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This is a little snippet from a future fanfic Ive been trying to

This is a little snippet from a future fanfic Ive been trying to


This is a little snippet from a future fanfic I've been trying to start


ElsaHaddockthe1st — Hope you guys can read my writing XD ( and sorry.

nightowl374: “ This goes along with another future fanfic of mine. In the story

Freefalling Smile (Undertale Frans Fanfic)

He hadn't noticed that Draco sat down next to him, or took his hand into his own, lacing their fingers together.

So cute! And so Hiccup! XD

Everything's been updated with better details to give you, the reader, more information on the fic before you start reading. I've provided word counts, ...

If you're new to Rainbow Snippets, it's a Facebook group where authors of LGBTQ fiction post a six-sentence snippet (or there abouts) from a WIP, ...

Lewis, Tolkien and Different Views of Fan Fiction

Fanfic snippet. | Yuri On Ice Amino

here's a comic commission i drew for @gabapple and @mamodewberry based on a snippet from their fic: Never Look Away! please go read the fic when you can!!

Bonnie heard Ana's truck pull in at the end of what should have been the six o'clock show, if anyone but the stupid Swampy animatronic and the speakers were ...

Elsa and hiccup

Friends Only & Complete Fandom Works List

5 Reasons Why Fanfiction Is NOT A Waste Of Time (+ Never Before Seen Fanfic Snippets) – When Words Fly

FanFiction by me. Do y'all want the next chapter? Comment if u

Author has written 19 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Transformers/Beast Wars, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Future Card Buddyfight/ ...

The cover of Zan Romanoff's book Grace and the Fever , featuring an image of a

Frozen City cover - AWSW fanfiction by LukasDeAudi ...

Fifty Shades Of Green: How Fanfiction Went From Dirty Little Secret To Money Machine

Author has written 9 stories for Justice League, My Little Pony, Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z, and Kung Fu Panda.

Hand drawn cover for my my new fanfic on wattpad. Go check it out😊

Names of Sam and Jack's Children in Fanfiction (be that biologically or adopted):

Babywolf-lover Future Works. Fanfiction

I've just done a Back to the Future fanfic if anyone wants to read

The cover of Francesca Coppa's The Fanfiction Reader: Folk Tales for the Digital Age .

If you're new to Rainbow Snippets, it's a Facebook group where authors of LGBTQ fiction post a six-sentence snippet (or there abouts) of a WIP, ...

Fanfic snippet.

Winter Fanworks Contest Results!


From Paradise Lost to Harry Potter, Fanfiction Writers Reimagine the Classics

Author has written 23 stories for Avengers, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, How to Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter, Flash, Young Justice, Sisters Grimm, ...

My parents, teachers, and acting/singing coaches will all tell you that I've always been a story teller. For the first twenty four years of my life, ...

Before Atlantica(The little mermaid fanfic)

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Future Home of the Living God

Access to fic previews ♥ Bonus snippets for fics ♥ Patreon exclusive monthly fic (~3k) that subscribers will vote on

I am a writer who aspires to write professionally in the future. I use my 'Thomas the Tank Engine' fanfictions as a means to try out my writing skills in ...

penumbria's fic

Fanfic Friday: OUAT — The Best Fanfics Chosen By The Fandom


Swedish sports fan with painted face

Elsa, Hiccup, and Valka.

As Game of Thrones looks to its eighth season, the show—strictly speaking—is no longer filming the books of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire.

I can only see the duck growing and hulking out into a MEGA DUCK!

What is the biggest thing that holds you back from writing or sharing it with the world? I'd love to hear about your fanfiction. Gimme a comment below!

Digital painting of Bevelle on fire. "

Christmas Stories

Kill la Kill Idea, Discussion and Fic Recommendation Thread | Sufficient Velocity

Is Fan Fiction Ready to Go Mainstream Thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey? | Tor.com

Author has written 1,703 stories for Torchwood, FAKE, Doctor Who, Firefly, NCIS, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Dirty Dancing, Angel, Law and Order: SVU, ...

Fanfic! For Voltron Legendary Defenders. This is a small preview of the piece I've been working on since the end of S8. I'm trying to make this one canon ...

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Fan Fiction


A reader's lineup of fanfiction. Photo courtesy of Merlin Alexander Cheng/Flickr.

Oh shit this is so painful to read but so good. My heart breaks for

Stumbled upon this piece of cringe when I misspelt my friend's tumblr name : rupaulsdragrace

Work Text:

Wormverse ideas, recs, and fic discussion thread 11 | Page 56 | SpaceBattles Forums

Chicken Soup for the Fanfiction Heart

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Memorial Essences: The Synopsis

After everything they'd been through, in the end, Jack would do anything for Sam, just to see her smile. Even if it meant giving her pre-wedding advice.

Fanfic / Sleeping with the Girls. Go To

E-10 Horizons Star Overhead (Snippet) ED

Author has written 5 stories for Gilmore Girls.

I've read a few crack!fics where one of the boys turns into some kind of animal, but this… is a totally different level. The little twist at the end is ...

... Atlantic's CityLab where she covers immigrant communities, housing, economic inequality, and culture. She also authors Navigator, a weekly newsletter ...

I've reached max desperation, over 20k words and counting

Names of Sam and Jack's Children in Fanfiction (be that biologically or adopted):

London based artist and filmmaker Bafic, has directed a film for Virgil Abloh

Lewis, Tolkien and Different Views of Fan Fiction

Happy Birthday to our dear chibikko and also our god!!


Part 2 (I made the font smaller because the last one was really big😅

Lexxi Kitty's Reviews > Supergirl In Training

From the Faroes to the future by FjordMustang ...


It was in seeing what other fans managed to do that I felt that hey, maybe I could do that, too! I started out rocky, as most writers do, but the first fic ...

Fan Fiction

#SeriesReview: FORGET TOMORROW trilogy by Pintip Dunn

Author has written 90 stories for Slayers, Fushigi Yuugi, Inuyasha, Gundam Seed, Harry Potter, Spider-Man, Doctor Who, Hetalia - Axis Powers, ...

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Page 1 of Shaping the Future

Okay, the last chapter of Shadows is finally posted!!!! Yeah. Also, have a very yummy commission based on said fic from the wonderful Forsaken right ...

His Fic Saturday ~ Passage from Nuala by Harriet Steel

I don't really know how the Force works, and when George Lucas tried to explain it to me, that was very disappointing. I get really confused if I talk ...