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Ratings on board HMAS Culgoa pipe their commanding officer

Ratings on board HMAS Culgoa pipe their commanding officer


Ratings on board HMAS Culgoa pipe their commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander HL Gunn, DSC

Lieutenant Commander G.D. Tancred, RAN, Commanding Officer of HMAS Lachlan (AWM 108240).

HMAS Lachlan (Allan C. Green - State Library of Victoria).

HMNZS Lachlan flying her decommissioning pennant in 1975.


Gangway staff piping the side on board HMAS Anzac (III). Gangway ceremonial, including the presentation of Battle Honour Boards, continues to play an ...

The custom of Piping the Side dates from the days of sail when ship's Captains were frequently called upon to report onboard their senior officer's Flagship ...

Top Left: Lachlan entering Captain Cook Graving Dock for the dock's opening ceremony at Garden Island, Sydney 24 March 1945 (AWM 041215). Top Right: HMAS ...

United States soldiers landing at Shoal Bay Beach near Port Stephens as part of a HMAS Assault training exercise in World War II.

Top Left: Morning muster aboard Lachlan. While the captain watches on the bridge, the ships 'No.1' and junior officers detail watches for the day, at sea, ...

Sand entering the ships condensers required the engines to be shut down to avoid serious damage to her twin three‑drum boiler triple expansion steam ...

Wheatley's work earned him the thanks of the Admiralty. In 1932 Dr Wheatley was appointed a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

Left: In days gone by, piping served many practical purposes in a ship's routine as can be seen in this chart. Right: A junior sailor makes a pipe of the ...

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HMAS Warrego (II) in white paint as part of the RAN's survey fleet.

HMAS Murchison

But on that date he was on leave for his marriage to Ena Cantor two days earlier and for passage to England with his bride to take up his second Royal Navy ...

On 11 November 1942 she was lost to enemy bombs and torpedos during the first day of Operation Torch landings at Bougie in Algeria.

Saturday afternoon leaves us craving ice cream and other cold treats. From left to right

The ubiquitous bosun's call in use in navies since the days of sail.

HMAS Melbourne (R21) steams in San Diego Harbor, California (USA), in 1977.

HMAS Australia (II) entering Sydney Harbour circa 1939.

HMAS Barcoo (300353).jpg

This picture originally appeared in the Dec. 1949 issue of The Crowsnest magazine, in

The first ship Tom Gale commanded HMS Fitzroy seen here in 1925.

HMAS Barwon

Top Left: Commanding Officer of Lachlan goes ashore for a conference prior to an amphibious operation. Survey ship of an Allied Task Force, Lachlan is an ...

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HMAS Bungaree. Royal Australian Navy photograph.

An aerial view of the second HMAS Australia – a heavy cruiser – passing through the Panama Canal in March 1935. Australia saw extensive combat in World War ...

HMAS Macquarie AWM 300973.jpeg

Gone bush

ratings being paid The paymaster is putting the money on the top of the man's hat as was traditional

HMAS Murchison firing gun on way to Korea

HMCS Magog torpedoed 1944 LAC e010859218-v8.jpg

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Stephen young man. 2003. Served with: HMAS Culgoa

HMAS Warreen.

LET SERVICE Your clothes will retain their original shape and neatness if you are careful in

Leading Wrren Donna Price - The Elgin Military Museum

Log Books of the United States Navy, 19th and 20th Centuries

wikivisually recommended

Navy Marine, Sailors, Old Navy, Marines, Wwii, World War Ii,

HMS Calgarian (1913)

2003. Served with: HMAS Culgoa

*Spelt Tachuichi Kaida in Lieutenant Commander Gale's 1945 record which provides more details, see link at Department of the Navy (1941 1945).

World of Warships [deutsch] – HMAS Perth | Down Under ist da

... http://www.hmas-leeuwin-1963.com/Hoss4.jpg Glenn Summerhayes - a sitrep, John Klich (prospector) and John Shinn ESO issues.

