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Safari Goers Witness Birth Of Baby Giraffe 11 Photos

Safari Goers Witness Birth Of Baby Giraffe 11 Photos


Safari Goers Witness Birth Of Baby Giraffe (11 Photos)

A Baby Giraffe Was Born in Front of Guests at Disney World — and Now You

A Baby Giraffe Was Born in Front of Guests at Disney World — and Now You


RAW: Baby giraffe take first steps thanks to mum at South African nati.

Kariega Safari | Birth of Giraffe in the Wild

VIDEO: Mother giraffe defends her young against lions

Baby giraffe takes its first steps moments after being born

Giraffe Day-care

It S A Healthy Baby Giraffe Born At Phoenix Zoo

Roni the giraffe bonds with her new male calf, born on 31 August this year

10 Entertaining Behaviours of Giraffes

The Women Changing Safari

Giraffes | Giraffe, Giraffe fight, Animals

The Ngorongoro Crater rim, Tanzania. Picture: Alamy

Baby giraffe take first steps thanks to mum at South African national .

11 tips for planning your first African safari

Giraffe nabs snack in safari park

Safari in February

The ...

The Women Changing Safari



A Host Of Baby Animals At Marataba

How to plan your life-changing (but expensive) safari

Two giraffe in Masai Mara

The ...

game drive, giraffe, Eagles Crag Lodge, South Africa

kick boxing giraffe! The Baby Giraffe | Encyclopaedia of Babies of Beautiful Wild Animals Endangered

Tanzania Family Safari – Giraffe, Pumbaa & Nala the lion

Giraffes, seen here near Mt Kilimanjaro, get a good view of everything going on

Baby giraffe in Kruger National Park. Image credit Jason Dutton-Smith


Top Tanzania safari destination

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Giraffe has ticks removed, during our Durban safari with Tim Brown Tours


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Newborn Giraffe

Immersive Wildlife Experiences and Expert Guiding: Epic Cats Group Trip 2019

Baby Giraffe Born in Front of Guests at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Photography rentals at Garonga Safari Camp

I spent 5 days on a Tanzanian safari and saw wild lions, elephants, and rhinos - but it made me realize there are 2 factors that can make or break your trip ...

Going on Safari in East Africa

BIG GAME: The exhilarating sight of giraffes in their natural habitat is just one of the wonders awaiting intrepid safari-goers in Kenya. Photo: Anup Shah

Remarkably, there are still wilderness areas where you can visit and observe large African animals roaming free.

Booking the Luxury Safari of Your Dreams

Tanzania safaris, tours and packages

Singapore Zoo's first giraffe calf in 28 years looks curiously around his exhibit. The male

How to plan a life-changing (but expensive) safari

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I've seen some crazily dressed safari-goers over the years and many people who seem to be competing for wearing the most impractical safari gear in history.

Herd of Elephants in Amboseli National Park

The good, bad and ugly sides to African safaris | South China Morning Post


Leopards are well camouflaged, so listen out for monkey screams. Picture: iStock

Big 5 safari destinations, big 5 safari, big 5 South African safari, South

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Elephants mourn the death of a herd member, and chase off lions — incredibly rare behavior to witness.

Africa in February: What to expect

Western Tanzania safari giraffe under beautiful African sky

... been on our walk down the hill to Lake Ndutu, with the armed ranger, earlier in the afternoon or I would be looking over my shoulder with a little more ...

Bizarre Animals on an African Safari

Traveling to Tanzania: What You Need to Know

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Lions on the move during Rachel's safari in Botswana

Kenya Safaris


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Lions on a giraffe carcass in Etosha National Park, Namibia © Janine Avery

3 Days 2 Nights Masai Mara Budget Safari

Elephant Calf Photo Series 2

The ...

namibia safari etosha giraffe


Photo: Carol Oken


Chobe National Park Safari, Lionness

Etosha waterhole. Etosha waterhole

Male impala sport large horns for protection and also to jostle with other males for dominance

Travel Africa, Africa Safari Guide, Luxury African Safari

If you are looking to have the experience of a lifetime, definitely put Giraffe Manor on your list. It is one of the most special experiences I have had in ...