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Nigeria by population compared to the continental United States

Nigeria by population compared to the continental United States


Nigeria by population compared to the continental United States

Size of India compared to United States

China and India may have similar populations today, but they have very different demographic destinies.

Assuming a medium fertility model, the population of the region is projected to exceed one billion by 2059, when almost one in 10 of the world's people will ...


Global population trends. Project changes by region in projected population growth by 2100.

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... the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda appears small in comparison to Nigeria's substantial output.

Population Distribution, Trends and Projections

Source: Development Research Centre (DRC), Global Migrant Origin Database, 2007.

population pyramid

image-placeholder The Most Successful Ethnic Group in the U.S. May Surprise You

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Source: Development Research Centre (DRC), Global Migrant Origin Database, 2007.

Population Groth

Agricultural sustainability in northern Nigeria

The status of the world population and continental subdivisions in 2015 and projections for the future. Source: United Nations, Department of Economic and ...

Source: Development Research Centre (DRC), Global Migrant Origin Database, 2007.

UN Projections of Fertility Decline from 1990–1995 to 2010–2015 vs. DHS Reported Fertility Decline


Main Religions:Christianity, Islam, Traditional

Infographic: Mapping the largest African populations

OC10 Largest Countries by Population [OC] ...

Projected changes in population growth by region by 2100. Source: Bongaarts J., 2016 (AP).

Surface winds and deep convection over Nigeria. Mean 0e1 km wind vectors (arrows)

Black Immigrants Earn More than U.S. Born Blacks

What Continent Is Nigeria In?

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Map of Nigeria showing the Oil Producing States in Niger.

15 Biggest Cities In Africa

With the combined resources inherent in different African countries, as well as a population of more than one billion people and a combined gross domestic ...

Figure 2: Sources of information regarding family planning

The Nigerian Press: Current state, travails and prospects

Case Study: Nigeria

States claimed by Ipob for an independent Biafran state

Pictured Above: Illustration of states affected by the floods in Nigeria, as of August 2018. The flooding has been caused by flows upstream of the Niger ...

... to be “mostly free”—the category that the United States and Canada also are listed under.19Table 2 lists almost all African countries by category. 20

Nigeria and South Africa Should Work Together

Country Size Comparison (All 195 Flag Map Ranking)

Summary of statistical analysis of the study area (a) population and built-up

Map of Nigeria showing annual mean temperature-humidity index (THI) for... | Download Scientific Diagram


Editable Printable Map Lagos State Admin Roads Cities and Towns, Nigeria, exact detailed vector

What is the Biggest State in the United States?


The population of people in Africa makes about 16 percent of the world's human population. With 54 fully recognized countries and 9 territories, ...

Demographic Transition Model - click to enlarge


... the two largest countries of the world, both with more than 1 billion people, representing 19 and 18 per cent of the world's population, respectively.

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Which is the Largest Country in Africa by Land Size, Area and Population?

Pictured Above: Estimated rainfall across Nigeria measured in millimetres (mm), the darkest shade of blue seen on the map represents 30 mm of rainfall over ...

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The study area: (a) Map of Nigeria showing the Ecological-climatic zones

... Nigeria 3 Background; 4. Hook: More than half of the world's population ...

Groups A, B, C, D

Title: Corruption in the Civil Service. A Study of Salary Fraud in Bayelsa State

Heavy traffic is seen on a bridge in Ikoyi neighbourhood in Lagos March 27, 2012


Security officials stand around illegal ammunition at Nigeria's main seaport in Lagos

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FIGURE 7–1 Total urban population in sub-Saharan Africa, 1965–2000. SOURCE: United Nations (1991:118–128, Table A–2).

... an average of more than five children per woman in Nigeria to fewer than 2.1 per woman in Canada, the United States, Europe, and much of Asia.

Measuring populations to improve vaccination coverage | Scientific Reports

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U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson shake hands with Nigerian Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama - March

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Genotypic principal component (PC) analysis of MESA populations. PC1 vs.

population pyramid

Life Expectancy of the total population at birth from 2000 until 2011 among several OECD member nations. Data source: OECD's iLibrary

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The United States with a map of Alaska imposed over it. Texas is below Alaska on this map.

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Our astronomer's analysis of the population on Earth's continents

Lagos State Land Use, 1976


Chart: income Distribution

The effects of biased gene conversion on mutation spectra.

New Delhi, India

Nigeria's former Head of State, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo once described Nigeria as a potentially great country. The 44th President of the United States, ...