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Snag Mag Vs Neo Mag Holsters

Snag Mag Vs Neo Mag Holsters


Snag Mag Vs Neo Mag

Snagmag Concealed Magazine Holster T1362 (S&W Bodyguard - .380, Right Hand)

The Snag Mag is more of a holster for your magazine. They are magazine and hand specific.


We used the medium size for RF's FN double stack magazine and the large for my Wilson Combat .45ACP magazine. Because the guide lips don't wrap around the ...

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Our own Nathan S. gave the Neomag discreet magazine carrier a very throrough review back in June of 2015. The point of the carrier is to give an everyday ...

Snag Mag Vs Neo Mag | Concealed Carry Inc

The ride-height and appearance of the two products are quite similar.

Carry Your Spare Magazine Comfortably With NeoMag!

We believe that everyone who carries a pistol should carry at least one back up magazine.

The Snag Mag Magazine Concealment Holster

Typically, they are evolutions on top of one another, with new features that push the envelope of accuracy, durability, usability, and/or ...

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The SnagMag is a custom fit accessory. 100% of the models we offer have been based on customer requests. We've created 55 models that cover over 80 pistols ...

I found that when using SnagMag with slanted pocket openings like these, as opposed to flat ones like above, there is a tendency for the device to come out ...

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The clip on the SnagMag is not as robust as that of the NeoMag.



SnagMag and Neo Mag

SnagMag Concealed Magazine Left Hand Holster T1362L (Colt Mustang Pocketlite - .380)

We didn't decide to create a product and sell it to the public. I had no intention of quitting my teaching job to learn ...

NeoMag Magazine Holder-dcimg_2858.jpg

One of the things I really like about the NeoMag is the clip. It is super tight which kind of sucks to put it on, but I know it isn't going anywhere.

Snagmag Hi Robb, Please email Christine at [email protected] She will be able to take care of this. If you are coming to the show we can take care of it ...

DIY magnetic pistol magazine pocket holster(neomag alternative)

Lightweight and Comfortable

The Snagmag, developed by a career plainclothes lawman, yields a spare Glock magazine from

The face of the NeoMag that rests against the magazine is CNC machined steel with a black nitride finish with an neodymium earth magnet.

Neomag does this by designing the “wings” so that the magazine itself is actually seated very low in the pocket and isn't protruding at the top.


NeoMag - Magnetic Pocket Magazine Holder (Medium - 9mm/.40) 1911 Holster

SnagMag For Glock 19 Magazine Review

Simple lightweight minimalist designs seem to be pretty popular these days, one of the first being the Versacarry holsters released a few years ago.

Amazon.com: Snagmag Concealed Magazine Holster (S&W Shield - 9mm/.40, Right Hand): Sports & Outdoors

In one corner the powder-coat chipped and corrosion is visible. NeoMag should finish the steel in a more permanent coating like Salt Bath Nitride or explore ...


NeoMag - Magnetic In-The-Pocket Handgun Pistol Firearm Magazine Holder

The titanium pocket clip is contoured for an aggressive grip and held to the body of the NeoMag with stainless fasteners with a black oxide finish.

I really like the Kytex mag holder. I have one for my Walther PPS and use it IWB. Very reasonably priced too.

In a bold move, gun holster manufacturer JM4 Tactical figured they would try something that hasn't really ever been done before in that they attached their ...


NeoMag Pocket Carry Solution

It may take a little longer than an OWB Kydex holster, but the gain is that this system is concealed as much as possible from the public.

Oh, Spare Me!–Should You Even Bother to Carry a Reload?

concealed carry gun holster

Suburban Holsters

Adjustable Magazine Holster Retention

Snagmag Concealed Magazine Holster Review

The patented SnagMag gives you an efficient and effective way to carry more ammo

One of the things I really like about the NeoMag is the clip. It is super tight which kind of sucks to put it on, but I know it isn't going anywhere.

Snagmag Concealed Magazine Holster

Do I Need Bigger Pants For Concealed Carry – And How to Maximize the Space

Because I received two product examples, I lent the other one to a friend of mine who is heavily involved in concealed carry practice and instruction and ...

SnagMag Concealed Magazine Holster - 2018 SHOT Show

Ambidextrous, IWB/OWB Appendix Holster from Mission First Tactical [VIDEO]

Snagmag Concealed Magazine Holster

Seismic Ammo

Snagmag spare mag holder

Got this awesome EDC tray for my birthday. #edc #clearwaterstagworks #kershaw #smithandwesson #hyvetechnologies #hanksbyhank #neomag

Their new RELIC Holster consists of four different holsters: Appendix, Tuckable IWB, Paddle, and a Hybrid which can be worn IWB or OWB depending on your ...

Some ammunition magazines have a base plate that jut out an an odd angle; depending on the magazine's design a NeoMag-held ammo mag may not sit perfectly ...

Ping Pong Tactical

NeoMag - Magnetic Pocket Mag Holder - Tulster - $44.99 Concealed Carry Holsters, Gun Holster


best iwb and owb mag carriers

Conventional thought is that magnets and firearms tend to not mix, often due to magnets being shocked, banged, and abused which is not conducive to ...

Using the NeoMag will scratch up your magazines. this won't affect reliability and is certainly isn't an issue as far as I am concerned, But it's noted.

Snagmag concealed Magazine Holster Review

#glockinc #glock43 #9mm #hbcconcealment #kydexholster #neomag #magazineholder #tarantactical #magextensions #beetactical #kydexwallet #sogknives ...

Concealment Express: Single IWB/OWB Magazine Holster/Mag Carrier - Custom Molded Fit

Adams Holsters

NeoMag - Magnetic Pocket Magazine Holder (Medium - 9mm/.40)

Went away for work for a few weeks and my @tier1concealed #axisslim holster cam

... or one-of-a-kind NeoMag. I mean, it is in your pocket, out of sight, where no one will see it, but you will know it's there. Holding your spare mag.

Conventional thought is that magnets and firearms tend to not mix, often due to magnets being shocked, banged, and abused which is not conducive to ...

Clipdraw Ambidextrous Concealed Gun Belt Clip for Glock 43 Black


Just got my holster for my 442 from @anrdesignllc to complete the BMC trifecta. Thanks Alex! • • #neomag #rasc #blackmulticam #anrdesign

@glockinc 42⠀ - @streamlightinc TLR-6 Light Laser Combo⠀ - @snagmag Concealed Magazine⠀ - @kershawknives Cryo⠀ - @maxpedition Spartan Wallet⠀ ...

In addition, the company now has a Carbon Fiber and Titanium version that goes for $64.99. This also comes with the same sizes and clip extension options.

Magpul PMAG® MagLink™ Magazine Coupler

Gun Digest

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Another great concealed carry option! #glockinc G43x #streamlight TLR-6 #tulster

NeoMag - Best Way to Carry a Spare Mag?

📷from @blackirongunner: @theneomag with a @trexarms Raptor makes one sweet combo


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Draw your spare magazine quickly & cleanly with Snagmag's simple & elegant design

Every South African should carry this emergency kit in their car! #bravoconcealment #neomag

I received a small package the other day that contained a nifty little device called the SNAGMAG™. The SNAGMAG is a very simple kydex holster for your spare ...


If there's anything you guys think I missed let me know, I really stink at writing so I hope this is good!