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These cross breed cats will surprise you with their genetic make up

These cross breed cats will surprise you with their genetic make up


These cross breed cats will surprise you with their genetic make up.

These cross breed cats will surprise you with their genetic make up. Cute Creatures

black cat breeds

The Bengal cat is a highly intelligent breed characterised by its wild, leopard-like appearance. It is also incredibly active and playful with an ...

Created from cross-breeding serval cats and domestic cats, the Savannah is unique in appearance and temperament. This ...

Feline colour genetics course

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Mixed Breed Cat Info

are savannah cats good pets

Maine Coon cat

Top 10 Easy-to-Train Cat Breeds

We know that Savannah cats have one serval parent. So, we'll give you a quick guide to the serval cat.

Cat Cat

Cat's typical meow sounds can be friend or – shocker – demanding

BASEPAWS Cat DNA Test Kit | AS SEEN ON Shark Tank | Breed & Genetic Traits

There's science behind your inexplicably close relationship with your cat


long haired black cat breeds strict posture on outside table

Close-Up Of Cat Looking Through Window

The Ragdoll Cat — All About This Fascinating Cat Breed

Top 10 Most Popular Domestic Cat Breeds


7 Fascinating Facts About Tortoiseshell Cats

Cats rival dogs on many tests of social smarts. But is anyone brave enough to study them?

Slide 1 of 21: 20 of the most expensive cat breeds

Buying a Siberian cat: Is it worth it?

Recent genetic and archaeological studies suggest that house cats are wilder than we think.


Polly and baby Sam making themselves right at home.

Maine Coon Cats And Kittens

The British Veterinary Association says the breeding of Scottish Fold cats should be banned

Get to Know These Large Cat Breeds

We Tried the Two Best Dog DNA Tests. Here's What We Discovered.

Can You Guess the Popular Cat Breed Based on Its Kitten Picture?

This Striped And Spotted Cat's Fur Is Mesmerizing The Internet | HuffPost

Tortie and White LaPerm

cat. You might be surprised ...

Mom and dad's genetics determine whether one of her kittens will be black.


Now that the Maine Coon made it into the top is no surprise to us! Who wouldn't want to have a miniature lion as their soul companion? We often see some ...

To highlight the meowgnificence of these ginger ninjas, we decided to share 9 Fun Facts about orange tabby cats to bring awareness to their plight in ...


In the world of cats and their coats, the colour 'blue' refers to a cat with a grey coat. Grey cats usually lure people in with their beautiful coat which ...

These Mixed Breed Dogs Each Took a DNA Test. Can You Guess the Results?

Somali cat close up.

Thor is a 3-year-old Bengal cat, a crossbreed of a domesticated

Harley's Basepaws Report | Three Chatty Cats

The Truth About Teacup Cats

In the World of Hairless Cats - Meet the Curious, Loving Sphynx Cat

A Fun Collection Of Facts About The Russian Blue Cat Breed

Image titled Identify a Persian Cat Step 1

Eye Diseases in Cats: Exophthalmos, Enophthalmos and Strabismus

My cat.

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Tortoiseshell LaPerm Cat

Eyes of a savannah cat


Getting a Cat

In this punnet square we can see the red gene symbolised by an orange X in the male's genotype. We know that red cannot be passed on with the Y chromosome ...

General Health Information for your Mixed Breed Cat

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Munchkin Cats. I want one!! Completely obsessed with these cuties

Mixed Breeds

Savannah cat:

A Persian kitten being examined by a referee during an international feline beauty competition in Bucharest, Romania, Saturday, Sept. 29, 2012.

One of two bobcat kittens found by a Northeast Side resident in early May, in

10 Reasons the Somali Cat Is So Spectacular

How do dog DNA tests really work?

21 low shed and CATS that DON'T SHED (for easy GROOMING!)

Health comes from within, and begins and ends with an excellent diet. You can ward off many health problems, and even prolong your cat's life, ...

The initial DNA results you'll receive are called the 'Alpha Report' and will include Wild Cat Index and Breed Index. This report includes 26 popular cat ...

Maine Coon

Orivet Dog DNA Test Breed-ID + LifePlan

"Unfeeling" Cats. "

Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed

The exotic appearance of the Egyptian Mau is only the beginning of the magic of the breed. Owners of the Egyptian Mau find them unique in many ways in ...


Bengal Cat Laying in Grass

You'd Better Be!

Silver F1 Savannah Cat

Are Maine Coon Cats Aggressive? 5 Things You Must Know