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Lieutenant Commander Gale (left) exchanging duties with Able Seaman Anthony Copley (right) as part of Christmas Day 1944 merriment onboard HMAS Benalla at ...

Family history of the Cumberbatch surname, Cumberbatch last name and Cumberbatch family name told through the extraordinary family history stories of people ...

HNLMS Van Kinsbergen (1939)

Hon. Secretary Mary Bell. (Mrs.) FEDERATION of NAVAL SHIP ASSOCIATIONS 42 The Grandstand ST. CLAIR NSW 2759. Ph: 9670 4025. Email: [email protected]

1942 WWII B/W Photograph. Royal Navy. Aboard ML1152 Crew/ British Sailors

HMAS Perth / "Let it smoke"

Website of the Russian Arctic Convoy Museum, set up to remember the veterans of the Second World War Arctic convoys

... all the ships named PERTH presented to Danny when he was 96 by Cmdr Michelle Miller RAN who was the then Commanding Officer of the current HMAS PERTH .

HMAS Adelaide (L01) - Image: HMAS Adelaide JAN 2016

If you have to, endorse it ?Ron Giveen? as Australia Post does not know who ?1963 Reunion HMAS LEEUWIN? is. Also this week: Australian Navy Weapons DVA- ...

Royal Navy Officer, Navy Man, Royal Australian Navy, Navy Sailor, Submachine Gun

Ken (L) on USS Oriskiny - 1953

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HMCS LaSalle

HMAS Perth firing on North Vietnamese targets in 1968. Perth joined the fleet in 1965 as part of the RAN's naval expansion program.

Between November 1942 and February 1943, Lieutenant Commander Gale was attached to HMAS Moreton for a survey of Moreton Bay. Tom's service record provides ...

INSET: Having chased Chinese forces out of a tough patch of hilly country near Hill. The United Nations Command ...

HMCS Poundmaker

Sad news, I had many a cold one with Spike at the Tourist Hotel Queanbeyan during 1968. May she Rest In Peace. Thank you Bradley for letting us know, ...

World of Warships - HMAS Perth - der Australier [ deutsch | Gameplay ]

Some of the VOYAGER Survivors after the Church Service at HMAS CRESWELL

... the accompanying M3 General Stern view of USS New Mexico, ...


HMCS Valleyfield

HMS Kale (1904)

... http://www.hmas-leeuwin-1963.com/Hoss4.jpg Glenn Summerhayes - a sitrep, John Klich (prospector) and John Shinn ESO issues.

Captain Horney, signs a United Nations flag aboard HMAS Bataan (AWM: HOBJ3402)

HMAS Arunta (FFH 151) - Image: HMAS Arunta off Vizag during AUSINDEX 2015


Stephen young man. 2003. Served with: HMAS Culgoa

List of dreadnought battleships of the Royal Navy

Leading Wrren Donna Price - The Elgin Military Museum

I was singing in the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic involved with the event. This is the 4th year we have been involved through ...


Suffolk under command of Rear Admiral Joshua Rowley saw action off Guadeloupe island on the night of 21–22 December 1779 when three French frigates, ...

Please let me know, if you are a 'yes' 'no' or 'maybe'. There is plenty to read this week, hope you enjoy. Also this week 100TH Anniversary ...

HMAS Perth - ɹǝpun uʍop - World of Warships


HMS Repulse (1916)

... Lieutenant Commander Dudley Morten (at open bridge) and Lieutenant Richard O ...

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HMAS Anzac (D59) - Image: HMAS Anzac (AWM P00271 001)

... http://www.hmas-leeuwin-1963.com/Hoss3.jpg, http://www.hmas-leeuwin-1963.com/Hoss4.jpg Glenn Summerhayes - a sitrep, John Klich (prospector) and John ...

HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08)

Rear Admiral Tony Parr poses for a photo after being handed the role as Chief of Navy by Rear Admiral David Ledson at the Change of Command ceremony, ...

A small number of the timbers used in the construction of Victory were taken from the remains of the previous HMS Victory, which had caught fire and been ...

This picture originally appeared in the Dec. 1949 Crowsnest magazine, in a photo spread