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The thought of aging scares us all at some point but there are

The thought of aging scares us all at some point but there are


4 Things to Try When Your Aging Parent Seems Irrational

Anti-ageism activist Ashton Applewhite says we need to fix our own deeply ingrained beliefs about what getting older means.

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Aging Parents

How To Deal With Fear of Aging and Getting Old | Feel Good Now #5

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Men Have a Harder Time With Aging Than We Thought. Here's How to Deal With It

Why are people afraid of aging and dying, and do you have any suggestions on how to express to them that it is just another stage of life?

Aging Parent with Adult Child [The following question was ...

paranoid elderly mother

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5 Reasons People Fear Aging And Why They Are Not A Big Deal | HuffPost Life

Old age is perplexing to imagine in part because the definition of it is notoriously unstable. As people age, they tend to move the goalposts that mark out ...

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The Aging of Aquarius: Igniting Passion and Purpose as an Elder: Helen Wilkes Ph. D.: 9780865718944: Amazon.com: Books

Elderly Anxiety Disorders

The Aging of Aquarius: Igniting Passion and Purpose as an Elder: Helen Wilkes Ph. D.: 9780865718944: Amazon.com: Books

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... and Overcome a Phobia. Woman gazing past shutter

Older woman and her caregiver giving her a meal

Ageism meets sexism: It's no fun getting old if you're female

Learning How to Age Gracefully and With Dignity

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Aging and the Elderly

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Can You Prevent Aging In Your 20s? I Asked A Plastic Surgeon & Here's What He Told Me

Jake Chessum

Why Men Have Such a Hard Time With Aging

What would life look like if we lived forever?

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It's not your aging parent you wish would die. it's the deadly part of their personality that is too easy to upset and impossible to please.

'What worries me is not looks but “success”. So many young celebrities. '

Stan Lee Needs a

Recognizing the Signs of Elderly Depression and Getting Treatment. Pensive older woman

The Truth Is Out There

Q&A: What to Do About Unintentional Weight Loss

Older African woman sitting on the ground by a rough, brick building and a black

... is the result of years of interviews and the extensive experience of a Registered Nurse specializing in Geriatrics. We invite you to live a day in the ...

'Ageing is a mixture of gains and losses': why we shouldn't fear getting old

Any images of a modern-day Dracula or even a scary lab-coated scientist are blown away when Sturm arrives. She may have created the vampire facial – the ...

Aging is a natural part of our existence.

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"All I'm Thinking&#

Why We Need to Talk About Our Fear of Death

Aging After Brain Injury: BrainLine Talks with Dr. Steven Flanagan

An Older Adult Recovering From Surgery

Very old people in western society are increasingly marginalised. from shutterstock.com

By the time you read this, I'll be dead

The Last Word: Iggy Pop Talks Drugs, Aging, Keith Richards – Rolling Stone

Don't feel embarrassed to ask; it's their job, and you will feel clean, healthy, and ready to take on the world.

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“They moved 15 years too late,” says Christina Steinorth, who three weeks ago helped her aging parents move out the home in which they'd lived for 37 years.

Throughout our entire lives we are told that aging is a completely natural and unavoidable part of life, one that should even be appreciated despite its ...

You're Getting Dumber as You Age: Here's How to Slow the Decline

Stress is Normal, and Sometimes Even Good for Us. Stress affects pretty much all of us at some point ...

Demographic time bomb: Young India ageing much faster than expected

Marina Benjamin

A psychologist explains why we're probably all delusional and how to fix it

Joanne Molnar, 64, and husband Mark, 62, pictured on June 22 in the RV that has been their home for several years, managed a camping park in Trenton, Maine, ...

Dead: Why What You Think You Know About Aging Is Wrong and How To Get It Right (9781517008970): Noelle C. Nelson: Books

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The Passage

An elderly couple holds hands while waiting to cross a London street.

We joke about using wine to cope with all the whine. But what if the thing that makes everything better poses serious health risks? Is it still funny?

Aging and Sexuality. Two drawings, side by side. The first is of an older woman and the

Forget about trying to reverse the process. It's never been a better timeto face up to aging. In fact, getting older truly does mean getting better.

Singer Rita Ora has revealed that she has a fear of dying and seeks therapy for the condition. Daisy Buchanan, who has also suffered from death anxiety, ...

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Dating: When old women fall in love with boys

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Historic Win and the Future of the Democratic Party

Catherine Hawes: Assisted Living is a “Ticking Time Bomb”

Amazon.com: Growing Bolder: Defy the Cult of Youth, Live with Passion and Purpose (9780984930012): Marc Middleton, Bob Morris, Ashley Paquette: Books

I just turned 36 — the average age when people like me die.

From right, Madam Chin Siew Jin, 72, Madam Tan Kim Huat, 76

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As same-sex marriage becomes a possibility, many gay and lesbian couples are finally able to tie the knot—sometimes as seniors—after decades of waiting.

14 Changes Dogs Go Through As They Age That All Pet Owners Should Know About

Looking after your wellbeing is sensible rather than selfish. And for those who suffer with

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A 16th-Century Manual on How to Die, and What it Teaches Us About Life