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Row Knows Blog Archive Collected Works ffffound import

Row Knows Blog Archive Collected Works ffffound import


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I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. A Coca-Cola advertising classic. Brian Mc Laughlin · ffffound import

Saved by Olli Siebelt (olliolli) on Designspiration Discover more Ffffound Untitled Document Poster inspiration.

love will tear us apart again. Logo Festival, Joy Division, Ui Design,

Graphis Annual 71/72 Fractal Patterns, Cover Design, Typography Design, International Typographic

ISO50 - The Visual Work of Scott Hansen Scott Hansen, Museum Poster, Type Design


ffffound import · Airline Travel, Travel Deals, Travel Destinations, Travel Tips, Fun Travel, Vintage


Take a Chance: get on a tee more: wordboner store | blog | make

3d archive design drawing interactive interface

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Archive of Kveta Fulierova : FAMILY , Petra Feriancova , Sputnik Editions 1

The surest way to find the heart of a city is to look through its bric-a-brac, says Paul Pensom.

I decided that it would be interesting to make the postcards interactive as a way of helping. After our crits which discussed our intial ideas I decided to ...

3d archive design drawing interactive interface

Comic of Cyber Cemetery (home of the dearly and nearly departed ...

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Art & Design » Blog Archive » Gallery of Book Trade Labels


Not far away was this beautiful hostel (the quality of which I rarely come across). It was also an art gallery and general haven to chill-out in the busy ...

Fotolia Desktop

CR Blog Milton Glaser, Munich Germany, 1972 Olympics, Summer Olympics, Game Logo

Whither the contents of the 22nd century car boot sale? Books haven't disappeared, yet, but pulps and yellowbacks — those exotic notch-edged US imports sold ...

3d archive design drawing interactive interface


And two days later, Thomas Phinney (formerly in the type team at Adobe) also took ...

I just posted a visual diary of Digg Arc development to the Stamen blog. Go check it out, and relive the glory.

'Grow Your Own Food and Supply Your Own Cookhouse', by Abram Games Retro

VAUNCE Trampoline Park Brand Identity Design by PlusX and Vaunce

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My goal is to include scripts from indigenous and minority cultures who are in danger of losing their sense of history, identity and purpose and who are ...

I just posted a visual diary of Digg Arc development to the Stamen blog. Go check it out, and relive the glory.

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...each of the puzzles were accompanied with a tagline which referred to both the nature of *recognition day* and the puzzle itself.

There is no date on this great bookplate for Frederic J. Libbie, but it is from a Flickr set of the Pratt Institute Libraries Special Collection and most ...

What I want a transfer plugin to do.

The perfect physical manifestation of my mental to-read collection of books.

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The badges were very interesting, with little areas for stickers regarding the attendee's interests. I stuck mine on like so:

I decided that it would be interesting to make the postcards interactive as a way of helping. After our crits which discussed our intial ideas I decided to ...

Monty ...

It's like a location dog tag for your website. You can create one with this tool Geo Sitemap Generator. Here's a diagram of how they work…

Tim ...

Ame used an extreme example of Dunkin' Donuts' rewards app (similar to the one every major food corporation seems to have nowadays), called DDPerks.

Then move to maps from the same source and note the awesome From the Solomons. jc-11.06.09

Blog. Studio Snapshots #4

Falive - Beautiful Creative Fashion Blog Theme



The I <3 Hot Dogs Blog has some great stills from classic films up. I love how type renders when it's hand set and transferred to ...

... 29. ...

We've noticed over the last year or so that more and more magazines are joining the sidebar with blogs that eschew the standalone, editorial-mimicking ...

shell pattern

OS3D Visualization & Design


Using Preview on OS X to look at the embedded meta-data of a PDF as it was Prepared by Academic Publishing

Being trained as a textile designer, I think your scope for design onto fabrics has a universal appeal, I know that the Japanese company you work with has ...

Moving into your advanced design classes, you will most likely be learning some package design. The Dieline is a great spot to discover what is being done ...

Michael McDermott

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... aiga.com/retina-typeface-specimen, ...

Picture from UPPERCASE found via Russell's FFFFound! Usual stuff applies.


The work had now assumed direction, and the profile of the evolving design began to be recognisable, though in detail practically everything had still to be ...

In conjunction with massive forecasted technological acceleration approaching the millennium, this oblique and shifting cathode mosaic uncovers the ...

More ...

Here you will find an archive of many beautiful examples of vintage and retro typography. It's like a graphic archeological dig! These 4 lovely examples of ...


Chank has been making fonts for years. Look through his portfolio. Study it closely. Then, browse the aisles of a grocery store, page through a city's free ...


Sort of a stand-in for the entire remix collection by Deadmau5, on par with the Jesper Dahlbäck remixes. Also good is the Tiny Dancer remake.



Navify's interface combining the function of Wikipedia, YouTube, Flickr, and commentary.

-TechrightsSocial/#[email protected]@joindiaspora.com: Nationalism ...

A close up view of the Keywords meta-

IBC Shell Packaging


Neck-craners who watch skyscraper artists often wonder how they work out the big painted boards. These pictures of the jumbo sign above Fifth Avenue and ...

One day ...

It should work really well on Safari, OK on Chrome, not-that-perfect on Firefox and poorly on Internet Explorer. You were looking for a reason to continue ...

AIGA: Unjustified

... 38.

Skillshare - Free Premium Trial


National Serp Result

Color selection tool for branding, campaigns, web design, etc.

01. Safari viewer

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_bh2wDnVAh0c/S8_R7ge_rfI/AAAAAAAAAUM/NF-BaIB__x8/s1600/Retarded.jpg · http://www.realbollywood.com/up_images/11115115.jpg

With around 200 illustrations over 192 pages, it's an exciting volume of Ed's work. Featuring his collages, paintings and scraper board illustrations.

Using a default A2 size page as a frame or cropping tool, we selected interesting compositions for printed output. A2 (16.5" x 23.4"), digitally printed, ...

... http://pedamado.com/timeline-software-fontes

Bert has assembled a complete alphabet of abandoned neon letters which he acquired from old advertising signs.

With just a few lines of code, developers can display the time using presentable typography, ...

foreign policy basks in snarkmarket love

MR Jackets for ISO50