Blackmore, ...

Dog and sheep.

The Complete Vegan Arguments Guide

The Compassionate Mind

Thankfully, there is a support system in place for those dealing with this issue, and it's known as the Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project.

Scientists told to stop wasting animal lives

Compassionate Citizen Booklet ...

An example of consolation among chimpanzees: A juvenile puts an arm around a screaming adult

What does it mean to be an animal person? Dr. Marc Bekoff has an answer.

What the world needs now is more compassion and less judgement, more 'I understand

Feel Good Friday: People Being Kind To Animals

Dogs Mentally Understand How Much We Love Them, Canine Cognition Expert Assures

Research shows that prairie dogs have language and can talk to each other, which "


Do animals feel empathy? Inside the decades-long quest for an answer.

Prayer flags for people have been around for centuries. It is time that animals had prayer flags flying around the world for them too.

These Dallas charities are making a difference for animals in need

Stable and Peaceful Societies


Yes, Animals Have Feelings (Op-Ed)

Communities must recognize that abuse to any living being is unacceptable and endangers everyone. Children should be taught to care for and respect animals.

Forgive us, we're just the messenger: When it comes to animal intelligence, canines are clever, but they're not at the top of the class.

5 Animals That Help Us To Survive

Kindred Spirits: How the Remarkable Bond Between Humans and Animals Can Change the Way we Live: Allen M. Schoen D.V.M.: 9780767904315: Amazon.com: Books

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Emma's cat -- Bagheera

The Concept of Compassion in Islam

A yellow labrador retriver dog with pink nose. Credit: Wikipedia.

... Vegan Meal Blessing that was placed at each person's place setting at the Charter for Compassion Banquet. Many seeds of lovingkindness for animals were ...

Bred to Suffer

His Holiness the Dalai Lama poses for photos after his interactive session with students at Princeton


How Animals Benefit Individuals with Autism


Better for people, animals and the planet

Dogs Killed, Injured at PetSmart and Petco Stores—Don't Let Your Companion Be Next

Mark Edward Atkinson—Blend Images RM/Getty Images

Explore the Unseen Depths of our Oceans on One Breath Around the World