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This is really disgusting and concerning The fact that they would

This is really disgusting and concerning The fact that they would


They are there to serve corporations. Democrats can blame the Republicans (because Republicans disgustingly don't bother to hide their greed or feel shame ...

(Ian Nicholson/PA)

... they would never talk about something so disgusting as shitting yourself 🤢🤢 (i.redd.it)

So there are cultural reasons for what we find disgusting as well. But are there things that globally we all find disgusting? Most people would be ...

This photo captures the single most disgusting thing a person can do on a plane

Disgust. Not sure about this

A missive from 2036: I was disgusting to criticize Trump

Man Says Women Complaining About Periods Are 'So Disgusting' And Gets Murdered In The Replies

40 Amazing Facts About The Human Body

50 Disgusting and Fascinating Facts about Poop

Then after a couple of years, “Yeah, gastrocolic reflex . . . boring.” You start to become like the researchers for whom it's day to day, and I don't want ...

I asked my partner to wee on me and now she thinks I'm disgusting

6 Disgusting Things That Are On Your Body RIGHT NOW!

Regardless, I was on my lunch break today and I wandered into a knick-knack shop. It was full of all the usual tat you'd expect, but one particular item ...

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The grossest things in your home are hiding in plain sight

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People are putting Peeps on pizza and it's as gross as you think it'd be

Rotting fish, maggots on menu at Disgusting Food Museum

OK, so that was gross. Still I am happy I wasn't handed any of the things I am about to mention.

The Official Harry Potter Site Revealed A Disgusting Fact About Hogwarts

Nothing special about insects – most animal products are 'disgusting'

Flickr Cavin

... sort living in the downtown Los Angeles apartments, then a local challenge is something that you probably tend to meet head on. Be that as it ...

My husband cheated on me and now I'm disgusted by the idea of sex

... at “edgy marketing” since before 2009, and the concept itself peaked in popularity somewhere around 2013. If you run a search query on the very concept ...

YouTuber who eats disgusting food is everything good about the internet

Tucker Carlson Proves He's The Most Disgusting Person On Fox News

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that he couldn't care less about the market cap reaching $1 trillion mark. In fact, he even went on to say they he would ...

What's disgusting? What's a delicacy? Food museum takes on the challenge - BBC News

The Disgusting Truth About Flies on Your Food

Have you ever been curious about exotic foods from China, Peru and Uganda? Now until Feb. 17, 2019 you will learn how food is more than sustenance, it ...

Children do not notice that they are disgusting until about four years of age. Here's how that reaction develops.

Madonna Kisses Drake At Coachella 2015, Which Prompts A Truly Disgusting Amount Of Ageist Jokes On Twitter

Your response could help neuroscientists understand the brain's basis for disgust. (Picture Partners / Alamy)

There's something about toenails that's just inherently gross. Maybe it's their sunlight-starved pallor. Or maybe they're too obvious a reminder that we ...

Top 5 Disgusting Facts About KFC

During the study, researchers found that women find all categories more disgusting than men due to the fact that women's emotion of disgust is strutted ...

Long gone are the days of glamorous air travel, like when our grandparents wore suits and hats onboard and flying felt like a dignified experience.

The Dreadful, Smelly Colonies: The Disgusting Details about Life in Colonial America - eParks - Where your purchase supports America's National Parks.

You're gonna hear some pretty disgusting things you didn't know about reheating food in this article.

JK Rowling shared a disgusting detail from her Harry Potter back story... and fans weren't having it (Image: PA)

National politics, I believe, is much more like religion than local politics is. If you take it all the way down to the very local ...

She has admitted to spending thousands on gifts for Christmas

Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast. On Wednesday ...

Disgusting mom-shaming comments on Tori Spelling's back-to-school photo will enrage you

... (i.redd.it)

... that takes “Hello Kitty” to a whole new level, just encountered a “Hello Shitty” flight courtesy of a passenger who personifies the word disgusting.

Sweden's Disgusting Food Museum: World's most polarising foods on display at 'Disgusting Food' museum

Quote by Jonah Hill

Because really — what could be more important than the food on your plate?

For me I'd say... a fact that nobody knows about me

A beard isn't always a bad thing – but it can be. It seems like there are enough men in Hollywood who are confused about what a beard is supposed to do.

Kourtney Kardashian's Comments About The Kardashian Family Being "Disgusting" Are So Harsh

Disgusting. Vulgar. Contemptible. Egregious.

Fear, surprise, disgust: Fake news spreads faster than some real news on Twitter

Why My Sexual Desires as an Adult Disgust Me as a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse

10 Fruit Fly Swarms Are Really Just Massive Orgies

You know it's disgusting. If you saw or heard anyone else doing it, you'd think it's disgusting – and you'd tell them so. But somehow or other – you ended ...

Hyperarousal Horror: 10 Films That Feed On Our Phobias

Fried tarantula from Cambodia at the Disgusting Food Museum at Los Angeles' A+D Architecuture and Design Museum on Thursday, December 6, 2018.

Hannah said she would be too embarrassed to smile on her wedding day because of her

Maybe it was scary, or annoying, or just plain disgusting. Whatever it is, you're not alone. Although bug dreams don't always get the most attention, I can ...


Rotting Fish, Maggots on Menu at Sweden's New Disgusting Food Museum

People are becoming increasingly obsessed with sushi. And I call bullshit. I tried sushi for the first time about three years ago. It wasn't good.

The Disgusting Food Museum in Malmo, Sweden, is launching a pop-up in downtown L.A. It gives open-minded travelers a new way to think about the foods they ...

Flights: Instagram horrified by disgusting sight on plane passenger in vile photo | Travel News | Travel | Express.co.uk

Brianna Brochu (West Hartford, Conn., Police Department)

Weird frog fact.

In the Amazon, a technique to close serious wounds is to take an army ant and have them bite the cut. Their bite is so strong that it actually closes the ...

Enemy of the truth: Trump's disgusting and dangerous assault on news he deems untrue

Caucasian woman washing her hands

There are all kinds of strange and interesting things going on that we just don't usually know about. I have compiled a list of over 200 odd facts—some ...

Heather Meehan

“Bloody” vegan burgers may disgust a vegetarian like me, but I'm hardly the target market

This list of the most disgusting things in your kitchen will have you picking up a clean rag immediately.

Smell worn underwear

A biweekly paper written by people who are or have been homeless

Your Disgusting Head

I Spent a Disgusting Week Eating Nothing but Christmas-Themed Food

an Icelandic sheep face, traditional food in Iceland

Invertebrate disgust reduction in and out of school and its effects on state intrinsic motivation | Palgrave Communications

President Donald Trump in the Rose Garden on May 22, 2019. Leah Millis/Reuters

[warning: this is the most disgusting one we have ever posted.]pic.twitter.com/WtFQGfTupJ