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Take a look at these beautiful maple spoons carved by

Take a look at these beautiful maple spoons carved by


Take a look at these beautiful maple spoons carved by @woodcraftbyjonasals! Love being able

Black Walnut and Hard Maple cooking. Dowel is the same. Power carved and Lathe. Mineral oil finish.

Spoon Carving

Etched Maple Spoon, Pineapple

Cherry wood - facets Wooden Spoon Carving, Carved Spoons, Wood Spoon, Spoon Knife

16″ Maple Round Spoon – Bee's Oil Finish

Large Maple Wooden Spoon

The spoon of mountain laurel was carved from 1/2 of the branch at center. The ladle took a much larger branch.

Amazon.com: Earlywood Long Handled Wooden Serving Spoon; Large Wood Spoon for Cooking & Serving large portions - Wood Utensils Hand Crafted in USA - Maple: ...

overhead shot of wooden spoon on cutting board

Trying some new designs #kolrosing #sloyd #greenwood #greenwoodworking #woodspoon #woodworking. Find this Pin and more on Wooden Spoons ...

How to Engrave Wooden Spoons Using the Dremel Stylo. These are a nice DIY Gift

Picture of Spoon Carving for Everyone Picture of Spoon Carving for Everyone ...

Williams Sonoma Maple Wood Spoons, Set of 4

Wood spoons carved as Christmas gifts

So I carve wooden spoons for fun. When I waxed the inside of this spalted Maple spoon this goat appeared. The goat gods have spoken and I will continue to ...

spoon templates.

Ah ha, two spoon blanks

It is always a joy to finish the carving of spoons and then feel how they become lighter in weight as they dry sitting on the kitchen counter.

Deluxe Curly Maple Brewing Spoon w/ Live Edge

wooden spoon, handmade wood spoon, carved, rustic, walnut, cherry woods

How to Carve a Spoon With Just Hand Tools

Don't cut too deeply or you will risk breaking the spoon. Use this technique to round out the curves on the bowl and handle.

Wooden Spoons, Maple Spoon

Salvaged Applewood wooden stirring and serving spoon handmade kitchen utensil made from salvaged wood

... jatoba medium classic wooden ladle with Earlywood engraved handle ...

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Maple eating spoon- first one off the new knife. Some chip carving down the

The process begins with a straight section of spoon carving wood and a froe. I'm carving mostly red maple and paper birch these days.

How to Carve Ladle Spoons From Walnut & Maple

I am using Cherry nonstick wooden spoons set from past two years. They having perfect look and damage free.

Take a look at these beautiful maple spoons carved by instagramer @woodcraftbyjonasals! Love being able to see the individual carving marks.

What are a few of your favorite spoon carving tools?

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Carved Wooden Spoon Workshop with Melanie Abrantes

Step eight: Carve the handle Use a carving knife to refine the shape of the handle, working from the neck to the end of the handle.

top view of hand carved maple wooden soup spoon isolated on white background

Medium sized wooden serving and stirring spoon kitchen utensil of Cherry wood

This visually inspiring introduction to the craft of hand carved kitchenware invites you to appreciate the age-old art; the relationship between a craftsman ...

Spoon Carving


Close up of some embellishments. Done by pressing the tip of my carving knife into the wood. P1000404. Large Maple serving spoon.

Just a Quick Reminder…(UPDATED WITH THE WINNER!)

Is It Safe to Cook with Wooden Spoons?

The finished Welsh Love Spoon

I wouldn't recommend those very inexpensive wooden spoons with the thin, round handles. These aren't very comfortable to hold which defeats part of the ...

Personalized Folk Design Engraved Wooden Spoon

“I have been introduced to spoon carving and greenwood working almost 7 years ago while visiting friends in the UK, and got inspired to take it to the next ...

Wooden spoons

Wood Spatula and Cook's Spoons 3-PC Set | New Hampshire Bowl and Board ...

carved wood spoon - cherry wooden spoon hand carved by Crafty Owl

Two very different maple spoons. On the left we have a spoon carved from a crook/bent branch. It's been heat treated and kolrosed with a floral design.

Wooden Spoons

Spoon carved in pear wood


So now I have a new skill that I'm not altogether embarrassed about. Score one for the home team, and Tip o' the Hat to you, Dave Fisher.

DSC_1436 DSC_1437 DSC_1441

Williams Sonoma Walnut Utensil

Look what the postbox had today. Beautiful spoon carved by Shaun. @fggdesigns Thank

Hand Carved Walnut & Turquoise Coffee Scoop by Four Lead Wood ...

[Thumbnail for IMG_1478.JPG]

Chef's Scoop | Best Seller

Using the bandsaw I rough our the shape.

It's hard to say what it's like to make small collections like this. I have determined that using the gouge to carve a spoon is quicker and easier in ...

First spoon from Japanese maple. Its quite different from any maple I've carved

hard maple medium classic wooden ladle with Earlywood engraved logo

Greenwood Gathering. The Greenwood Gathering

This is the classic spoon tutorial. There are many variations of the spoon, but this is the basic foundation for carving the bowl and handle.

Amongst it all you seem to come away with a vast amount of new knowledge and inspiration. And he is still in our opinion the best spoon carver in the world.

Vremi Bamboo and Silicone 5-Piece Set Review

Picture of Spoon Carving for Everyone ...

Hand carved Vermont Birdseye Maple Spoon

Serving Spoon Gift | Custom Wooden Spoons | Kitchen Spoons

A utensil crock full of wooden and nylon spoons and spatulas

A Carving Knife

Once a spoon is roughed out of green wood it may be easily dried without cracking, as long as you have left no pith (center) in it.

Cave and Canopy hand carved spoons.jpg

Amazing hand-carved wooden spoons made by Ariel Alasko (via All Sorts ofPretty)

Little Hand Carved Maple Spoon

In the last blog entry Kenneth detailed how he finishes his Windsor chairs. This one is all about finishing his beautiful wooden spoons.

Ayesha Curry Tools & Gadgets Parawood Slotted Spoon. by Ayesha Curry

Just leave a comment here on the blog post (and fill out the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of the page (this is mandatory and how I'll choose the ...

Shop Ready-to-Ship Dreamware

The Wood Spoon

I hope you enjoyed taking at look at our new stock including all-things wood! Next blog find out about all-things plants and succulents we now carry!

16″ Maple Round Spoon – Bee's Oil Finish

Salvaged Apple wood handmade large wooden stirring spoon hand carved kitchen utensil

I discovered Jeff's spoons while passing through the beautiful town of Lanesboro in Southeastern Minnesota. I loved his work and I was elated when he agreed ...

Carved from some Japanese maple and Shirley used the natural crook to carve a spoon.

Carve Kit - Embrace Fall as a time of food, celebration, family, and

maple spoon

Materials Kit: Maple & Walnut Handled Serving Tray. $38.00 · Carved Wooden Spoon Workshop with Melanie Abrantes