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4 June 7, 2017 Gardening by David

A community composting site in Germany.

Even if the code agrees with you, the person who interprets the code might not

Buried composting and vermicomposting systems can be very stealthy.

Chickens are a huge help with composting if the code allows them.

If grass is the only socially acceptable choice, you might need a solid fence.

How to build a compost bin


Follow the composting 1-2-3

The Economics of Composting

Webinar Resources: Detailing Successful Local Government Home Composting Programs

Eco-friendly “human composting” has been successfully tested in America

Algreen/Business Insider

Paying and Scraping in Pursuit of Zero Waste

Oct 31 Urban Homesteading: Is it Really Possible? (My 5 Truths About Urban Homesteading)

The Compost King of New YorkThe Compost King of New York

Man holding dirt and plant roots.

Graphic reprinted with permission of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. The complete version is available here.

(I keep leaves in a couple plant pots in the corner of my porch. I refill the plant pots about once a month, as necessary from bags of leaves I store in ...

Planning a small garden in urban areas requires thinking creatively to maximize space. Here's how

A composting guide for apartment living from www.goingzerowaste.com #zerowaste #compost

compost tumbler being emptied into a wheel barrow

Compost Bin with Food Scraps and Grass Cuttings in the kitchen

Gretna Sanitation tackles commercial composting

Compost bin sale in New York City in 2006 (top). Austin Resource Recovery

Second Nature® Compost Sales

Worm composting: a beginner's guide

An Urban Gardening Philosophy that You'll Love

The composting site at Earth Care Farm is on 3 acres of the 30-acre

Through letters, meetings and discussions, Metro Vancouver, the City of Delta and Enviro-Smart (owned by Green for Life Environmental) appear to be making ...

Recycling Bins. “

Urban Worm Interview Series: Francisco Niembro of Aldea Verde Lombricultura

Rotten luck: The skinny on composting

Compost Tumbler

Problem: The compost pile does not heat up or appear to be decomposing

Use Compost

Natural White Cedar Slat-Side Composter

Exaco Trading Small URBAN Composter

Depending on the manufacturer, fabric buildings provide a clean span design that is absent of

Urban Composter Reviews - ProductReview.com.au ?

... landfill releases methane, an greenhouse gas more toxic than C02- adding to climate change. Turning food scraps into compost sequesters carbon deep into ...


From Garbage To Garden: Learn The Art Of Composting At Home

The Compost King of New YorkThe Compost King of New York

18 Food-Centric Books To Add To Your Reading List

(Notice that my compost wire basket is just feet away from my porch table. If my compost was stinky, I certainly wouldn't place it so close to where I eat ...

Compost 'S cool

Stories about compost possibly contaminated with heavy metals from sewage waste and disastrous herbicides turning up in potting soil aren't new.

Page 119. Policy 10. Composting is an important component of sustainable urban ...

Problems with Raccoons?

finished compost

3 big composting mistakes

Compost Queens Dessirae Ayala We charge for the service - regular collection and processing of the materials. After 6 months clients do start to receive ...

Envirocycle Composter Review

In an urban setting, many people have neither the space nor the time to maintain a traditional compost pile in their backyard.


... leaves, grass, kitchen scraps

Learn to Compost

Composting is one of the simplest ways of contributing positively to waste management, and one you can easily do at home.

How to compost

DIY Composting. “

Exaco Trading 2.1 Gallon Urban Composter Kit- Small Purple

The Economics of Composting

Compost Manufacturing Process

Make Compost (Step-By-Step Guide)

Indoor Compost Bin

Spring landscape prep: building a raised urban garden

Kutztown, Pennsylvania: Composting To Manage Swine Parasites

You know, I read somewhere, that challenges are very good in life, meet them, greet them, and then beat them. I like that so much.

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Do you only have space for a tiny apartment garden, but want to harvest as

Composting toilet

A greener afterlife: is human composting the future for funerals?

Composting methods


#3 Fill up compost bucket with water to rinse it out and pour waste water onto compost pile to help keep the pile moist. (Sometimes I add the water when ...

Compost Pile It's a common complaint ...

Most Efficient and Safest composter on the market today.

City of Centralia, Washington biosolids composting

Image source: Flickr

Vegetable garden

Countertop compost bin

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Landscape Architecture

Bengaluru temples, churches on eco drive, set the trend of composting waste

NYC's Commercial Composting Laws - NYC Composting | NYC Compost Consultants | Common Ground Compost


An estimated ten per cent of London's canal boat community use some type of composting toilet

The new allotment: the evil weeds

composting chart

The New Zealand Box is a rat-proof composting box system that digests community volumes (about 100 households worth) of organic matter (Photo: Supplied)

Planting a small tomato plant in a large planter made from an olive oil drum

Kittitas County Fights to Keep Seattle's Compost Out of Its Backyard