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Surgical Approach to External and Middle Ear Disease in the Dog and

Surgical Approach to External and Middle Ear Disease in the Dog and


Diseases of the external ear canal and middle ear are often related to more than one underlying problem. For these reasons and others, surgery may become ...

If appropriate medical management fails to cure or control the primary disease process or if a tumor is present, surgery can be an effective adjunct or ...

I find it useful to use magnification loops and a headlight to improve visualization of the cavity during this entire procedure.

dog-earcanal_updated2017-01-01 Infection of the external ...

Figure 1 - Shows a model of a normal ear canal and internal anatomy

... a middle ear infection. What is it? dog -earcanal_updated20171_eustachian_tube-01

The external ear canal terminates at the tympanum (eardrum) which separates it from the bulla, or middle ear. The bulla is a circular canal of bone at the ...


Good surgical technique is important to diminish injury to vital blood vessels and nerves in the area; this will reduce the chance of both intraoperative ...

Inflammation of the Middle Ear and External Ear Canal in Dogs

Surgical Procedures When, How and Why

If you are a dog lover, chances are one of your canine companions has experienced an ear infection. No fun, right? And if your dog has suffered with ...

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FIG 18-2 Anatomy of the canine ear.

Ear, Nose & Throat. canine_ear_image As dogs ...

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Inflammation of the Middle Ear and External Ear Canal in Dogs

In about 50% of these patients, the eardrum is ruptured, and a middle ear infection is present. Frequently dogs with chronic ear inf

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Conclusion. Ear infections and ...

Ear Infection in Dogs (Otitis Externa)

A moderate case of otitis externa. There is narrowing of the ear channel, with a small amount of exudate and swelling of the outer ear.

dog scratching ear

... reported incidence of 50% to 88.9%.8 In dogs with recurrent ear infections of 6 months or longer, up to 89% may have concurrent otitis media; ...


EAR AFFECTIONS Dr Amit Singla Surgery & Radiology, DGCN COVAS, CSKHPKV, Palampur Himachal Otitis ...

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Download figure · Open in new tab · Download powerpoint. Fig 2: Biofilm from a dog with otitis ...

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Anatomy of the canine external, middle and inner ear.

Ron Hines DVM PhD. This article does not deal with cosmetic ear surgery.

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Note that 80% of all dogs and 20% of all cats with adverse reactions to food are susceptible to otitis externa (1,5). The latest theories reinforce the ...

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The majority of problems, such as dog ear infections and ear mites, are fairly simple to treat, once they're diagnosed.

Initial incision is extended until it reaches the level of horizontal canal.

Closeup of infection in dog ear. Dirty dog poodle ear

Vertical Ear Canal Ablation in Dogs


Ear canal ablation with bulla osteotomy may also be performed as surgical down-staging and palliative treatment for tumors of the ear canal, ...

Causes of Ear Infections in Dogs

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Figure 123-1 Diagrammatic view of the canine middle ear anatomy. (From Evans HE, de Lahunta A: Miller's anatomy of the dog, ed 4, St Louis, 2013, ...

External ear disease in dogs and cats- Part 2. Cytology. Cytology is an essential complementary technique ...

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Otitis externa secondary to allergies.

Dog ear anatomy

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CT demonstrating both bulla filled with a soft tissue density (normal bulla should be air

Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases of the Dog and Cat book cover

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Ron Hines DVM PhD. This article does not deal with cosmetic ear surgery.

... middle ear, ossicles, and inner ear structures. (From Evans HE, de Lahunta A: Miller's anatomy of the dog, ed 4, St Louis, 2013, Saunders/Elsevier.)

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Histopathology and bacterial culture of removed tissue or masses should always be performed. Advanced imaging before surgery is ideal.

Secondary and perpetuating factors – pathological changes produced by the combination of primary causes and secondary factors which make otitis chronic or ...

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The above picture is of an ear infection in a Cocker Spaniel.

Ear surgery Ear surgery Ear surgery

Ear disease (Otitis)

00126: Anesthesia for procedures on external, middle, and inner ear including biopsy:

Cross-sectional diagram of the external ear canal and middle ear.

Dog from Figure 12 several months after CO2 laser vaporization of proliferative ear

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Table 1 Table 1

Ear surgery Ear surgery Ear surgery

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