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Thoughts and Questions from Aramis Thorn I Do Not Care Closing

Thoughts and Questions from Aramis Thorn I Do Not Care Closing


It is true that there are humans that have crossed our borders without permission in violation of our federal laws. There is no way around that truth.

This leads to character that has habits, practices, and a destiny that we do not desire.

My life is a journey back to God. We are all on the same journey whether we wish it or not. Our lives belong to God whether we acknowledge him or not.

Everyone, even the best of us fails. It is not people we are supposed to admire. It is deeds that are what we should look up to and admire.

I must inventory my mind and heart. The first is to acknowledge the pain. Then I must work through my anger, guilt, shame, and journey.

I am attempting to be transparent not judge others or dictate to them. It is sometimes necessary to generalize to set the hard deck.

I am now one of those. I have discussed with some family and friends the changes I see in the world. Paramount in those conversations is my thinking that ...

As Christ followers we have something to say to the world. We cannot be that voice for Christ if we do not earn the right to be heard.

Thoughts and Questions from Aramis Thorn: On Apologetics – Jesus

I do not care what you think about many things. You thoughts and opinions are yours to own. I do not insist even that you follow and worship in the same way ...

Thoughts and Questions from Aramis Thorn: IF – Closing Thoughts

It is not something I will redress here. What I do need to consider is what my genuine needs are as regards companions.

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We all desire to know that someone loves us where we are and when we are no matter who we are. It is built into us to desire to be loved.

Worse, as a Christ follower my feelings are not to be my prime mover. An attitude of love for others not a emotion of love is to guide me.

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Thoughts and Questions from Aramis Thorn: Never Apart ~ Closing Thoughts

If we take that a bit further, then we must acknowledge that most actions have natural consequences and learned responses. We make choices, we act, ...

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He also wants us to be very careful what we expect of others. We should desire that others have every good thing that God has to offer.

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Thoughts and Questions from Aramis Thorn: I Do Not Care ~ Approaching Amnesty | Thoughts and Questions | Don't care, Thoughts, Movie posters

The challenge comes when we feel our needs are not met. It is irritating when we consider things as needs that are not.

Usually I just write them and put them in my journal folder. I have chosen that on occasion I will share them with you Dear Reader.

Thoughts and Questions from Aramis Thorn: Fun with Flags ~ Stars and Bars

The truth is that I have to learn that I am never alone. The Father is trying to teach me how to truly trust in him to care for ALL my needs.

She had planned that night to take her own life. After he fell asleep, he took hold of her hand. She did not want to wake him so she waited for him ...

Thoughts and Questions from Aramis Thorn: Home to House – A Pause to Rest | Thoughts and Questions | House, Home, Rest

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The purpose of the crucible is to burn away that which does not belong. It renders what remains pure and clean. I suppose I could stop with that but you ...

Thoughts and Questions from Aramis Thorn: On Truth - Hatred

It will take time and hard work to build anything worth building. It will require sacrifice of other things. Dreams do not become real of their own accord.


The cell phones of the dead have gone silent. The cell phones of the wounded are telling stories. One woman, Jan Lambourne texted this to her husband after ...

Thoughts and Questions from Aramis Thorn: Daily Bread ~ Head Above Water Pictures Of God

There was a time when my Sons, Avalon, I, and others engaged in an annual paintball war. One summer my eldest kept trying to get the drop on me.

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The essence of compassion is that politics do not matter. To love one's enemy is not a political command.

The response was to recommend that I get medication. This person canceled plans we had for later in the week and has not ...

Thoughts and Questions from Aramis Thorn: Sing You Home ~ The Guardian Crusader Knight,


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This puts me in a place where I must think and reason so that my emotions do not control my words and actions. This is too close to home ...

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Thoughts and Questions from Aramis Thorn: That's All I Gonna Say Right Now ~ Homebound Henry.

Exploring Careers In The Sunbelt by John Keefe ISBN: 0-8239-0602-7

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Second Thoughts ~ The Tension in Writing

The Best Related Work was won by Le Guin's collection of essays, No Time To Spare: Thinking About What Matters. I kept thinking how tremendous it would have ...

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The Vampire Diaries

When understanding fails we must stand on faith. We must want the Father's will no matter how difficult it is to get there.

Thoughts and Questions from Aramis Thorn: Injustice Collectors ~ Closing Thoughts

How pretty is that? I want. Also it will be cool to see her step over from epic fantasy into urban and give it her particular touch.

Handy Infographic to Help Train Staff How to Spot a Phishing Email

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... people's interactions toward; 15.

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The Taming of the Shrew

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How the Revolution Came To Concord: The Spirit of '74: How the American Revolution Began

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If you're on Pinterest, why not follow my Pinterest board for these weekly motivational posts? It will be updated weekly, so you can keep track if you ever ...

I fail. I fall. I get up and keep walking. Some of my fellow travelers do things to hurt the journey for others. I cannot fix my errors in the past but ...

Thoughts and Questions from Aramis Thorn: An Unfailing Process ~ Thinking

Lagom: A Journal - December 2018. Cover art courtesy of Jessica Bensimhon. Text set in EB Garamond. All authors retain the rights to their work.


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PTRN ~ 155 ~ Voces Paganas En Espanol ~ Casa Mágica con Susana Sciscioli

Table 16.1. Illustration of some corporate social responsibility studies using actor-network theory.

May 16, 2018 Santa Fe Reporter

In social programs, we basically fail to have that feedback. We do programs and we have no idea whether they work.

Treating the Father as a wish list or vending machine does not work. Only talking to God when we are in crisis is insulting and all too common.

Thoughts and Questions from Aramis Thorn: Closing the Year – Quiet Reflection

D. liked the game well enough, so we switched sides and immediately played a rematch. I gave Aramis the real pendant and had him sneak towards the gardens ...

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“In order to fully appreciate La Fin Absolue du Monde, one must understand the context in which it premiered… [it] is not a movie but more like a bullet ...

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