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View and compare nib widths using our writing samples all

View and compare nib widths using our writing samples all


View and compare nib widths using our writing samples. Select as many writing samples as you'd like to view, then click "Learn More" to view all purchasing ...

Medium fountain pen nib width comparison

A writing sample from three of my pens. Compare the line width from the broad

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View and compare nib widths using our writing samples, all standardized with Noodler's Black on

W-E Skyliner 50 Writing Sample

A nib and some ink are all you need to transform letters and words into works of art. With the right tools and some practice, you don't have to be a serious ...

I enjoyed writing with all of the nibs. They are all smooth (with some feedback) steel nibs, with a smooth and reliable flow in all sizes.

This time I sat down and did writing samples with every Nakaya and Platinum 3776 nib I had on hand.

Click on the photos to view them in full size.

... a line and a half in my notebook so the feed wouldn't be too saturated — then did the writing sample. This is all done in a Hobonichi, with 3.8mm grid.

Like a car and its tires, a fountain pen will only write as well as the nib it is paired with. The nib is responsible for determining how a fountain pen ...

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Pelikan extra-fine nib writing comparison

I agree re: ink capacity and especially with the EF nib, also because of the width and controlled flow there is often little warning before it runs out of ...

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Nib Size Comparison

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Choosing a nib size

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As expected, the actual lines are also pretty similar. In addition, all were very smooth writers.

Nib width comparison by continent diagram

Just knowing the size of a nib is not enough, however. Japanese fountain pens typically have much smaller tips than non-Japanese or "Western" brands.

fpn_1547318662__img_20190112_193235_resi fpn_1547318713__img_20190112_193343_resi

Nib width comparison

Once you've got your shortlist displayed, you can even drag and drop the writing samples into the order you'd prefer. For example, you might want all of the ...

The Lowdown on Calligraphy Nibs | The Postman's Knock

Surprisingly there is simply no large width difference between the medium Japanese pens and the ones in this sample. More on that in part three.

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Nib widths Jet Pens, Fountain Pen Ink, Midnight Blue

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width matters – efficiency vs pleasure

Selection of the Perfect Nib

Posted Image

It's a really nice, expressive nib, designed for everyday writing, so please don't treat it like a "wet noodle" vintage Waterman 54 :)

Writing sample from a round nib

A small sampling of all the pens we tested. Photo: Jed Egan and Lyne Lucien

I have other italic pens (Rotring ArtPen and Conklin), but I love the Sheaffers: the are very inexpensive and do a good job. You can find calligraphy sets ...

Writing sample from an architect nib

My favorites: My favorite width is the medium — wide enough to show off an ink, narrow enough to suit my small hand writing and doodling.

Selection of the Perfect Nib

Nib Anatomy

Image titled Write With a Calligraphy Pen Step 1

Blackletter calligraphy - lettering daily

Tools of the Trade: A Review of the TWSBI 580 F Nib and Noodler's Bernanke Black Ink

Our doodles on the Muji Plantation Paper notebooks. Photo: Lyne Lucien/Jed Egan


The Best Technical Drawing Pens

Edison Collier LE 2015 Writing Sample

Both the Kaweco and Stipula have factory nibs. The Pioneer's nib was home-ground. And I like the way it writes better than the Stipula.

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Comparing the best G nibs for beginning calligraphy - scratchmadejournal.com

As you practice, you might notice your ability to move the pen nib on its corner in order to keep the branching stroke thin. On that note we can look at ...


Kakuno Writing Sample Fine Nib

All-round nib

Selection of the Perfect Nib

Everything you need to know about Fraktur calligraphy

The writing sample for the medium nib was done with Papier Plume Midnight Blue Ink ,

There's not much of a conclusion here — everyone has different nib preferences. Are there any other writing samples or comparisons that would be helpful?

Gold nib – LAMY 2000

The Best Beginner Calligraphy Nib

best pens 2019

Kaweco Fountain Pen Nib Sizes

This first one has some other pens - but it might be helpful for those who have asked on other threads about the Pelikan-Sailor comparison:

Just minor preparations can help you to express yourself freely at your workstation. Righthanded writers can arrange all the materials on the right side of ...

The Best Pen

BIC Disposable Fountain Pen Different Writing

enter image description here

Gifts Made to Last | Craftsmanship Quarterly, Winter 2018

Writing Samples of different Nib Sizes

Remember I mentioned I used cartridges in all the pens and when possible used the manufacturers cartridges since it's likely the maker tuned their pens to ...


Fountain Pen Nib Writing Samples

Nib, type 250, Triple, red-gold 18K

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ana reinert on Instagram: “These are some of the coolest swatches I've ever seen done by the amazing Katie at The Pen Place. She used a stamp for the swab ...

Writing sample from Pelikan's IM nib


Although modern day pens are more prevalent in this day and age, there's a place for old world writing instruments beyond sentimental charm. One example is ...

Home assignment on Copperplate, pointed nib (View ...

M nib (Z 50)

Opus 88 Writing Samples

The following primer is meant to increase the potential satisfaction for someone who is looking for their ideal nib size.

Writing Sample

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... widths Camlin Scarlet Red – Writing Sample on Camlin School Notebook using 3 pens of varying nibs