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Sara Kurth Running Coach Marathoner Explorer sarakurth on

Sara Kurth Running Coach Marathoner Explorer sarakurth on


Sara Kurth | Running Coach, Marathoner & Explorer

As a running coach, I know all of the thing runners should and should not do to perform at their best. While you should listen to what I say, don't always ...

After 20 years, I find myself repeating the same things over and over to myself and others. Read my running rules on my blog #running #runningrules ...

After running marathons for 20 years, I've done my fair share of marathon training long runs. In those runs, I've learned many things about what you ...

Sara Kurth | Running Coach, Marathoner & Explorer Cutting back your mileage after months of marathon training long runs seems like it should be the easiest ...

Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Hire A Running Coach

Running is no different. Here are a few things to remember as you begin your running journey

I've run many marathons in the last 20 years. In that time, running technology has changed, and so have I. My marathon prep now barely resembles my marathon ...

At a recent race expo, I was talking to a guy about his marathon preparation. He (unintentionally) broke every bit of common wisdom. Was he ready to run?

Some people don't believe me when I say that I find it easier to run two marathons a year than to 'only' run one. On the blog - why training for a ...

Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Hire A Running Coach

I ran my first marathon 20 years ago, in 1998. It was an impulsive decision - a mother's day present to my (running) mother from her (non-running) daughter.

Your marathon begins a few days before race day. That is when you start your final preparations - both physical and logistical.

Lots of running makes you a better runner, that is obvious. But running will also teach you other life lessons that will make you a better person in all ...

For each of my marathons, I've used an 18-week training program that is broken up into three-week microcycles. The first two weeks of each cycle get tougher ...

Having a running coach isn't just for the pros and other elites. Runners of all experience and skill levels can benefit from having a coach in their corner.

I often hear people talk about a marathon as two races. That you should 'run the first half with your head, the second half with your heart.'

After running hundreds of miles over many years (if not decades), experienced runners have learned a few things about what works, what doesn't, ...

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Secrets to run a sub two hour half marathon - really how to run faster and PR your next half marathon #running #halfmarathon

Can I Run A Marathon? 7 Signs The Marathon May Not Be For You

It got me thinking about the variety of runners on the course on marathon day, ...

This running schedule has changed my life and better me a better runner. Since adopting this running schedule with lower mileage I have become a faster ...

Oakland Marathon 2018

Should You Do a Shakeout Run before a Race?

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While on the run, my mind is filled with all the things that could go wrong. By profession, I'm a risk manager so I'll also create action plans on how I'd ...

Sara Kurth | Running Coach, Marathoner & Explorer @sarakurth · Post-Marathon Recovery: The Afternoon Of The Race ·

The 7 Stages Of Marathon Training

If you ever run a race, you should also volunteer at one. It's key to being a kind and responsible runner and racer, not to mention it's fun and great for ...

Marathon Running Quotes

Half Marathon #running Quotes

In The Short Term

Do you want to run your best half marathon? Here are 13.1 tips that will get you to the finish line!

A big upside to running as long as I have, is that it gives you plenty of time to notice patterns. And once you notice a pattern, you can work with it.

How to Build Up to Running Without a Break for 30 Minutes

Talking To Non-Runners About Running

Tired of looking through hundreds of pins, trying to find just the right piece of

Race Day for Non-Runers: Being An Amazing Marathon Spectator

This journal helps you train for your 10k by not only recording the statistics of your run, ...

Sara Kurth | Running Coach, Marathoner & Explorer @sarakurth · Long Run Fears And How To Overcome Them ·

Can I Run A Marathon? Should I Try To Run A Marathon?

Half Marathon Training Guide - Life Lived Fearless

You are a runner because YOU run.

The 6 Stages Of Marathon Morning

Not all runners want to race. Some never do, others maybe are injured or just want to sit one out and not commit to training. Even if you aren't racing, ...

