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Trends come and go but I seem to be attracted to the classic

Trends come and go but I seem to be attracted to the classic


Trends come and go but I seem to be attracted to the classic elements of home

In the age of digital art, graphic design trends can disappear as quickly as they began. What has been modern for the past few years may look entirely ...

Kelly Baum - A Thing of Beauty

The 10 Things Women Find Most Attractive in Men's Style Confidence is great, but a well-chosen wardrobe, and great grooming habits definitely won't hurt

Why we are unknowingly attracted to people who look like our parents

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7 Older Women On Their Personal Style

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The Right Way To Get Your Vintage Home Decor Glowing! | Vintage Style: Country Home | Home décor, Décor, Bedroom décor

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The Clean Shave Trend Makes A Return.

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9 Outfits That Prove Plus Size Women Can Wear Any "Trend" Because Fashion Has No Size Limit

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Pity the fool who makes fun of balding men by intentionally getting a haircut to fit in with them. The Fake Costanza is never okay and a slap in the face to ...

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06. Hip vintage floral feels

9 Menswear Looks That Will Never Go Out Of Style

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"A man who follows fashion trends gives rise to suspicion." Source: Getty "

Go long and loose

Image titled Be More Attractive to Men Step 18

What Type of Facial Hair Do Women Prefer?

As Worn By Montgomery Clift


fashion tips

French women all have their own unique sense of style—but there are some American trends they probably wouldn't follow. Jan Zahradka/Shutterstock

Megan Saunders - Shop Monkees

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The Eyeglasses Guide for Men, Part I: History & Style Overview

The term “jacket” may seem straightforward, but it actually encompasses a vast variety of different styles and designs. As such, choosing the right jacket ...


9 Bridal Trends You're About to See on the Summer Wedding Circuit - Vogue

Cherie Corso

Some of us love to shop and others not so much, but we've all got to wear clothes. Why not look great while not breaking the bank?

Ella Parson - UK Models

Appear Like A Million Dollars Using This Design Assistance by Luc Corneliussen - issuu

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Subconscious Signals of Attraction - Stoke-Mirroring

Why the Classic Steakhouse Still Reigns in America. Underline Image. Trends come and go, but ...

With Rising Popularity Comes Endless Iterations of the Classic Aperol Spritz

The global perception that South Korean women have perfect skin underlies a nation where women are

9 innovative logo design trends for 2018

As they get older, more mature, and more beautiful, their inner woman seems to gain a sense of assured confidence, brought on by the years of ...

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50 Genius Ways to Be Instantly More Attractive

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If you're lucky you won't start to go bald until later in life, however, many lads have to face this problem even in their twenties.

browline semi-rimmed glasses


Each one perfectly represents a classic 90s haircut. Jay's the second one from the right (Picture: Getty)

Jacinta Richmond - Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival

Put On Some Sunglasses Appearing More Attractive

... 1965 Chevrolet Corvair Advertisement Road & Track March 1965 | by SenseiAlan


How to Get the Perfect Slicked Back Style