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Time for an unpopular opinion Senator Fraser Anning has taken a lot

Time for an unpopular opinion Senator Fraser Anning has taken a lot


Time for an unpopular opinion. Senator Fraser Anning has taken a lot of heat in the mainstream media for this statement … | Globalism vs.

Senator Fraser Anning is helping Queensland make a unique contribution to Australian politics. Picture:

Senator Fraser Anning has been widely criticised for posting an anti-Muslim statement in regards

Fraser Anning denies being a Nazi sympathiser, says he was at a different St. Independent Queensland Senator Fraser Anning has ...

Anning is sitting in his seat, smiling as he looks towards the camera. Photo: Fraser Anning has ...

Senator Fraser Anning is recruiting election candidates for for his Conservative National Party.

Queensland senator Fraser Anning. Picture: Lyndon Mechielsen

Could a senator like Fraser Anning be expelled from Parliament for offensive statements?

Senator Fraser Anning

'Contemptible': Fraser Anning blames Muslim victims before the bodies are even cold

Queensland Senator Fraser Anning: ““The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets

Fraser Anning has been condemned for his claim

Federal Election 2019: Senator Fraser Anning unveils his Conservative National Party WA team

Senator Fraser Anning (right) leaves a press conference at the German Arms Hotel in

Senator Fraser Anning says 'Eggboy' deserved slapping, stands by comments on Christchurch mosque shootings

Senator Fraser Anning has been widely criticised for posting an anti-muslim statement in regards

Senator Fraser Anning said a plebiscite on immigration would provide the "final solution".

Fraser Anning wrong red cross

Senator Fraser Anning's party has been registered by the AEC. Picture Kym Smith

Senator Fraser Anning in Brisbane on Sunday. Picture: Glenn Hunt/The Australian

Far-right Australian senator blames New Zealand attack on Muslim immigrants. Fraser Anning has ...

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Senator Fraser Anning has admited: “I think I have very little chance of getting

Senator Fraser Anning was approached from behind at a political event on Saturday, before having

Why would Pauline Hanson not want to be part of a powerful statement against Fraser Anning's

I should preface this by noting this is only some of his recent work. This goes back to mid last year when he first came to public attention.

Senator Fraser Anning supports an 'English speaking, predominantly Christian' Australia. Picture:

Right after I declare that I've found the worst take on the Christchurch terrorist attack, what happens? I find Australian politician Fraser Anning's ...

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 5.03.49 am

"Let's be clear..while Muslims were the victims today..usually they're the perpetrators." - Fraser Anning, an elected member of the Australian Senate.

Senator Fraser Anning defends actions against 'egg boy'

Senator Fraser Anning had an egg cracked over his head by a protester.

Citizenship saga: Fraser Anning quits One Nation as new senators, Senate President sworn in

Australian Senator Fraser Anning has an egg smashed on his head while talking to the media

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Prime Minister compares Fraser Anning to Labor MP Craig Thomson | The New Daily

John OIiver did not hold back when it came to Fraser Anning.

Waleed Aly Has Delivered An Emotional Response To The Christchurch Terror Attack. “

Senator Fraser Anning on Twitter: "It's time to kick out the major parties !… "

FILE PHOTO: Australia's Senator Fraser Anning poses for a photo during

'I feel now he has nothing to lose, I think he's trying to be

Fraser Anning: extremist rally appearance should not be paid for by taxpayers: Dennis Atkins | The Courier-Mail

Fraser Anning

Australia's Senator Anning, the Eggboy, And the Scrambled Thinking Of Western Culture

Will Connolly, 17, (pictured) has been inundated with offers of free concert

Tim Andrews

Fraser Anning shouldn't be branded a racist

Meme campaigns take off among the far right in Australia's election race

One million Aussies have called for Senator Fraser Anning to be sacked. Picture: The

Senator Fraser Anning in the senate chamber of Parliament House, Canberra this morning, ahead

Why Anning can't be expelled from Parliament

Fear and loathing inside Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party

Australian Senator Fraser Anning, who blamed the New Zealand mosque attacks on Muslim immigration, was briefing reporters at a meeting of his Conservative ...

Police have interviewed a man about Will Connolly being assaulted while pinned to the ground.

Australia Party senator Fraser Anning reacts in the Senate chamber at Parliament House in Canberra

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson reacts to Senator Fraser Anning's first speech. Picture:

Australian senator Fraser Anning, centre, bows his head in the chamber at the start of the senate session yesterday. Picture: AP. “

a screenshot of text: Anning has sparked outrage after blaming immigration for the mosque shootings

Australian senator repeats Islamophobic remarks made after New Zealand shooting. Fraser Anning ...

Opinion: A quick history lesson for Senator Fraser Anning

Senator Fraser Anning has been hit by an egg during an event in Melbourne. It comes after Anning's comments on the Christchurch shooting were condemned.

I stand with Eggboi ...

Senator Fraser Anning

Senator Fraser Anning punches a 17-year-old boy in the head after the

Senator Fraser Anning

One Nation will be running Malcolm Roberts, pictured, against Fraser Anning, who replaced

Despite Trump Tergiversation, Immigration Increasingly Divides Parties. And Raise A Fosters To Oz Sen. Fraser Anning!, by John Derbyshire - The Unz Review

Leichhardt candidates in the 2019 federal election have drawn lots to find out their position on the ballot paper. Fraser Anning's Conservative National ...

a screenshot of a cell phone: The tweets mark the second time the politician has

In the wake of the current political drama's that our country is experiencing, I thought I would take the opportunity to remind people about some of the ...

Journalists Treat Obscure Australian Senator's Racist Post-Shooting Remarks As Representative of Nation's Views on Immigration. Fraser Anning ...

Kristy Mayr

New senator-elect Fraser Anning. Picture: Lyndon Mechielsen

politicsFraser Anning blames Muslim immigration for Christchurch shootings (i.redd.it)

New Queensland Senator Fraser Anning, who replaces former One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts, has announced he will sit as an independent.

A screenshot of teenager Will Connolly preparing to crack an egg on Fraser Anning's head

Independent Senator Fraser Anning during Senate Question Time at Parliament House in Canberra, 2017

FULL INTERVIEW: Katter's Australian Party Senator Fraser Anning is pushing back against criticism levelled at his maiden parliamentary speech. Mr Anning has ...

The leader of Katter's Australia Party Bob Katter at a press conference called to announce that

Fraser Anning's now deleted post.

Fraser Anning's immigration comments get some support in Mount Isa as Queensland MPs denounce them

Street Artist Scott Marsh looks up at his latest mural depicting Senator Fraser Anning. Picture

Andrew Wilson and his associates have been running some of the most prolific online support for Senator Fraser Anning through a network of Facebook Pages ...

PoliticsNow: John Howard labels Fraser Anning's speech 'particularly distasteful'

Fact check: Are more than half of Australia's working-age Muslims not in the workforce?

Senator Fraser Anning praised the event. Picture: Kenji Wardenclyffe

Will Connolly, also known as 'Egg Boy' addressed the egging incident for the

MPs widely condemn Fraser Anning's 'final solution' speech

PM: Australian Senator Anning's comments after Christchurch terrorist attack 'a disgrace'

Illustration: Cathy Wilcox

Bob ChipmanVerified account

Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaks during a press conference on Nov. 22, 2018 in

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his New Zealand counterpart Jacinda Ardern both criticized the senator

Post ...

A swoopy haired teen, dressed in a T-shirt, positions himself behind Australian Sen. Fraser Anning during a news conference in Melbourne and raises his ...