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Urban Costume Greece Ioannina Epirus 188401859 Europeana

Urban Costume Greece Ioannina Epirus 188401859 Europeana


Urban Costume | Greece | Ioannina, Epirus | 18840-1859 | Europeana Collections

City Clothing w/ Pirpiri (Coat) | Greece | Ioannina, Epirus | 1840

FESTIVE COSTUME Including a silk brocade dress and an overcoat, richly embroidered with gold thread

This bridal and festival costume from Argyrokastro, with minor variations in the headdress, was worn by both Greek and Turkish women alike.

peloponnese costume

Ενδυμασία από το Αργυρόκαστρο - Σπάνια νυφική και γιορτινή φορεσιά, 18ου αι. Αρ. κατ. 1052

Folk Clothing, Folk Embroidery, Bulgarian, Macedonia, Folk Costume, Traditional Outfits,

Costume worn by Queen Olga's ladies-in-waiting Athens, Attica. Mid 19th century © Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation, Nafplion, Greece The costume devised by ...

national history museum athens01 (Pharyah) Greek Traditional Dress, Traditional Outfits, Nomad Clothing

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Ενδυμασία από την Καππαδοκία - Γιορτινή φορεσιά του 19ου αι.. Αρ. κατ. 6575

Traditional bridal (and later-on festive) costume, from Eskişehir. Late Ottoman, end of 19th - early 20th century. Sadberk Hanim Museum

Ottoman costumes

Veroia , Macedonia - Greece / Παραδοσιακή ενδυμασία Βέροιας , Μακεδονία

Greek Traditional Dress, Fringe Dress, Medieval Clothing, Arabian Costume, Greek Costumes,

Greek Traditional Dress, Traditional Outfits, Greek Royalty, Greek Costumes, Dance Costumes,

Ενδυμασία τύπου Αμαλίας που ανήκε στη Ρουσσώ Χουρμούζη. Εθνικό Ιστορικό Μουσείο Αθήνας

18th century Russian dress generally worn by wealthier peasants during that time. | Costumes Through the Ages, plus Fashion & Uniforms Uniforms | Antique ...

'Pirpiri'-coat. Late-Ottoman clothing from the Balkans. 19th century

Young married woman's festive costume from the village of Satovcha, district of Gotse Delchev, second half of the 19th century Bulgaria

ΕΝΔΥΜΑΣΙΕΣ ΑΠΟ ΤΗΝ Β.ΑΤΤΙΚΗ-Η παλαιότερη μορφή γυναικείας γιορτινής φορεσιάς, του 18ου

Traditional festive costume from Pelion (Thessaly, northern Central Greece), ca.

Ενδυμασία από την Ίο Σπάνια γιορτινή φορεσιά του 18ου αι. Αρ. κατ. 567

Women's costume of Olympos, Karpathos, Dodecanese. Early 20th century. Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation

national costume in Kifissia, Attica, Greece, front - from Patterns of Magnificence; Tradition and Revinvention in Greek Women's Costume | Greek folk in ...

Romanian costume Historical Costume, Historical Clothing, Blouse And Skirt, Skirt Belt, Larp

Late-Ottoman 'üçetek' (gown) with embroidered 'uçkur' (waistband). 2nd half of the 19th century.

From Magnesia (Thessaly, Central-Greece). Adorned with goldwork (metal thread) embroidery, golden braid and cordage on silk velvet.

Bridal costume of Astypalaia Bridal costume of Astypalaia (18th–19th century) This impressive bridal costume from the Aegean island of Astypalaia has a ...

Greek Dancing, Culture Clothing, Traditional Outfits, Greek Traditional Dress, Folk Costume,

Delcampe – Enchères en ligne pour collectionneurs

Greek Traditional Dress, Traditional Outfits, Asian Tapestries, Greece Costume, Ancient Greek Costumes

Osmanlı-Giysi-Bayan Historical Clothing, Antique Clothing, Historical Costume, Beautiful Outfits


Greek Traditional Dress, Traditional Outfits, Hippy Chic

Metsovo is one of the most beautiful places in the Greek mountains. | christos drazos

Γυναικεία φορεσιά του Ζαγορίου, Ήπειρος / Female costume of Zagori, Epirus Greece Costume,

Greek Traditional Dress, Traditional Outfits, Greece Costume, Ancient Greek Costumes, Greek Dancing

Ottoman costume

Beautiful Entari from the Aegean Islands. Notice the different opening from the Turkish Entari this was not meant to cover the breasts and the sleeves are ...

Constantinople Bosphore Turquie – Photographer H.B. Tate, 1904 Hagia Sophia, Perspective Drawing, Architecture

Hijaz, Western Region Traditional Fashion, Traditional Wedding, Traditional Outfits, Arabic Dress,

Costumes Around The World, Antique Photos, Vintage Photographs, Vintage Photos, Vintage Stuff

Queen Amalia of Greece - Amalia dress

50s Dresses, Bridal Collection, Wedding Planner, Wedding Gowns, Wedding Day, Fairytale

Greece Costume, Sleeveless Coat, Greek Traditional Dress, Traditional Outfits, Indigenous Art,

Sirkehane'den müzeye… - İzmir Dergisi

Traditional bridal costumes of Greece Bridal and festive dress of Corfu, Greece, mostly worn in the area of Lefkimmi and Gastouri, with diadema or stolos ...

