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V2V communication is another new technology whose function is to

V2V communication is another new technology whose function is to


Vehicle-to-vehicle communications moved one step closer to reality this week with the Obama administration's plans to push the technology forward.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

The Battle Over V2V Wireless Technologies

Cadillac's vehicle-to-vehicle communications technology shares vehicles' locations, speeds, directions


The United States Department of Transportation announced today that it is proposing a rule to require vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology in new ...

V2V traffic communication

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June 11, 2012 by Amara D. Angelica

With V2V technology, tk info needed. (Courtesy: U.S. Department of Transportation)

The X-factor in our driverless future: V2V and V2I. The technology behind how vehicles communicate with one another ...

DOT Recommends V2V Communications in Cars, Light Trucks

Tech allowing cars to "talk" to each other could be coming soon

Who Is Your Car Talking To? A Look at V2V Communications

Figure 2. Representation of V2V and V2I technologies. (a) V2V.

How Will Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication Drive The Future Of Car Technology ?

Connected cars will soon be connected to one another and to traffic infrastructure. But security

Bosch Is Developing V2V Communication Tech for Motorcycles

Cadillac's new V2V technology can make cars "talk" to each other about road conditions

"V2V" technology could prevent 80 percent of accidents, Department of Transportation says

v2x communications will change the way you drive feature 1


Ford's vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication demo at CES

Lexus Announces Lane Valet, The Feature That Will Make You Want V2V Communications

Your Car Is Talking to You

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Toyota's decision Monday to equip its cars with short-range radio transmitters underscores the auto industry's continuing commitment to adopt a potentially ...

Hyundai Motor Group announced development of 'smartphone-electric vehicle pairing based performance adjustment technology,' which allows users to customize ...

Variety of wireless communication methods

Vehicle-to-vehicle technology to feature in 50% of vehicles by 2022.

V2V communications between ITS stations

v2x communications will change the way you drive feature 5

Vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication technology

Volvo introduces V2V warning systems on new models across Europe

Industry weighs in on DSRC for V2V communications (Part 2)

What is Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Communication All About? vehicle to vehicle communication technology

Regulators Call on Cars to Chat With Each Other. Officials hope 'V2V' technology ...

Global Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Communication Market, By Technology (Big Data Analytics, Smart Sensors), By Type (OEM Devices, Aftermarket Devices, ...

V2V Communication

IST 110: Introduction to Information Sciences and Technology

Cadillac CTS to get V2V technology

vehicle to vehicle communication technology

Example of safety applications based on V2V communications.

How Cars Could 'Talk' To Each Other In The Future—And Why That Has To Happen

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Industry weighs in on DSRC for V2V communications (Part 1)

Cadillac's V2I system means your car will be able to anticipate the changing lights.

All new cars could have V2V tech by 2023

Highly automated vehicles and motorcycles: Tech moves faster than regulations

The USDOT issued today a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would require automakers to include V2V technologies in all new light-duty vehicles.

As innovators and developers partner to bring advanced solutions into the automotive industry, it's important for strategist to identify and quantify what ...

The annual Consumer Electronics (CES) conference has become a major show for automakers and suppliers to highlight the latest and greatest technological ...

On the onset of winter break, on December 23, Google announced its first fully functional driverless car, which is ready for testing on public roads.

Report: V2X market communications ecosystem helping pave way for fully autonomous driving

How Can V2V Communication Help Car Accident Victims?

V2V Communication May Be Mandated

BMW Left Turn Assistant

What is V2X communication? Creating connectivity for the autonomous car era

Future Vehicles May Have V2V Communication

... V2V technologies and some of the implications… BMW_3D_Car2Car_CityScenario

Vehicle to Vehicle Technology Communicates Driving Hazards


Today's vehicles come pre-equipped with new technology that helps us connect our lives in many ways. It can connect our phones, our homes, and now it can ...

Toyota Cars To Get V2V/V2I Tech Starting In 2021

4 Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications

V2X: The Basics of Connected Vehicle Technology

V2V technology promises to be the next major enabler of car safety, with the potential


Driving the Future of Vehicular Technology

Ford, Toyota announce major connected car initiatives; 'V2X' tech could reduce crashes 80% - Repairer Driven NewsRepairer Driven News

A Toyota Prius drives along Highway 101 on Nov. 30, 2010, in Sausalito. New car-to-car technology would measure ...

Cadillac Introduces Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication (V2V)

Autotalks offers the first global DSRC and C-V2X solution. Image courtesy Autotalks.

Hildesheim, Germany / Mountain View, USA – What is true for people is also true for cars: communication works best with a common language and a good ...

How vehicle-to-vehicle communication could replace traffic lights and shorten commutes.

Vauxhall's latest safety idea turns the highways and byways into a life-sized feedback loop by allowing vehicles to communicate with each other .

Volvo introduces V2V technology across Europe

Car to car communications a step closer

v2x vehicle to everything

A Simulator with Vehicular Traffic Simulation and V2V/V2I Communication Simulation

0fa0451241a1babeff48db53a2fcd1b6. V2X communications technology ...

New USA V2V proposal brings platooning closer

Volvo Trucks Introduces a Cloud-Based V2V Service Called Connected Safety

Conceptual Diagram for V2V in Florida, US

The V2V network uses smartphone dashcams and cellular technology ...

the console of a connected car in the middle of a car hacking

Ford Intelligent Vehicles preview

5GAA, BMW Group, Ford and Groupe PSA Exhibit First European C-V2X Direct Communication Interoperability Between Multiple Automakers

V2V/V2I Communications for Improved Road Safety and Efficiency New ed. Edition