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Teresa Sotiropoulos teresasotiropou on t


Teresa Sotiropoulos

... Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities: Nicholas D. Young, Kristen Bonanno-Sotiropoulos, Teresa Citro: 9781475838855: Amazon.com: Books

Teresa Eaton | Assistant Professor | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA | LBL | Glenn T. Seaborg Center

In a world of mobility for firms and skilled labour, workers who can't move pick up the tax bill

Empowered: Popular Feminism and Popular Misogyny – Book Review

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Can we afford our consumer society?

Exploring the debate on the future of work: the end of management?

From Head to Heart: High Quality Teaching Practices in the Spotlight

Blockchain governance: the system is not immune to capture by interest groups

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European integration and TARGET2 imbalances: fixing the design flaw

Ioannis Sotiropoulos | Doctor of Philosophy | University of Minho, Braga | Life and Health Sciences Research Institute

Why Brexit if the UK gets its own way in the EU?

Mahindra Humanities Center 5-Year Anniversary Report

Hardback $50.00

Identification of carbon-encapsulated iron nanoparticles as active species in non-precious metal oxygen reduction catalysts | Nature Communications

Isn't the 'platform' economy wonderful? Uber. Deliveroo. Convenience and low prices for customers. Really, what's not to like? But what do platform workers ...

How steam railways shaped the emerging metropolitan area of London

With every relocation out of London because of Brexit, the capital's revenues suffer

When there are internal promotions or new jobs around, they can count against you. This is particularly unfair if they weren't by choice.


The economic consequences of the Brexit deal: the case of trade

Automation and disruption in the professional business model

Change leaders can either create solutions or help people find their own

Canada's supply management system: lessons from Britain's Corn Laws

Strategic silence: Why are some companies not publicising their environmental certifications?

Non-performing loans are still hovering over the European banking union

Will a person's employment status affect their partner's market participation?

Income inequality: firms have been reducing profit-sharing with workers

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AI's lack of transparency triggers a debate over ethics

Capitalising or expensing: R&D accounting affects the amount that firms invest

The political influence on state bank lending in Turkey

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Insider hacking doesn't depend only on individuals

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A study of Catholic missions in India shows that higher education leads to prosperity

68Ga-DOTANOC PET/CT reported two liver metastases and a lesion between the stomach and pancreas, which was thought to be a possible pancreatic ...

China is investing in developing countries – what is it really up to?

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New technologies don't just change the world, they change our language too. The automobile era gave us over a thousand new words and phrases such as ...

Robotisation could help 'reshore' manufacturing jobs back to Europe

Surprise: leveraging the unexpected in strategy implementation

Learning Technology for Education Challenges

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Blockchain's security weakness lies in the very thing that makes it secure: cryptography

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ISMRM Research & Education Fund Past Recipients

How to tackle the spread of misinformation and the problems it causes

Paula Ludovico | PhD, Associate Professor | University of Minho, Braga | Life and Health Sciences Research Institute

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Industry of Anonymity: Inside the Business of Cybercrime – Book Review

Wedding photographer request for Punta Cana - Dominican Republic - Request 8551

Many Brexiteers see the WTO as a suitable framework for the UK's trade, but is

The flip side of segregation: men in typically female jobs

How to help women sustain careers in male-dominated spaces

Figure 6.

Misfit: what do you do when you can't be yourself at work?

Question of Ukraine's autocephaly[edit]

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Transitioning to a zero-carbon economy: the next frontier in responsible investing

Figure 5.

The moral dilemma around equality of opportunity

The EU copyright directive creates new legal uncertainties

Real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties, April 10, 2016 edition - masslive.com


Digital technologies are revolutionising leadership

Figure 2.

Thioflavin T (ThT) extends lifespan of a C. elegans model of tauopathy.

The persistence of driver bias on ride-sharing platforms

Teresa Shawcross Reading in the Byzantine Empire and Beyond

The changing dynamic of career development in the age of portfolio careers

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Figure 5

Italy under the spotlight of another financial crisis

As Southern Africa faces new urban drought challenges, who is heeding the wake-up call?

Catherine T. Moore