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Put Alexa to work with these fun and helpful voice commands This is

Put Alexa to work with these fun and helpful voice commands This is


Using your voice, you can ask Alexa to control your music, get the news and weather, set alarms, and control smart home devices such as lights, smart plugs, ...

Put Alexa to work with these fun and helpful voice commands. This is a complete

Amazon Echo Plus

44 cool things you can do with the Amazon Echo: From productive time-savers to just plain fun.

Tap the + icon in the upper right corner to open up a New Routine tab

Tap “Add action” to set the actions you want to happen in response to the trigger

12 new ways Alexa is becoming even more useful

How to Get the Most Out of Your Amazon Echo

... is capable of more than just telling you the weather and answering trivia questions. Some of its best functions can help you de-stress, ...

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

amazon-echo-plus-05. Use the ...

Tap the + icon in the top right corner of the screen.

"Alexa, fart," plus 15 other useful Echo tricks and tips

Alexa app on HTC U11

Everything you need to know about the Amazon Echo

What Is Alexa? What Is the Amazon Echo, and Should You Get One?


21 clever Alexa commands you will use again and again

7 Alexa commands you're not using but should

In just a few short years, the Amazon Echo has gone from a random speaker that nobody knew what to do with to a staple in the consumer tech space.

You just found a treasure: All of Alexa's Music Commands

Amazon Echo Hacks, Amazon Alexa Echo Dot, Smart Home Technology, Latest Technology,

Jimmy Fallon is currently telling the jokes (if you let him), so that's a good option too!

... Smart Home section of the Alexa app

Here are a bunch of things you can do with your new Amazon Echo

Guidemaster: Everything Amazon's Alexa can do, plus the best skills to enable

Voice tech like Alexa and Siri hasn't found its true calling yet: Inside the voice assistant 'revolution'


Guide to Setup Alexa in Canada

Rule your home with custom voice commands for Alexa and Google Assistant


Our family already had three Echos — a regular one in the living room and Dots in the office and master bedroom — that we use for music, controlling various ...

The Funniest Alexa Questions And Commands

Illustration of Alexa and Philips Hue - Setup and Voice Commands

You can still use the legacy Xbox One voice commands with Kinect if that's your preference, but if you enable Cortana or Alexa on your console you'll be ...

Here's a look at what it's been like to live with the smartest smart devices. Getty Images; Zac Freeland/Vox

We can talk to almost all of the smart devices now, but how does it work? When you ask “What song is this?”, what technologies are being used?

The biggest Amazon Alexa products from CES 2019

A Complete Guide to the 40+ Most Useful Alexa Commands

Alexa account history menu

After a month of Alexa in every room: The good, the bad, and the creepy

10 Great Ways to Use Amazon Alexa In Your Office

Everything that works with Amazon Echo and Alexa: the best Amazon Alexa-compatible devices of 2019 - Reviewed Smart Home

Fun: Choose a Mechanic That Works Well

Illustration for article titled The Seven Best Things You Can Do With an Amazon Echo

Illustration for article titled The Terrible Truth About Alexa

Smart assistant apps. Which digital assistant is the ...

With an exciting new upgrade to Amazon Alexa's skills API, users can now record TV programs on their DVR using voice commands. The new skill set supports ...

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are the two most popular digital assistants around, but which is best in 2019? Our Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa guide ...


Amazon Echo Spot review

Amazon Echo upgrade: the best Alexa Skills

Best personal assistant: Siri vs Google Assistant, Cortana & Alexa

... Change the Wake word on Alexa

Ask for Amazon Alexa App on the App Store

Alexa is becoming more personal with custom responses

What do I need?

50 Alexa Voice Commands (Amazon Echo)

best alexa speaker

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Using Siri with Sonos

Virtual voice-controlled assistants like Apple's Siri , Google's Assistant and Amazon's Alexa make it easy to control smart home products by speaking simple ...

Image: The Echo Dot. The Echo Dot is Alexa-enabled — putting ...

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alexa default music

In the US, UK, and Ireland, you can now use your voice to control @AppleMusic through your Sonos One, Beam, or Echo device. Just add the #AppleMusic skill ...

Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo Dot (left) and Google Home (center) have surged in popularity

Amazon Alexa compatible devices


10 Fun Free Games to Play with Amazon's Alexa

Want to launch some serious fun with your home assistant? Here's our ultimate list of the best Alexa skills for kids.

A selection of smart speakers

A photo of the Amazon Echo speaker

The Best Skills from Amazon Alexa

How Does Alexa Work?

I want to be in my car, on the way home, and be able to say, "Put my AC back at 68, heat the kettle, and turn on ESPN." This is what ...

Setup. To use Alexa ...

Among the many offerings we had to display, I was proud to have produced a demo showcasing voice control ...

Image titled Set an Alarm with Alexa Step 2

Menu screen for Amazon Alexa voice training. The Amazon Echo is ...

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But when Amazon said it was putting Alexa into a microwave, I wasn't so sure. The value in voice computing is being able to get to .