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What To Do With Your Placenta After Your Home Birth Home Birth

What To Do With Your Placenta After Your Home Birth Home Birth


6 Things You Never Knew About Giving Birth At Home

What comes after a home birth? homebirth. homebirth

Home birth

After you give birth to your baby, your midwife will be carefully watching and waiting for the delivery of your placenta. You might not have thought too ...

lotus birth

Home Birth: Pros and Cons

Natural Childbirth I: Is Home Birth More Dangerous Than Hospital Birth?

homebirth 2

Mother holding her newborn baby still attached to the placenta after an unassisted home birth (freebirth).

Jackie Askbig (mother) holding recently born twins in her arms

The more a woman is empowered to do this, the more satisfying and smooth her birth is likely to be.

... beautiful homebirth. It's a BOY!!! Newborn baby still attached to placenta. Captured by Bellingham birth photographer Renee Bergeron.

Couple chose to have lotus birth - meaning they have kept newborn's placenta attached. '

Close-up view of red smoothie in a glass

Giving birth at home

1 Do you offer midwifery care for planned homebirths

Is my home too small for a home birth?

Use your B.R.A.I.N. Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Intuition, Need time

Home birth

What supplies do I need for a home birth?

Note the oxygen tank in the background.

Husband assisted home birth childbirth video Mama Natural Faith Valencia Genevieve Howland

Riva Majewski lost her daughter, Vayden, during an attempted home birth in Sarasota in March 2016.

home birth

woman giving birth

Gaskin assisting a woman at the Farm, Jane Montanaro, during a delivery. Credit Elinor Carucci/Redux, for The New York Times

Photo courtesy of Monet Nicole photography. Why did you become a ...

placenta encapsulation homebirth waterbirth

Home Birth: pushing stage of labor #birth i love that these are tasteful and show no nudity.

Ten days after having an at-home water birth on Oct. 25, Hilary

Water Birth: Safety of Laboring and Delivering Your Baby in Water | What to Expect

Today I'm sharing what goes into preparing for a home birth. First and foremost in order to have a home birth you must be a low risk mother (meaning no ...

Some people believe that they should eat the placenta after giving birth.


There are many reasons why women consider giving birth at home or at a birthing center rather than in a hospital. One reason is the desire to have more ...

HomeBirth - Gentle, peaceful births in the sanctuary of your own home, while having

What is a Home Birth?

Former Adelaide midwife Lisa Barrett goes on trial over two home birth deaths

Breathe: A Home Birth Documentary

Texas Defends A Woman's Right To Take Her Placenta Home

Concerned about giving birth in a car? Fear not! Here are tips on how

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... water birth, private midwife, hemorrhage, retained placenta, nuchal cord, Tresillian, placenta encapsulation, cervical scar tissue, home birth.

Home Birth & Birth at The Coit House

home birth Baby born at home Credit: Rex. This is what a ...

homebirth microbiome

Thinking about Home Birth? When I became pregnant with Ollin, my third child, and after having had two hospital vaginal deliveries (with all the bells and ...

James Van Der Beek Shares 'Graphic' Photo of Daughter Gwendolyn's 'Placenta in a Mixing Bowl'

Vancouver Birth Photography home birth doula midwives birth photographer

6 What do I need to do to prepare for a homebirth

Home Birth. At MidValley Birthing Services we specialize in personalized maternity care for women looking to give birth outside of the hospital.

Episode 4: Single Mother Finds Success After Home Birth with Candace McCollet – The Push Guide

Home Birth

'Lotus Birth': What Experts Say About Cutting the Cord

The placenta is a flat organ that attaches to the side of your uterus and grows alongside your baby. The umbilical cord attaches the baby to the placenta.

Don't Forget This for Your Homebirth!

Photo by Facebook/Ten Moons - Homebirth Services Melbourne

Photo credit: The Buffalo News


How Big is a Placenta Bowl?: And Other Weird Questions You'll Ask When Planning a Home Birth Paperback – April 12, 2012

Homebirth after Cesarean: The Myth and the Reality

Find A Home Birth Midwife

Home birth

Eating your placenta – is it healthy or just weird?

Know Your Homebirth - Body

Birth Story

2 weeks old.


Home birth supply list (1)

How to prepare for a home birth

Young mother-to-be is meditating on the floor of her bedroom

Birthing at home

James Van Der Beek shares 'graphic' photo from wife's home birth

Newborn Exam at Home

Our at home water birth story; this was our second home birth, second water

My Unassisted Home Birth Story

Home Births Present during home birth – midwife or midwives

Every morning I wake, disappointed that you are still not here. My darling daughter, where are you? Why aren't you here yet?

mom holds newborn baby as her placenta is delivered

Interview with a Midwife

Lotus birth is an old birthing process making a comeback. It's about keeping the umbilical

First-time mom Jen Childs was not technically “low-risk,” but

Home Birth Safety. If you are experiencing a ...