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Planet deaths JavaScript Memes

Planet deaths JavaScript Memes


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Among other monumental bummers, 2016 will be remembered as a particularly bad year for high-profile deaths, with the sheer volume of celebrity losses ...

A depiction of the mythical planet known as Nibiru, or Planet X, as it


The Disturbing Walrus Scene in Our Planet

The Harambe meme is still going strong. And it's about a lot more than a dead gorilla.

Are All the Stars Really Dead?

Now is the summer of our discontent: memes, national identity and the globalisation of rage

I chose to remain confused about it and as a result, I ended up as the subject of the actual meme itself.

Jamie McPherson/Netflix

Illustration for article titled Life imitates meme, as the director of Shrek teams up with

What's the meme war all about?

The Skeptics Society & Skeptic magazine

The Science Of The Death Star: The Physics Of Destroying An Earth-Sized Planet

40 Mega Memes for Your Tuesday

Me making the most of a bad hair day


'The Transformers: The Movie' Was the Film That Made Death Seem Mundane

Sandra Bullock in Bird Box. Saeed Adyani/Netflix

People are devastated by the walrus scene in Netflix's 'Our Planet'

trump pepe frog memes

Testing the Executor Death Clone video - Empire At War Remake: Galactic Civil War mod for Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption

Walrus inside_cape_kozhevnikov_Siberian Times

Upset About the Netflix Our Planet Walrus Scene? Wait Until You See What Disney To Lemmings!

A wheel depicting The Twelve Houses of Astrology

Friday 13th is a day of bad luck, but that doesn't mean you cant celebrate it (Picture: Getty)

Four Million Gen Xers Disappear: Blame Madison Avenue's Death Star

NASA announced that, after 15 years and 5,000 charge cycles, the Mars rover Opportunity is officially dead.

Death To Boredom Image

Lessons Learned in Project Failure from Death Star II

Death of NASA's Mars rover Opportunity goes viral

'Our Planet' Walrus Scene Generates Reactions But Netflix Doubles Down

New Python update slithers into release

All memes found online and re-edited by Ding Yining/Sixth Tone

Beginner's Guide to Old School Death Metal

If movies are to be believed, a meteorite is a fiery death ball that hurtles through the air with alarming speed until it slams into ...

Judy (Linda Cardellini) is about to have a whole new set of tracks to

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Upset About the Netflix Our Planet Walrus Scene? Wait Until You See What Disney To Lemmings!

Pollen Death Star Meme

Absurd Creature of the Week: The 100-Foot Sea Critter That Deploys a Net of Death

star wars memes for May the fourth

Sad Planets (courtesy of Sad Planets)


Image credit: NASA/SDO (AIA).

Two Decades of Memes: All Your Base

By now you've seen Hitler freaking out about something in pop culture-- the Conan/Leno debacle, Michael Jackson's death, or perhaps the disappointment of ...

Massive Bombs, Skyrocketing Civilian Deaths, Nuclear Roulette: This is Fascism!

Let's Lovingly Nitpick 'Star Wars The Last Jedi' to Death


Death of Firstborn

Obi Wan millions of voices quote

Funny Memes 56 Pics

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Glee's Mark Salling Dead at 35

Douglas Rain, Voice of HAL 9000 in '2001: A Space Odyssey,' Dead at 90 – Rolling Stone

Disney Pixar Toy Story Pizza Planet Crew Socks, , hi-res

Death Stranding E3 Gameplay Reveal Trailer

'The Last Jedi': Admiral Ackbar Deserved Better



Avengers 4: Is Loki alive or dead?

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This is the cost vs damage comparison which was done by Nordhaus and tweeted by Lomborg

This death toll is disputed, however, and some say that the eruption could have been responsible for more than 100,000 fatalities.

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Netflix warns viewers against Bird Box challenge meme: 'Do not end up in hospital' | Film | The Guardian

Final Fantasy VII's Cosmo Canyon Sequence Is A Meditation On Family, Sacrifice, And Existence Itself


BASE jumping is just about the most dangerous hobby on the planet. The BASE-jumping death rate is preposterously high - one in sixty jumpers will die for ...

What is the safest way to travel? One chart which reveals that flying is less dangerous than you may think

... rescinded admissions offers to at least ten prospective members of the Class of 2021 after the students traded sexually explicit memes and messages that ...

A battle of editorial will is currently being fought on Wikipedia, the most important source of information on the internet.

The Death Star

'Our Planet' film crew is still lying about walrus cliff deaths: here's how · '

The 98 Greatest Songs of 1998: Critics' Picks

Does Daenerys Targaryen's Season 2 Vision Predict Her Death?

The nature of variability in African rainfall was discovered in the middle of the last century.

Image via Know Your Meme

No Man's Sky developer Sean Murray: 'It was as bad as things can get'

Verne Troyer, the actor who played Mini-Me in the 'Austin Powers' series, has died at age 49.

Death Stranding Trailer Breaks an Impressive Record for 2019


Can Animals Grieve the Death of Their Loved Ones? A Bioethicist Weighs In

The death of @realgrumpycat is the start of the cat takeover. I'm

Python is not the be-all and end-all of writing smart algorithms

"Obama Is Stupid": The Stupid Thing Conservatives Love To Say | GQ