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PROJECT BASED LEARNING Save Our Coral Reefs for Grades 2nd 3rd

PROJECT BASED LEARNING Save Our Coral Reefs for Grades 2nd 3rd


This collaborative project based learning unit addresses the threats to the coral reefs; includes technology

Our oceans are important to the air we breath, food we eat, and important resources we use. This project based learning ...

PROJECT BASED LEARNING SCIENCE: Save Our Oceans – Ocean Animals With PowerPoint; Use this 50+ page resource with your upper elementary 3rd, 4th, 5th, ...

"Ever wonder if corals are pretty rocks or living organisms? Corals are minute marine

coral reef protected by Coral Guardian

Video: What Animals Live in a Coral Reef? | California Academy of Sciences

Plants Inquiry Process Learning Project

Scenes on Lighthouse Reef. Without international action this global biodiversity hot spot could be gone in just a few years. Image by by Justin Catanoso.

Bleached coral at Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef in 2016.

The Dutch Caribbean islands are recognized worldwide for their healthy reefs and outstanding dive sites. Nevertheless, while these reefs are showing signs ...

Unique coral reefs set for tourism and protection, Business Mirror, Henrylito D. Tacio / Photos courtesy of Shane Beary, 03 December 2012

A growing CRF Elkhorn outplant fusing to the substrate

PROJECT BASED LEARNING BUNDLE: Saving Endangered Species, Environment, Earth Day - This bundle

Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre

2nd REEF Celebration flyer_final

coral reef, underwater, bright colors,

Scientists Capture Photographic Data to Protect Great Barrier Reef


West Hawaiʻi Reefs Showing Signs of Recovery

International Coral Reef Society


Ocean Inquiry Process Project

S1 Fig. Photographs of Acropora morphology groups used in present study.

This image shows a Porites astreoides colony at 6 m depth in St. Croix, USVI. Credit: Tyler Smith, Ph.D.

Fish on Apo Island's coral reef

Coral project, video coming soon !

A thicket of transplanted staghorn coral takes root in the Florida Keys.

Vinegar is suddenly sweet for Great Barrier Reef

SEB coral.jpg3.42 ...

Coral Reefs


Finding Dory: Saving the Coral Reefs Through Captive Breeding

CRF Restoration Program Manager, Jessica Levy, brings new corals to plant on the reef. Picture credit: Zach Ransom

Coral reefs are in trouble. Meet the people trying to rebuild them

Coral reef crab

Marine habitats

Next generation 'may never see the glory of coral reefs

Help the planet and our coral reefs (and also your wallet) by saving energy, streaming for renewables, and reducing emissions!

I had the great opportunity to be an intern for Reef Teach during October of 2018. Seeing as this was my first international travel, I thought I was a ...

These reef habitats also include many species of gorgonian coral, including the Paramuricea, which is often yellow in colour with many branches and bright ...

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Coral Reefs UN Environemnt.jpg

Scientists Tame a Sea of Data to Protect Great Barrier Reef


Photographs taken with the same camera, between 10 am and 3 pm during the coral

Celebrate the beauty and importance of coral reef ecosystems

4 Best Islands to Explore Caribbean Coral Reefs

Open-Sourcing The Ocean

Giant brain coral and elkhorn coral on Lighthouse Reef. Image by by Justin Catanoso. Caribbean Sea, 2016.

Considered as “the rain forest of the sea”, coral reefs host a large diversity of marine organisms, estimated to number up to 9 million.

Planet satellite image of reef off Moorea Island in Tahiti. “We need to know

6 Reef Check Survey 2017 DSC01910

We invite all of those who care about the status of our local reefs to submit public comments for the potential second dredging project at PortMiami.

... protect and restore coral reefs at the Marine Conservation Project. Jetty at Borneo Marine Conservation Project

Clown fish playing hide and seek in sea anemone.

Ocean Acidification - SDG indicator 14.3.1 methodology accepted by the IOC-UNESCO Executive Council


4.1.3. Promote non-destructive use of marine resources

The problem with coral in the Keys is not unique in the Caribbean. A comprehensive study of the Caribbean's reefs from 1972 to 2012 found that coral ...

Great Barrier Grief

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If not confirmed within the due date, the grant will be assigned to the next persons scrolling through the list, increasing the grant of the following ...

These coral fragments are being sustained by an electrical impulse of the mineral accretion technology.

Wonder abounds while diving Belize!

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Thickets of coral growing in the super-heated water off of Ofu, in American

Coral growth slows as ocean becomes more acidic


Reef Coral Identification: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas 3rd Edition (Reef Set (New

Coral reefs as they are now, when restored with GCRA Biorock® Technology Photo May 2012, Pemuteran, Bali, by EunJae Im. 5 year old Biorock reef on formerly ...

reef mortality

searches for loose fragments of staghorn coral in Dry Tortugas National Park.

... a towel card from a hotel in Sharm El Sheik, stating the need to “please help to protect our coral reef: take nothing with you, leave nothing behind.”

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Getty/bopardauButterflyfish swim in the water near Hawaii.

SEB coral.jpg3.42 MB ...

Fourth Grade Science Activities: Coral Polyp

... project-based learning curriculum. A young boy is looking at a fluorescent coral reef museum exhibit.

Reef Stonefish, Synanceia verrucosa

Ecosystems of Oceans and Freshwater: Biological Diversity and Water

▷ Diving & Marine Conservation for Dive Trainees | Fais du bénévolat en Les Philippines 2019