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We are committed to the recognition and success of office managers

We are committed to the recognition and success of office managers


Business People Laughing During Meeting

Business people having a meeting to brainstorm ideas for the employee suggestion program.

Informal meeting in an advertising agency

4 Ways to Show You're Ready for Management

Successful Delegation

I have pleasure in writing to you to let you know that your contributions really proved

5 Leadership Skills for Long Term Success as a Manager

Recognition We are committed to rewarding and recognising our people in different ways. Look here to see what we do. ...



We have been developing national standards in administrative management qualifications since 1915. As the oldest management institute in the UK, ...


Brian Newman Named Office Manager

Diversity and the Workplace

Leadership lessons: how to be a good boss

Getting Up to Speed on Diversity


How to conduct a successful annual performance appraisal

College of Business Administration

A twenty-something woman is interviewed by two interviewers in a meeting room in an

Celebrating our Success

12 stress-tested work hacks to boost the output of you and your team

How to Increase Your Employee Commitment and Loyalty

Office recognition awards call for a set of carefully crafted criteria based partly on input from

7 Tips for Effective Employee Goal-Setting to Boost Engagement and Productivity


9 Clear Signs You Can't Trust Your Boss

Performance management is often seen as a bureaucratic process forced by HR, which adds little or no value to the business. If you don't have performance ...

The uncontested, number-one reason why people are unhappy at work is bad management. Nothing has more power to turn a good work situation bad than a bad ...

We recognise that engaged stakeholders are key to our success. We aim to develop and reward staff for great performance and encourage recognition through ...

We stand with those who know people are the key to business success.

4 Reasons to Choose a Diploma of Business Administration

Jeff Cates

They make an example of you in meetings

... they drive up levels of happiness, engagement and performance. Learning to be a more purpose-led manager is truly the low-hanging fruit of ...

National Receives Governor's Safety and Health Award

As businesses and organizations, we commit to providing our customers with clear communication, straightforward services, and honest commitment to their ...

The Employee of the Month Criteria for Success

Align Expectations Group


Where Do You Begin?

State Procurement Office

Burnout businesswoman under pressure in the office

Three BMW Group employees talking in the workplace.

Managers use coaching sessions for the following reasons:

Leaders in Diversity and Inclusion: 5 Lessons From Top Global Companies

12 Secrets to Keeping Employees Happy Without a Raise

They have a closed-door policy

7 reasons why you should be conducting performance appraisals more often

We are committed to supporting professionals throughout their careers.

7 Components of an Actionable Team Charter

6 Ways to Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them -- Without Paying Them More

Giving employees a say in rewards redemption can increase their personal investment in the program and make recognition even more enjoyable.

employee productivity, performance management, employee recognition

35 things you can do to keep your best employees from quitting

Learn from Failure & Celebrate Success

Our Story

Nine principles of successful nursing leadership

Whether it's a promotion or a move into a new company, becoming a first-time manager gives you a chance to implement fresh ideas, set out your vision for ...

President Bob Burns, Sr. accepting BBIF Florida 2016 Abraham Lincoln Lewis Award for tenacious drive and a commitment to improving the economic condition of ...

We are committed to the recognition and success of office managers!

People & Workplace

group of young professionals talking in office

07 May Lack of Trust in Leadership is the Biggest Issue Impacting Performance – How do you Fix the Problem?

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The Ultimate Guide to Management

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