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Sports Medicine Professionals This study suggests you wait at least

Sports Medicine Professionals This study suggests you wait at least


[Sports Medicine Professionals] This study suggests you wait at least 20 minutes after exercise

PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: JAIME VALDEZ - Shelly Jones says the student athletes at Aloha High

Anthony Pass (right), who lost his job this year as head football trainer at the U. of Florida, tends to an injured player.

This scientist is racing to discover how gender transitions alter athletic performance—including her own

Injury prevention strategies at the FIFA 2014 World Cup: perceptions and practices of the physicians from the 32 participating national teams | British ...

PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: JAIME VALDEZ - Shelly Jones, the athletic trainer at Aloha High

One in seven medical students has considered suicide during their studies, research says

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June 15, 2018 - St Petersburg, United Kingdom - Noureddine Amrabat of Morocco lies

Photo of Beth E. Shubin Stein, MD, Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine

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The second highest rate of injury was observed in basketball (3.3 per 1,000 persons), followed by American football (3.1 per 1,000 persons), cycling (2.5 ...

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High School Sports

10 Tips on Getting Into Med School

Weight loss can reverse type 2 diabetes, study suggests

... and meta-analysis comparing moderate-intensity continuous training with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) | British Journal of Sports Medicine

40 percent of former NFL players suffer from brain injuries, new study shows

boy with concussion at doctor's

5 Signs You'll Make a Great Doctor

Manual labour linked to greater risk of early death, study suggests

10 Tips for Choosing a Primary Care Doctor

... in men's professional football, since 2001: a 13-year longitudinal analysis of the UEFA Elite Club injury study | British Journal of Sports Medicine

Retired professional footballers at higher risk of knee osteoarthritis, Nottingham study finds

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Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery article from Dr. Scott Rodeo, MD. “

Chronic pain: do patients get the care and treatment they deserve? - Healthy Debate

Consensus recommendations on training and competing in the heat | British Journal of Sports Medicine

Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) today announced the appointment of John P. DiFiori, MD, as the new chief of the primary care sports medicine service, ...

By Barbara Moran. A new study suggests ...

Traumatic Brain Injury: Hope Through Research

You need adequate fluids before, during and after exercise to help prevent dehydration.

'I now understand why college athletes commit suicide,' ex-NKU basketball player says

Many studies show even just one exercise session can lower anxiety and make you feel calmer. The effect is similar to meditation or taking ...

"I grew up in Detroit and was aware of the challenging health care situation there, along with the striking prevalence of hypertension in the community and ...

Primary Care Sports Medicine Physicians. Image - headshot of John P. DiFiori, MD, FACSM

The Profile of a New Sports Injury Category: Esports

Becoming a Doctor Later in Life: Why It's Not Too Late

Missed Opportunities: Time to Improve the Assessment of Preterm Labor

Study links youth football to greater risk of later health problems

Image - headshot of William W. Briner Jr., MD

Anxiety might be alleviated by regulating gut bacteria. Review of studies suggests ...

New research suggests that a little weekly exercise could lower the risk of depression.

Welcome to the Science of Sport where we bring you the second, third, and fourth level of analysis you will not find anywhere else.

Does eating organic food prevent cancer? Yes, a new study suggests

Image - headshot of Lisa R. Callahan, MD

A retrospective study of 68 eyes (65 patients) indicates that macular hole surgery with broad internal limiting membrane (ILM) peeling, 20 percent sulfur ...

The Epilepsies and Seizures: Hope Through Research

The bench myth: why resting athletes may not be as helpful as teams believe

The Weird Dwight Howard Saga Shows the NBA Still Has a Problem With the Closet

Opinion | Hong Kong needs to open the door to foreign doctors | South China Morning Post

A patient has Ketamine administered by way of an IV bag for the treatment of depression

Connecticut may not have any professional male sports teams, but this just means the university sides attract even more attention than normal.

Studies suggest that more than seven percent of adults in Finland annually suffer from clinical depression, with up to one in five experiencing at least ...

... eating disorders in athletes: A comprehensive narrative review with a focus on clinical assessment and management | British Journal of Sports Medicine

The simple cholesterol test that says if you need statins — and why doctors in UK aren't using it

6 Health Care Jobs You Don't Need to Go to Medical School For

... anterior cruciate ligament injuries in male professional football players: a systematic video analysis of 39 cases | British Journal of Sports Medicine

UTI test used by GPs gives wrong results in at least a fifth of cases, study claims

PHOTO: Flowering medicinal marijuana plants in Smith Falls, Ontario, Dec. 5,

Jacob Vanlandingham

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New possibilities for studying medicine

If you exercise in the morning, get up early enough to finish breakfast at least one hour before your workout. Be well-fueled going into a workout. Studies ...

Vaping may raise cancer and heart disease risk, study suggests

Physical, Social and Emotional Benefits of Participating in Sports

Peter Arvan, M.D., Ph.D.

Senior man receiving physical therapy for arm and shoulder.

... persons) and engage in snow sport (rate of 1.1 per 1,000 persons) than to play golf, tennis, badminton and other racket sports as well as bowling, ...

woman weightlifting

Yellow indicates areas that are most different, red the least.CreditThe Journal of Neuroscience

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On Valentine's Day in 2015, I spent a night at an emergency room at New York University's Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn with a severe fever. I waited ...

This sense of calling was reinforced early in my medical training when I first had the ...

Injuries affect team performance negatively in professional football: an 11-year follow-up of the UEFA Champions League injury study | British Journal of ...

Can Nike's New Marathon Shoes Make You Faster? A Nike-Funded Study Says Yes

Study finds most sudden deaths in youth sports were in basketball

Repetitive Head Injury Syndrome


I moved from Canada to be a nurse in the UK – but now I want to quit | Healthcare Professionals Network | The Guardian

Fascial tissue research in sports medicine: from molecules to tissue adaptation, injury and diagnostics: consensus statement | British Journal of Sports ...

71 TV Shows We Can't Wait to See in 2019

Photo of Jordan D. Metzl, MD, Primary Care Sports Medicine