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WHY A BEE COLONY ABANDONS THE HIVE Why has your colony left the hive? When

Recipe for Feeding Bees 2 quarts (8 cups) of white sugar (do not


(Click on the picture to see a close-up view)

... hive of bees is lost. Beautiful capped brood

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splitting bee hives in spring

Picture of Collecting a Bee Swarm ...

These bearding girls swarmed later in the week.

Honey bees on their hive Bees live on stored honey and pollen in their hive all winter, and cluster into a ball to conserve warmth. Larvae are fed from the ...

honeycomb. When you raise your own bees ...

Picture of Where Else Will Bees Swarm?

Mason Bees, Patio Plants, Garden Planters, Indoor Garden, Bee Friendly Flowers,

On my knees "conversating" with my bees.

Picture of Where Else Will Bees Swarm?

Africanized honey bees found in northern Oklahoma

really good post on making splits Buzzy Bee, Honey Bees, Bee Hives, Save


Picture of If You See a Swarm.

Honey Bee Swarm Prevention Tips

I just ran nails through the plastic queen excluder and into the wooden feeder.

Honey fanners: Their tails are pointed down.

Picture of If You See a Swarm.

We have un-BEE-lievable news! @albertahoneybee is taking over our Instagram

Top Bar Hive, Hexagon Shape, Save The Bees, Beekeeping, Beehive, Evolution, Cathedral, Hexagons, Cathedrals


Here's a good view of the side.

The first step for the log hive is to find a log with a solid exterior and a rotten middle. If you can't find a rotten log that is also fine, ...

Wasp killed in trap

Log Hive

Not pictured is Squire viewing this from the other side of Rob, passing tools and boxes as we need them - and the kids watching from within their playhouse ...

Watching my bees enter their new hive. Oooh! There's the queen!

Page 1. From Scratch Everything beekeeping

Obligatory pictures of hive and 2.5gal(9.5 Liter) internal feeder:

Bees eating honey from burr comb in the hive

Honey, We've Got BEES by milk + honey!

Learn How to Kill Wasps and Bees That Live Underground

Beehive in my Bathroom: DIY METHOD OF HIVE REMOVAL (Without killing any bee)

Bee hives and lavender - some day I will have enough hives to do this


And FYI, I've caught 3 more swarms since this one, and the only one I didn't use an excluder on absconded. So if you really want them to stay, ...

Rob has the brush ready to gently sweep bees away as we reassemble the hive. Don't want to squish anybody!

Got our first hive set up a couple of weeks ago and finally got the photos back from the lab. #fujipro400h #canonAE1 #beespic.twitter.com/IzkE7ExMP5

This is what a finished nice one looks like, with a spiffy window for observation, and full of bees!

Which bee is not like the others? A queen and her court dash into a

How to Make Homemade Bee Repellent. By: DIY Staff. What You'll Need

Happy International Women's Day! #goodmorninghoney #albertahoneybee #queenbee #internationalwomensday #yeg #

The bees left very little honey to waste. The tiny bits of honey, that remained at the bottom of the deep cells, showed up as the brown bits in the photo ...

He has very large eyes that I surmise cover a 270° radius (just a guess, I'll look it up) so he can see the Queen for the mating ...

This native species used to be common in the western United States but has now all but disappeared from California, Oregon and Washington.

I spaced out the nails in what seemed like a logical pattern. If the nails don't hold, I will replace them with screws.

Obligatory pictures of hive and 2.5gal(9.5 Liter) internal feeder:

https://i.redd.it/0bj47h5c8fu21.jpg. . This is what a dying bee ...

... the box on the hive to get the bees to drop into the hive. Trying to be firm enough to get them to move, and not so firm that I squish bees.

Hatfield_greensweatbee.jpg: A green sweat bee dines on nectar. In addition to pollinating wildflowers, these tiny native bees seek out salts by drinking ...

Make Your Own Natural Bee Repellent

... Picture of Collecting a Bee Swarm

At The Juice Standard, we beelieve in doing good by beeing good, and spreading around as much of that goodness as possible.

Learn How to Kill Wasps and Bees That Live Underground

... for killing the bees, I'm sorry but I felt it had to be done. Others will assume I'm a negligent filthball to have not noticed a gigantic beehive ...

Log Hive

... or dazes the bees. The giant joss sticks would also last longer than mosquito coils so I wont have the problem of going into the room to replace the ...

Beehive in the Dordogne. Bee Equipment Ltd


... bees. Nasonov fanners: Tails pointed up/out, and tiny white gland evident at their

A leafcutter bee (Anthidium oblongatum) on a lavender flower. (Ewa Mazur |

Antibiotic overuse might be bad for bees

Thinking of Becoming a Beekeeper?

An Imirie shim goes under the candy board. Besides giving the bees an upper entrance, the shim provides extra room in case the candy board sags in the ...

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0385B9yLS168F7A2.lg Beekeeper Rob McFarland removes a hive ...

A pair of long-horned bees forage on a sunflower. These native bees are common in Idaho and surrounding states. Little is known about their nesting habits, ...

Sweet and sour attractant attracts wasps but not bees

Not surprisingly, Rent Mason Bees owner Jim Watts has plenty of bees inhabiting his yard

Building a Honey Extractor (using an 'antique' Washing Machine): 15 Steps (with Pictures)

As seen in the picture, mark a line along the outside, so you can properly line the supers up with the main body of the hive.

Learn How to Kill Wasps and Bees That Live Underground

honey bee swarm ~ Captured and Hived one of these on Friday ~ Awesome experience !

Now you're going to add another layer of your moss over the top of the soil. Once again, keep the moss thick to hold in the soil!

Disclaimer : There is always an inherent danger when dealing with wild insects like bees. Readers who choose to use the above method shall do so at their ...

The bees didn't care. So focused on their work bringing food back to the hive.

Three Warre' hives...and a short green stool.

Obligatory pictures of hive and 2.5gal(9.5 Liter) internal feeder:

A swarm is a large number of organisms generally in motion. According to Swarm Theory, the collective exhibits superior intelligence or abilities beyond ...

First I put in the wooden board, followed by part of the sugar and the pollen patties.

How to Care for Minor Bee Stings on Dogs

First strip off the leaves, then lop, then pop the sprouts off the stalk for cooking. Fry them with bacon or roast and drizzle with balsamic reduction.

... bees. Picture

image 0; image 1

my explosion with bees and inside wishing you a honey of a day…

Ultimately, we hope to see the apiary continue to thrive and expand in the coming years, as well as use the bees as a tool to keep the conversation going ...

Here's a good view of the side. Here you can see the shims attached to the sides of the top cover. I hope that helps more than my explanation!

Packages of bees await new homes. The bees stay close to their queen, held in a small cage of her own in the center of the wooden case.

TIL honey never goes bad, and archaeologists have tasted 2000 year old jars of honey found in Egyptian tombs : todayilearned

Increasing Your Property Value Through Applying This Landscaping Advice Buzz Bee, Bee Skep, Bee

Learn How to Kill Wasps and Bees That Live Underground

Pack it into holes/empty spaces and pack it over the top of the soil.

Bees and Monsanto