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The key to some people doesnt lie in a human comparison Click

The key to some people doesnt lie in a human comparison Click


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Instead of asking, “are robots becoming more human?” we need to ask “are humans becoming more robotic?”

83 Valuable Quotes About Understanding Yourself, Life, Others, Relationships and the Big Reason Why

The popular ebook, now on Medium, complete and uncensored.

The Ultimate Guide to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for Understanding Motivation

9 essential lessons from psychology to understand the Trump era

Cambridge Analytica: how did it turn clicks into votes?


The key to some people doesn't lie in a human comparison.

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It may seem like I hate these writers and celebrity teeth whitening pushers but I don't hate them at all. Sure a number of them are outright, ...

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Inside the Two Years That Shook Facebook—and the World

Click to agree with what? No one reads terms of service, studies confirm

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet

Why the Future Doesn't Need Us

Virginia and Mark Messina's chart comparing natural herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, and humans

Infographic How to spot fake news published by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

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You Actually Don't Value Your Time

If a scientific conspiracy theory is funny, that doesn't mean it's a joke - The Verge

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Dogs can understand human speech, scientists discover

That's a lot harder than it sounds but it's the only real solution.

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An A.I. system may need to take charge in order to achieve the goals we gave it.

Trump's team appears unfazed by the feeling among Palestinians that they are being cast aside.

Psychology Today

These articles and websites don't exist because the threat is real, however. They exist because they are a vehicle for turning people's fear into money.

Axel Pfaender

A World Without Work

The customer is always right?

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Gross Domestic Product has become the yardstick by which we measure a country's success. But, says Michael Green, GDP isn't the best way to measure a good ...


Click here to read the article titled “Humans Are Herbivores”

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False news spreads faster than truth online thanks to human nature

The Best DNA Ancestry Test

Google News vs Apple News 4x3

Getting a good night's sleep infographic icon. Click through for full text.

Organs of the female reproductive system.

This is a key point that many people miss when discussing the “fake news” or “filter bubble” problem in our online media ecosystems.

... but specific guide to healthy eating based on the best science available,” says Dr. Anthony Komaroff, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School ...

The memory is vivid.

African asylum seekers and human rights activists protest against deportation in front of the Rwandan Embassy

Understanding the Other Person's Perspective Will Radically Increase Your Success

The Real History of White People. "

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What's the Bottom Line?

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A right doesn't distinguish between the deserving and the undeserving, and, for many in my Ohio home town, that rankled.

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13 things you're doing that make people dislike you immediately

Internet dating: 10 things I've learned from looking for love online

Africa: Physical Geography

And then, 22 years after waking up in a rushing river, we're kicked out of the pond and told by the world to go make something of our lives.

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The Last Time CO2 Was This High, Humans Didn't Exist

If you're a true cinema lover, chances are you've stumbled upon the magical world of Hindi movies or Hindi films (a.k.a. Bollywood movies) at some point.

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All of Trump's false and misleading claims: the first 100 days - Washington Post

And while Democrats aren't under any illusion that they'll pass Medicare-for-all this Congress, they see the next two years as key to figuring out where ...

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White privilege - Peggy McIntosh. List of 26 examples of White privilege

'The Righteous Mind,' by Jonathan Haidt

Jonathan Payne


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In 2017, Fitbit made some major changes to its sleep tracking. The Charge 2 HR, Blaze, Alta HR and Ionic now provide sleep stage tracking, better sleep ...

Is your gut microbiome the key to health and happiness?

Online dating is so awful that people are paying virtual dating assistants to impersonate them — Quartz

Why You Should Never Say: 'Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder'

What is Creativity? (And why is it a crucial factor for business success?)

Lies, propaganda and fake news: A challenge for our age

Instead of placing your hope in money or whatever generates income, place your hope in God. He owns everything, and he will provide you with what you need ...

THERE IS a counterintuitive mindset behind Michael Hyatt's productivity system. Productivity is not about doing more faster. Rather it's about achieving ...

The results of seven papers from 2004–2015 assessing the scientific consensus on man-made global warming, see Surveys of scientists' views on climate change

Woman Lying Down On Autumn Leaves - What is Self-Acceptance?

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Psychology Today

2. How to ____ in X Steps.

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What the best education systems are doing right