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Salvia is a large genus of plants estimated at nearly 1000 species

Salvia is a large genus of plants estimated at nearly 1000 species


Salvia is a large genus of plants estimated at nearly 1000 species, commonly named sages

On Choosing Salvias for My Garden

Saucy Red Salvia


Inflorescence of a cultivated plant of Salvia tingitana. – Courtesy of... | Download Scientific Diagram

Salvia holwayi

Figure 1 Total ion chromatograms of major phenolic compounds determined in Salvia species.

Selected species and their uses[edit]

A large-scale chloroplast phylogeny of the Lamiaceae sheds new light on its subfamilial classification | Scientific Reports


Salvia greggii and S. farinacea

Divergence times among Hakea and Proteaceae outgroup species estimated using mcmctree. Yellow symbols indicate three

Sallyfun Salvia

Salvia africana

Salvia patens

... used in Western Europe and European cultures in North America, consists of several species of Salvia (family Lamiaceae), a fairly large genus containing ...

Salvia splendens

Salvia verbenaca

Deppea splendens though they may look very Fuchsia like, they aren't and they have calyces somewhat like Salvia. If you follow their genetics back up the ...

Salvia regla

Salvia macrophylla

Blue Flame Sage

Salvia chamelaeagnea

TABLE 2 -Relative meiotic data and size of pollen grains in Salvia.

Transcriptome and metabolite analyses reveal the complex metabolic genes involved in volatile terpenoid biosynthesis in garden sage ( Salvia officinalis ) ...

Clematis "Jackmanii"

Estimated ancestral biomes of Hakea under the BAYAREA + J + X model in BioGeoBEARS.

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High resolution agarose gel images of some e-microsatellite.


Salvia chamaedryoides

Barry Fugatt: Linnaeus Teaching Garden puts Salvia plants to the test

Table 1 Phytochemicals with potential anticancer properties in Salvia genus. Note: Properties of phytochemical extracts from Salvia plants.

Getting Started: Types of Salvias for Zone 6

Major components in Salvia species and their pharmacodynamic effects in.

Figure 5—Locations of postfire recovery study sites in mountain big sagebrush communities. In some cases, multiple study sites in close proximity (e.g., ...

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Molecular phylogenetics and biogeography of the mint tribe Elsholtzieae (Nepetoideae, Lamiaceae), with an emphasis on its diversification in East Asia ...

Male digger bee probing a male-stage flower of Salvia hierosolymitana. The stamens deposit pollen on the bee's back.

Devon Country Gardener July 2018

Table 1.

Plant Combinations: Plant a Hummingbird Haven | Southern Living Plants

Effects of Salvia essential oils in the CAM assay.

Table 4.

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Salvia dorrii

Chloroplast genomes of Byrsonima species (Malpighiaceae): comparative analysis and screening of high divergence sequences | Scientific Reports

Summer Jewel Pink Salvia Seeds Winner of a 2012 All-America Selection award, just like its sister color in Genus: Salvia Species: coccinea Variety: 'Summer ...

Branch widths shown as triangles indicate species richness in these clades. — ••• = high support (95-100 BS/JK/PP), •• = medium support (75-94 BS/JK/PP), ...

Getting Started: Annual, Perennial and Shrub Sages

Figure 2. Geographic locations of the only known living populations of.

Table 3.

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Fold-change analysis of DEGs by volcano plot.


Population distributions of (A) plant height at first flower, (B) time to flower, (C) branch number of inflorescence, and (D) flower length in the Salvia ...

Guide to Start a Perennial Garden

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Estimated geographic group structure for three populations of Salvia... | Download Scientific Diagram

North Carolina Native Plant Society

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Table 5.


Diversity Of Flowering Plants

Drummond Phlox Red XXXXXXX needs sandy soil | Gardening | Planting bulbs, Garden seeds, Plants

Salvia viridis


Lavender – Planting, growing and caring

Asplenium scolopendrium 'Furcatum' happy near the gate growing with Asarum splendens. Aspidistra, more Acorus and an Astrantia also grow in this bed, ...

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Community interaction matrix of visits to target plant species by visitor groups and the influence of covariates time of day and length of visit.

Pineapple Sage

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The author has carried out extensive research studies conducted in a 3 year period starting from

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Salvia columbariae

Figure 2 Images of some species of Salvia recorded in the Yunnan.

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Figure 8—Mean mountain big sagebrush canopy cover by ecoregion versus time-since-fire in 5-year bins. The 20% canopy cover value is highlighted to represent ...


This is the NW corner of my garden where I've tried many of my ferns. Palms, the fence, our bamboo and steel pagoda and a large Mahonia x media provide more ...

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Salvia elegans 'Scarlet Pineapple' | Height: 1.0m | Spread 0.5m Salvia

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Cavitation Resistance in Seedless Vascular Plants: The Structure and Function of Interconduit Pit Membranes | Plant Physiology

1 HPLC-based activity profiling of an hexane extract from roots of Salvia sahendica; the bar graph represents the cytotoxic activity (in %) of the 1-min ...


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Salvia spathacea (Hummingbird Sage)