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Should Christians Drink Alcohol Real Advice for Christian Teen

Should Christians Drink Alcohol Real Advice for Christian Teen


Is it Wrong for a Christian to Have a Drink of Alcohol?

What Does the Bible Say About Alcohol?

I never knew the Bible had THAT much to say on the question of

Bible on alcohol, drinking, and smoking.

The Curious Case of Christians and Alcohol


Should Christians Drink Alcohol? Real Advice for Christian Teen Girls - Girl Transformed Blog Christians

Drunk You Is Not the Real You

How should a Christian view alcoholics? What does the Bible say about drunkards?


A softening toward abstaining for alcohol among other younger Southern Baptist pastors is reason for concern

Can a Christian Drink Alcohol?

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Why I Gave Up Alcohol

Assorted prescription pills spilled from their containers with a glass of alcohol sitting nearby

Can A Christian Drink Alcohol Do ...

Dealing with Alcoholism: My Interview with an Anonymous Pastor and Recovering Alcoholic

As Christian parents, we can't be naive to the dangerous trend of increasing

Religious faith plays a key role in decision-making about alcohol consumption. Some Christian groups, particularly evangelicals and Methodists, ...

Self-Control and the Power of Christ

The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci Christ administered "the fruit of the vine".

I find it interesting that in the same survey teenagers go to dad most often for money and logistics. Anyone who has ever seen kids knows that children ...

What Should Christians Think About Facebook?

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For reference

How to Help People on Their Spiritual Journeys

A lot of people believe partying hard is a part of adolescence. Now, obviously, being a loner who sits at a computer all day writing satirical articles for ...

youth group

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Now that I'm in my late twenties, I feel like I can offer a few pieces of advice to Christian teenagers. What are they?

Though most Americans are comfortable with drinking, three in 10 admit they sometimes drink more than they should. Larger quantities of Millennials (43%) ...

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Christian Book?

Drinking itself is not a sin-- it's the temptation and follow through on getting sloshed after a bad day or for the fun of it. Let's be honest, most of us ...

What The Bible Really Says About Alcohol


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The Apostle Paul was asking one of the most critical questions a Christian can ask another Christian–are you in the faith? How do you know? The real issue ...

Operating along similar lines to their wine club cousins, these services provide regular deliveries of

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If you want to reach post-Christian, post-modern people—in other words, the next generation—how do you do it, effectively?

For an optimistic opinion about alcohol, talk to adults who do drink at least occasionally. They are more likely than nondrinkers to believe moderate ...

How Hidden Sin Almost Destroyed My Life

Are Christians Missing Out? | Getting Drunk & Partying

Before Christ[edit]

Academics and senior midwives and doctors say the current guidelines promote unnecessary fear.

and it begins with wine…

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A monk-cellarer tasting wine from a barrel while filling a jug (from an illuminated manuscript of the 13th century)

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In addition to this, more than four in 10 adults (41%) say drinking has been a cause of trouble in their family. Gen X (46%) are more likely to have seen ...

Teenage Drinking Diaries

This article first appeared in Christian Research Journal, volume 27, number 03 (2004). For further information or to subscribe to the Christian Research ...

About 34 percent of American adults have a religious identity that is different from the

6 Steps to Writing Youth Bible Studies

Art by Salvador DalÍ, “Christ of St John of the Cross” (1951) / Culture And Sport Glasgow (Museums)

How to be a "Christian Instagram Girl"

Stay at home – many parents go out during the party but that's a mistake, says Anna Selleck. Photograph: Sturti/Getty Images

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