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Technological change and automation are causing businesses to think

Technological change and automation are causing businesses to think


How Technology Is Destroying Jobs

AI will cause role changes, not necessarily job losses: Studies

Before starting the transformation, it's crucial to realize the main purpose of digitalization. In this regard, it is necessary to deeply research the ...

Automation is making human labor more valuable than ever

This suggests that, while there is more room for mid-sized companies to automate processes, smaller businesses seem to be more open to doing so.

The optimist's guide to the robot apocalypse

When robots do all the work, how will people live?

“The Relentless Pace of Automation”

Though employment-related concerns due to automation cannot be altogether ruled out, it would allow humans to get more involved in tasks that need higher ...

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5 Ways Technology is Changing the Face of HR

Do You Think Robots Are the Cause of Unemployment?


Towards a digital transformation economy - the technology and third platfom perspective - read more in

Figure 10

Some lightbulbs

Such changes in the skills required for particular jobs can also be seen in the United States. David Neumark, an economist at the University of California, ...

In the recent presidential election, automation and robotics got a slight reprieve from the accusations that it has been the key driver in job losses in the ...

... 2015, “Skill Mismatch and Structural Unemployment,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology, http://pascual.scripts.mit.edu/research/01/PR_jmp.pdf.

Why we should embrace automation disruption

Here's new evidence minimum-wage hikes result in workers being replaced by robots


automated applications

I don't agree with either of these views. The future is not pre-ordained by machines. It's created by humans. Technology is a tool.

Value Diverse Talent Pools Value Diverse Talent Pools

digital transformation /finger tap causes waves of interconnected digital ripples

It is a well-known fact that e-commerce is growing rapidly around the globe, and this is causing a significant shift in the retail landscape. It's changing ...

3 Ways Embracing Automation and Technology Can Turbocharge Your Entrepreneurial Quest

AI, blockchain and other fintech advances will mean that banks can use computers to replace staff and tech companies can move into banking © FT montage

Many law firms were resistant to using email even into the mid-2000s. Now, lawyers are reaping the rewards of investing in: automation tools which have ...

A World Without Work

What is a Technological Change? - Definition, Advantages, Impact & Examples

Automation could destroy millions of jobs. We have to deal with it now

Is the wave of automation different from previous waves wherein new forms of technology paved way for innovation, unshackling humans from the drudgery of ...

Automation threatens 800 million jobs, but technology could still save us, says report

The global labour market is increasingly adopting new technology. New technology makes it easier for companies to automate routine tasks and could disrupt ...


6 Ways Technology Has Streamlined the Sales Process

How Tech is Changing the Food Industry

The United States is undergoing one of the most significant and radical societal, cultural, and economic revolutions of its short history—quite possibly of ...

Lufthansa tests humanoid robot 'Josie Pepper' at airport in Munich, Germany February 20

The Age of Automation

... table are close when it comes to predictions up to 2020-2021, jumping ahead a decade the numbers become incomprehensibly bigger. To think that only 1.8 ...

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence – Widespread Job Losses

MIT Technology Review

FIGURE 4.2 High-tech firm employment growth, 1979-2011. NOTE: Data shown as Hendrick-Prescott trends. SOURCE: J. Fitzgerald, 2016, “The Number of ...

How automation will affect you – the experts' view

Part of Nature Outlook: Digital revolution

Technological unemployment

CREDIT: Getty Images. Automation ...

Automation could kill 73 million U.S. jobs by 2030

How emerging technologies will affect your business in 2018

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How Tech Companies Could Keep the Workforce Alive

Outsourcing can aid us become more aware and adapt to new technology practices.


... How companies must adapt to the digital revolution image

For years, HR technology was used to support and manage mundane back office paper processes and to ensure HR regulations and payroll laws were being met.

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Challenges to traditional regulations

Are Robots Competing for Your Job?

5 Technologies Transforming Retail in 2018

Digital transformation - developing core capabilities across various business areas

... on the possible causes behind the declining share of income that has flowed to labour in recent decades, and especially since the turn of the century:

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31 Tech Predictions for 2019

How Technology Is Rapidly Changing the Way Things Get Done Across Industries

AI, automation, and the future of work: Ten things to solve for (Tech4Good) | McKinsey

What Is Blockchain Technology?

Are Robots Competing for Your Job?


Robots will destroy our jobs – and we're not ready for it. Technology

New opportunities : In the 1830s, higher productivity and low wages led to a surge

Outside of manufacturing, low-level administrative functions will most likely decline in the short term. Data entry, analysis and office support occupations ...

Technology has always been essential to creating greater customer value at lower cost. On the surface, this seems an infallible formula for profitable ...

change is happening faster than ever

Automation could kill 73 million U.S. jobs by 2030

Do you really want these guys running your company?

Automation is expected to be transformative for entire industries, however the logistics industry is perhaps poised to feel the most changes.

Millions of Californians' jobs could be affected by automation — a scenario the next governor has to address - Los Angeles Times

... How technology is impacting the finance and banking sector image

What do trends indicate?

There are many more applications for automation, robotization, data management and more in different industries that will bring significant changes.

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