Sara Kurth | Running Coach, Marathoner & Explorer @sarakurth. Marathon Training Long Run Mistakes ·

How you talk to yourself on the run matters. Pay attention to what you are saying to yourself (consciously and unconsciously) and consider these words to ...

How to use a foam roller — plus options at every price point

Sara Kurth | Running Coach, Marathoner & Explorer @sarakurth. Runner Pro/Con: Wearing A Hydration Pack On Race Day ·

Interested in running your first half marathon? Here are half marathon training, tips, tricks, and advice - including one LITTLE KNOWN SECRET - to crossing ...

It can be hard to be a beginner, but the only way to get better

How to Recover After a Half Marathon

5 Ways Finishing A Marathon Will Change You

Running is a good way to deal with stress and get fit, but not if

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I finish 2017, and start 2018, strong with a 2-year marathon - back-to-back half marathons on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

31 Simple Tips: How To Start Running When Out of Shape [2019 Edition

When you have to run inside on hot summer days, it helps to remember the

6 Tips to Make You a Faster Runner. If you are the type of person that struggles to run long distances at a fast pace, you have to remember it takes time ...

At long last!

But for runners, there can come a time when the internet will do you more harm than good. In these moments, it is best to step away from ...

How runners can overcome tight calves - Gold Coast Marathon

Sara Kurth | Running Coach, Marathoner & Explorer @sarakurth. How To Increase Your Running Confidence ·

Benefits Of Working With A Running Coach

7 Step Half Marathon Training for Beginners - follow this easy schedule and learn exactly how to make half marathon training easier! #running #runningtips ...

My least favorite time of race day is the hurry-up-and-wait of the start line. I want a time cushion in case of unforeseen traffic or parking issues, ...

5 Simple Solutions For Tight Calves | MapMyRun

Whether you enjoy running as a recreational activity, you do it for fitness, or a marathon is on your bucket list, you might be under the mistaken ...

Sara Kurth | Running Coach, Marathoner & Explorer @sarakurth · 6 Things I Don't Runderstand ·

Running slow, especially over the distance of the marathon, is in many ways harder than running fast. Slower runners fight heat, self-doubt and the sag ...

How to Increase Running Endurance to be a stronger, faster runner this season. It's not as hard as you might think!

Show off your half marathon accomplishment with our Vintage Running Fitted T-Shirt - 13.1

Sara Kurth | Running Coach, Marathoner & Explorer @sarakurth. 5 Terrible Reasons To Want To Run A Marathon ·

Pre-Race Thoughts

Marathon training long runs can be scary and a little intimidating. I know when I started running longer distances I was afraid of any number of things, ...

5 things I wish I knew when I started running. Running tips.

40+ motivational running quotes | motivational quotes for runners | Motivation can come in many

5 Reasons To Do A Flat Runner | Running | All About the Run | Marathon training, Half marathon training, People running

Sara Kurth | Running Coach, Marathoner & Explorer @sarakurth · Ways To Start A Run, When You Really Just Want To Stay Home In Slippers

5 Terrible Reasons To Want To Run A Marathon

If you're a beginner who's interested in running or the casual runner who wants to increase their performance, this running challenge is perfect for you!

6 tips to make time for running or any exercise | Get fit and active every

Don't make your long runs feel any longer than they have to. Find out ways to manage on my blog. #running #runningpartners #runningtips

It's natural for new and experienced runners alike to want to build up their endurance so they can run for longer distances. Whether you're building up to a ...

Take the 30-Day Run Challenge and start running today! This training program is

How Do I Know If I'm Ready To Train For A Marathon?

3 Ways the Treadmill Will Make You a Better Runner #run #running #runningtips #runner

Are you ready to marathon? My free pdf workbook takes you through some of the questions you should ask yourself before you start training. #running # runner ...

Training For A Marathon vs. Running A Marathon

All you need is a plan! Here are the 8 steps I took when I got started. These tips can help you become a better runner and even aid in ...