Another traditional costume from Athens Greece!! Αθήνα Ελλάδα, Ρούχα

Folk Costume, Costumes For Women, Greek Costumes, Regional, Mori Fashion, Gypsy

Greek ensemble via The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ελλάδα 1928-1935 Φωτογράφος Walter Hege Αρχείο Bildarchiv Foto Marburg.

Traditional Greek costume from Karditsa town, Thessaly, Greece

Ensemble Date: late 19th or early 20th century Culture: Albanian (Malissori) Medium: wool, cotton, metallic thread, ramie, animal skin, glass

Bridal Dress Red traditional turkish Medival dress Ethnic dresses for women costume Satin Bridal clothing womens Abaya dress thobe gift for | Medieval dress ...

Image result for greek men 1930s Greek Men, Old Greek, Skiathos Island, Greek

Albania, Folk Clothing, Folk Costume, Ethnic Fashion, Folklore, Ethnic Fashion Styles

Greek girl with traditional costume from the island of Crete Greek Traditional Dress, Traditional Outfits

This is a very rare type of wedding dress from Kimi from Evia in Greece from

“Chryssomandilo”, bridal and festive costume from Astypalaia (Dodecanese, Greece), belonging to the Palatianou family, c. 1870

FolkCostume&Embroidery: Costume of the Karagouni, Thessaly, Greece

from our photo shoot on rhodes island, greece.


Eleftheria Arvanitaki makedon History traditional costumes Imathia Roumlouki Alexandreia Alexandria Macedonia Greece Makedonia Greek Hellenism Hellenic ...

Short sleeved tunic dress with pocket and elastic empire waist Men's Shirt Refashion Οδηγοί Ραπτικής,

Studio portrait of models wearing traditional clothing from İstanbul, Ottoman Empire. 1) Valaque

TRAVEL'IN GREECE I Urban Dress (Epirus)

Traditional costume from Spata town, Attica, Greece Greek Traditional Dress, Traditional Fashion,

Arrayed in Gold: Amalia of Oldenburg, Queen of Greece Greek Royal Family, Greek

Folk Costumes, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece - a photo on Flickriver

Snapshots of Dress in Old Romania - One Who Dresses My Heritage, Folk Costume,

Santeos: Δίστιχα που αναφέρονται στην γυναικεία φορεσιά

Traditional dress from North Greece 100% silk. Handwoven Hand spun Hand dyed From the

Traditional costumes from Skopelos (left) and Skiathos. Museum of Greek Folk Art,

traditional costume of rhodes, greece | ... Greek Costumes EMBONAS RHODES ISLAN www

NICOLAS SPERLING Woman's Town Costume (Aegean Islands, Spetsai) 1930 lithograph on paper after original watercolour

Art Object | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Different maps of Athens, Greece including restaurants, hotels, archaeological sites, and anything else I could think of

Official website of the Benaki Museum. Identity, collections, virtual tour, archives,

Man dressed with traditional costume. Greek Traditional ...

Sello: Female Costume from Ioannina, Epirus (Grecia) (National Costumes) Mi:GR 1204

Group of Cypriot woman and girls from Tera village Paphos 1903

'Entari' (robe). Ottoman, 18th century. This looks Greek in the very feminine design ! The sleeves are beautifully decorated with the typical overlaid ...

Greek costumes

A photo journey in Greece

Greek Womans Urban-type Dress (Thessaly, Pelion) - Greek Costume Collection by

Syria, Qalamoun coat. Munayyer Collection.


Bridal and festival costume from Makra Yefyra, Thrace (a region that is now part of Turkey). © Museum of Greek Folk Art, Athens, Greece.

Thasos - Macedonia Greek Costume by Nicolas Sperling

Phillip Kampouris

FolkCostume&Embroidery: Costume of the Sarakatsani or Karakachani, Greece Greek Dancing, Traditional Fashion,

Ναουσαίϊκη φορεσιά από την μουσειακή συλλογή του Λυκείου Ελληνίδων Νάουσας.

Old style Katsouli Roumlouki headdress from Gidas Imathia, historical #Macedonia, northern #Greece

Boho Jacket Military Jacket Women, Military Fashion, Military Jackets, Military Style, Denim

Traditional loft bed of Rhodes - Benaki Museum

Festive costume of Ioannina, Epirus.

Easy Wrap Hijab Kaki

Costume worn by Queen Olga's ladies-in-waiting Athens, Attica. Mid 19th century © Peloponnesian Folklore Fo… | ⟰ Greece-Folk Costumes, Jewelry & Medals ...

Image result for zipouni and kavadi Greek Traditional Dress, Traditional Outfits, Folk Costume,