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Rottenecards Are you ready to eat your words about Missouri not

Rottenecards Are you ready to eat your words about Missouri not


Crazy Missouri weather!!

Monday Memes - My No-Guilt Life | My No-Guilt Life I'm always late. Always. Sorry!!!

Great way to look at it!! :)

I have a passion for not cooking Funny Cute, Haha Funny, Hilarious, Laughter

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When we're a little too "hangry" for our own good:

When we realize we're being a tiny bit overdramatic:

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Funny Holiday,Ecard: | This Labor Day try not to think about how your


When we want to share the facts of life in three simple words:

Your #birthday reminds be of the old #Chinese #Scholar Yung No Mo #LetsGetWordy

When people mistake our laziness for lack of confidence:

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TD Guide: 5 resolutions for guys on dating apps in 2018

I'll toast to that. OC to the atheist Facebook page I admin called The Simple Atheist. : atheism

Glad we could squander your entire Memorial or Labor Day weekend Wedding Humor, Wedding Cards

When we're having a rough day:

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As I've mentioned before, I am a spoonie. If you don't know what that is, you can read more about it in my post, "What is a Spoonie?"

My college roomie does not have Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Yet, I'm convinced that if anyone stole my phone and read our daily text message exchanges, ...

WEEK 5 - Thursday Night – Spinning @7pm Back to work on Tuesday after a 10 day break, so it was time to get back to exercise… I'm not gonna lie, ...

Ground Blizzards Reported (think twice about travel west of MSP - Windchill Warnings posted)

Thanks, tired of the useless “tee hee bubble bath and book” and the “if you dont do this i will shoot you” bullshit.

It was a deliberate, purposeful act embarked upon. (pun intended). I did share with her dad that I was ready for a ...

Cry For Help

Simply true words | Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Life Quotes

... second we hear that someone from outside of our family thinks they can too, we're ready to suit up and put on our boxing gloves. Nobody messes with you, ...

Dear Chump Lady,

'McDonald's of the Future' has table service, all-you-can-

A Risk of Spring (most of the snow in your yard will be gone within 48 hours)

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One of the most important attributes that a hiring manager looks for in a job candidate is “Strong written and oral communication skills.” You'll find that ...

NACA® Mid Atlantic 2017 - Back to Our Roots

Be prepared, these are all coming soon to a classroom near you!

Okay...enough with my facts. I was very lucky in that we caught my diabetes very early. I attended a wellness even our school system put on.




Slide 2 of 50: God FORBID you try and read an actual book.Share

Following up on Vickie's excellent financial advice, I thought I would devote today's column to mediation debacles.

My mind gets jumbled. My words come out weird. And then I take a nap.


100 memes that aren't just going to laugh at themselves.

We are a family destined to never have a weekend without some sort of incident. I have come to accept that, and this weekend was no different.

Pinterest is full of pretty pictures and advice on everything from fashion and decor to how to clean your whole house with vinegar and baking soda.

Slide 4 of 50: Calling the doc over a little dirt in the mouth?

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Anyone with kids knows that preparing to go to church is like preparing for a military invasion. You're lucky if everyone makes it into the car without ...

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Once upon a time, being an entrepreneur was admirable. Small business! The Jobs act! I even wrote my UVA application essay about how my favorite word was ...

It would be a Hanukkah miracle if we could decide on one spelling for the word Hanukkah. our ecards someecards.com

Best Idea Ever

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137 images about e-cards on We Heart It | See more about funny, quote and lol

It's not easy starting your own business and there are some days where it all feels

Gratitude is a muscle that needs to be flexed every day. I have a lot to be thankful for this year — from reconnecting with old friends and finding new ones ...

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Why would reading the whole sentence help you figure out a word

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I'll ask … but if it's all sticky, you're on your own! (kk)

That's not dating, that is hooking up, it's easy and it's quick. It's not what I want. Ok to be fair sometimes it's what I want, but it's not my long term ...

someecards.com - It's not what you do for me on Valentine's Day that matters

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Step 4: Say the stem The stem of a word is left after you take

Last fall, at the beginning of a large online, undergraduate course in abnormal psychology, I was warned that after reading the textbook I should not ...

My personal Plan C

Someecards.com - Understanding all sides of the Valentine's Day debate

Here's a weird idea: how would you behave is happiness were your only goal? I would imagine we all would realize that acting with loving compassion for all ...

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You're married to a rock star."

Dominican Word of The Day: No 'TOY EN TI - Slang when turning Someone

Obama relished being back on the campaign trail, “Everything I say you can look it up on the Internet. Here's your chance to vote for people who actually ...

One major thing about children with Autism is there isn't a physical characteristic each kid has to have that indicates to people that they have special ...

If you suffer from chronic constipation, food allergies or intolerance, experience gas or bloating, if you are stressed or take NSAIDs like Advil, ...

It's not a trend to catch up on. Thank you for your valuable advice though.

#OnThisDay in 1979, Pluto crossed inside Neptune's orbit for the first time since either

When a coworker talks a good game but consistently underdelivers

futurama fry winter

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Are you fucking stupid?

Ten years later, a second invasion was launched by Darius son Xerxes. All masks have large geometric eyes and stylized features.

I don't know what exactly makes a person unique and interesting, but let's start with her being able to keep up her end of a conversation and ...


Per review of his profile, Marudeen appears to be in med school. I'd probably be irritable to if I was 27 and facing down at LEAST 4 more years of school ...

M word

Light Jackets, Umbrellas & Sunburn? (more fallout from Friday's tornado-chasing tragedy) - StarTribune.com