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The Obama Diary Call it irony or call it coincidence Mitt

The Obama Diary Call it irony or call it coincidence Mitt



President Barack Obama plays with Katia Wolfsthal, daughter of departing staffer Jon Wolfsthal, Special Advisor to the Vice President for Nonproliferation, ...

David Firestone (NYT): Republicans reportedly laughed when they saw the Obama administration's initial offer in the fiscal negotiations yesterday.

Barack Obama Singing Can't Touch This by MC Hammer

Yes, We GIFed: Obama's Animated Election Victory Celebration

12:28 P.M. An Obama Supporter on Political Geography in Virginia

Emilly Ribeiro

Campaign Diary: Candidates Spending Final Day in Swing States

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton briefly becomes a badass when a Tumblr called Texts From Hillary turns a picture of her texting in black sunglasses while ...

11 Best (and Worst) 'Binders Full of Women' Memes

Welcome, Willard

Yes, We GIFed: Obama's Animated Election Victory Celebration

President Obama greeted Bruce Springsteen at a campaign event on Monday in Madison, Wis.

Mitt Romney greeted supporters at a rally on Monday in Lynchburg, Va. It was

Barack Obama: The Story

President Obama made a surprise visit to a local campaign office on Monday in Columbus,


47-percent-e1348073613111 | Mitt Romney: Posters and things | South Dakota, Obama, North Dakota

President Obama shed a tear at his final rally in Des Moines, Iowa, on

The Obama Diary

Daily Beast

Mitt Romney wore a purple striped tie, owned by his older brother, Scott,

Big Bird, America's Favorite Pet Ruffles Feathers & Math In Presidential Campaign

President Obama and Bill Clinton Talk Health Care Reform | The Obama Diary

The Democrat-media complex has suddenly decided that Joe Biden has a creepiness problem. Why now? Why not when he was Vice President for eight years?

Barack Obama

Supporters, U, Barack Obama, New York City's Rockefeller, It, Center,

In the same way, Cummings, forever tied to Winnie the Pooh has his name burned publicly days after “Winnie the Pooh” is making headlines for burning.

Are there any unbiased sources of news? Neither Pat Bagley nor Eric Allie think so. NPR Double Take 'Toons

Progressivesâ€"who properly savaged George W. Bush for his autocratic presidency, civil-liberties flouting PATRIOT Act, undeclared war on Iraq, use of ...


“Don't let them hijack your agenda,” President Obama told supporters in Philadelphia at the second of four rallies planned.

The cover of the magazine's post-election issue, had Clinton won. “I felt that I had let everyone down,” she recalls. “Because I had.”

It's remarkable how good five words on a math assignment can make you feel.

Mitt Romney greets supporters in Sanford, Florida during the final day of campaigning in battleground

If he hadn't publicly and pettily dissed Elizabeth Warren, falsely and chauvinistically accusing her of greed and mendacity, the gossip-loving mainstream ...

... 65N61u5zcoho1_540 86rNd1ru1rjyo1_1280 92Tv1rhnukoo1_400 800px-Cristo_Yacente_Mariano_Benlliure_Hellín 881sr82vco1_540 c7153e52c22812451cc8733e3b5288b7 ...

Yes, President Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii which, in 1961 was ( and today is) part of the United States. Some of Obama's formative years were ...

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama

#VettingBernie, aka a Timeline of Sanders Bull@#$%

Trump Presidency 40 - July 25th, 2018 to August 5th, 2018 | Donald Trump | United States Government

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Reagan to be honored across Europe

Last year, the new ambitious art fair, Art Platform Los Angeles, ...

Willard on October 2, 2016 at 1:51 am

Athanasius Kircher, whose name means "eternal church." Coincidence?

On the one hand, Rupert Holmes' “Escape” is an awful love song, a ballad about betrayal narrowly averted.

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ZAAF, which is founded by Ethiopian-American entrepreneur Abai Schulze (center), produces a brand of premium leather products that are designed and ...

'Hemingway and Gellhorn', Philip Kaufman (director).Screening on Showtime in. '

barack obama.jpg

Young Obama

The DNC got copious donations from Harvey, and I bet they effing knew too (Figure 51). People are now calling for the money to be returned, but to whom?

Chris Kindred / The Atlantic


Former United States President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Aung San Suu Kyi and her staff at her home in Rangoon on November 19 ...

Barack Obama has raised more money from small-donors than MittRomney has raised from all donors.

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12/10/18 – December Giveaway: Billionaire's Wake-up Call Girl by Annika Martin

Barack Obama

10 Everyday Ways Your Child Can Explore Through Movement and Play (even when it's hot outside)

Steve Bannon is worried about the future of America. I hope and pray that he is right. — Matthew Dicks

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Obama and the Choom Gang

“Melania (Trump's wife) was in tears — and not of joy”. Until the very end Wolff suggests that Trump's team, and even Trump himself, saw losing as winning ...

Michael Wolff's "Fire and fury" revelations and slander of Trump administration

Check out my BEST OF 2018 show and see (and hear!) my favorite albums, singles/EPs, various artist compilations, and single artist reissues/collections of ...

West also criticized former President Barack Obama, tweeting "nothing in Chicago changed" during his tenure. Both West and Obama are from Chicago.

A snowman peeks into the Oval Office as President Barack Obama signs end-of-

Photo: Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images

Maybe you saw the story. A little over 13 months ago, Albuquerque police officer Ryan Hollets responded to a routine call reporting a convenience story ...

The Mantovani for STL campaign today, behind a significant ad buy, launched a new 30-second TV ad called “Instead.” The ad, which points out the looming ...

Commonwealth The

Art of deal

... year away is a fainter HH object, called HH270. One of the jets from HH270 is pointed right at HH110, which seems like a pretty big coincidence. And ...

Thus we must counter the imperial greed that seeks to recolonize our minds. Who fights for us – except us? Who – except us – celebrates the womanhood and ...

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The Case for Closing Guantánamo: The New Yorker's Major Profile of Mohamedou Ould Salahi and His Former Guard Steve Wood

Jon Stewart on Mitt Romney

Barack Obama

Glorious Dead Recordings


Guantánamo's Darkest Secret