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PlantBased Milk are so easy to DIY DairyFree Alternatives

PlantBased Milk are so easy to DIY DairyFree Alternatives


Different types of non-dairy milk

10 Popular Dairy Milk Substitutes — And Considerations for Your Health. plant-based milks

Milk. 7 Plant-Based Dairy Substitutes for Baking and ...

What's the best dairy free alternative?

plant-based milks

One cup of low-fat milk has 100 calories and 8 grams of protein, as well as 30% of the daily recommended value of calcium, 25% of vitamin D and 8% of ...

Image: Various types of feed in milk: organic short-grain rice milk,

The Best and Worst Milks & Milk Alternatives

(dairy-free) Banana milk is a delicious nut-free, dairy-

More and more people are deciding to give up dairy products. There are plenty of reasons to do it, ranging from milk allergies and lactose intolerance to ...

7 Plant-Based Dairy Substitutes for Baking and Beyond | Nature's Path

(dairy-free) Banana milk is a delicious nut-free, dairy-

Dairy alternatives: How to replace milk, cheese, butter, and more

How to Substitute Milk - Guide to dairy-free alternatives for dairy milk with quick

Hemp Milk

The 5 Healthiest Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives

Soy Milk

Making a Choice: Soy Milk vs. Cow's Milk

Dairy-free diet - Dr. Axe

(dairy-free) Banana milk is a delicious nut-free, dairy-

A Nutritional Comparison of Dairy and Plant-based Milk Varieties

The Year of Dairy Alternatives: 14 New Products Hitting Store Shelves Now

Non-Dairy Milks

How to Use (and Make!) Non-Dairy Milk

Pea Milk

Homemade Coconut Yogurt {Vegan, Dairy-Free}

An assortment of pea milks from Bolthouse Farms. (Jennifer Chase for The Washington Post)

How to make soy milk

Your Guide to Going Dairy Free: Plant-Based Milks, Cheeses, and More - Free From Harm

Easy Vegan Butter

Homemade Vegan Coconut Milk Recipe | Delicious Plant-Based & Dairy-Free Alternative to Cow's Milk #vegetarian #vegan #plantbasedmilk #milkalternative

Breastfeeding with CMPA - A dairy free milk comparison chart, comparing all the alternative milks


Homemade Coconut Yogurt is a great dairy-free plant-based alternative. Gluten-

hemp milk

How to Make Oat Milk

... cut down on dairy should pick up a copy of this information-packed, user-friendly cookbook! It demystifies the process of making plant-based milks and ...

The most common objection to eliminating dairy that we hear from non-vegans is: I could never give up cheese! And, we get it. Not only is cheese delicious; ...

Super easy recipe for vanilla cardamom hazelnut milk! Vegan, dairy free milk alternative to almond milk! Perfect as a creamer for tea, or drinking plain.

Spotlight on... dairy-free

Vegan,Veganism,Vegan food. While you can use nut and plant based milk ...

On this workshop I will share with you some plant-based cheese, milk, yogurt and butter recipes, all of them are so easy to make and taste great.

Dairy-Based Substitutes

Almond milk is easy and affordable to make yourself at home. It's a delicious plant-based alternative to dairy.

Jugs of non-dairy milk for our Complete Guide to Dairy-Free Milk

Almond milk is America's favorite plant-based milk. It's a $738 million business, far outselling soy as a non-dairy milk alternative.

Almond milk can cost significantly more than ordinary milk


Dairy free milk Alternative

Not into dairy? Here's our favourite, oh so creamy milk alternatives

vanilla hemp milk in glass jar

... because it's giving you issues with bloating, acne, or congestion (or because you're vegan), there's no shortage of plant-based milks to choose from.

Is Milk Keto Approved? Plus 5 Keto Milk Substitutes

Soy is a plant based protein

Why plant-based beverages may be risky for children

This Type of Non-Dairy Milk is the Healthiest, Study Says

(dairy-free) Banana milk is a delicious nut-free, dairy-

Which Dairy-free Yogurt is the best? Check out this detailed comparison including ingredients

Dairy-Free Evaporated Milk! So easy and much better than the stuff from the

Got Nondairy Alternative Milk?

Learn how to make cashew milk. It's super rich and creamy and one of the

And through it all we've stayed true to our values—using ingredients that are sourced responsibly to bring you food that's dairy-free and delicious.

Plant-based 'milk' generally does not contain the same amount of protein and vitamins and minerals as cow's milk.

rice milk

Macadamia Milk

Which Dairy-free Yogurt is the best? Check out this detailed comparison including ingredients

Oat milk - Dr. Axe

Coconut milk

Thumbnail for When it comes to nut milk, what's the most sustainable option?

So Delicious Dairy-Free Coconutmilk Creamer, Vanilla Barista Style, 32 Ounce (Pack

Dairy Alternatives Market

(Photos by Tom McCorkle for The Washington Post; food styling by Lisa Cherkasky for The Washington Post)

Meanwhile, there's a tonne of options you can make at home too, when you've got a bit of time up your sleeve. I've amassed a tonne of dairy-free recipes ...

The Pros and Cons of All the Non-Dairy Milks That Aren't Made from Nuts

How plant-based milks compare to regular dairy

The Best Vegan Almond Milk Yogurt


So grab your grocery list, stroll down the aisles of your local supermarket or health-food store, and add these great plant-based items to your shopping ...

Dairy free milk

Lactose-free, dairy-free, plant-based—these are all labels you might find on beverages meant to replace cow's milk. And with the demand for these products ...

Butternut Squash mac and cheese with elbow noodles and creamy cheese sauce in a white bowl

Wood cutting board with crackers and our Easy Creamy Vegan Cheese wheel

plant based milks

Looking for plant milk related prints and other educational fun prints? Find them and more interesting posters in our shop! Enter the coupon code BLOG15OFF ...

How to make almond milk

Almond milk in glass bottle on wooden table with bowl of almonds spilling out.


White gold: the unstoppable rise of alternative milks

Whole30 Compliant Yogurt Brands and Where to Find Them: