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New report ties recent Bitcoin price jump to Bitfinex A number of

New report ties recent Bitcoin price jump to Bitfinex A number of


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Worries Grow That the Price of Bitcoin Is Being Propped Up

Bitfinex and Tether claim a 'victory' in court battle with NYAG

Bitfinex Will List Its New Exchange Token Starting Monday

coinmartetcap removes bitfinex

Coinbase margin btc tether tie to bitfinex. Scrutiny Intensifies as Tether Exceeds Supply of 1 Billion USDT

Bitcoin Price

New York Prosecutors Demand Transparency From Bitfinex and Tether

New report ties recent Bitcoin price jump to Bitfinex

New DoJ Criminal Probe Spotlights Tether (USDT)'s Ties To Bitcoin Price Manipulation And Fixing

CoinMarketCap Excludes Some Tether Data After Clarification by Bitfinex

What the heck is happening at Bitfinex?

Bitcoin's share price today. Notice anything?

Why BitFinex is Quoting the Bitcoin Price So High

The murky relationship between the bitcoin price and “tether” tokens is raising suspicions

Chris Liverani /Unsplash

Bitfinex Token Sale Has Lined Up $1 Billion in Commitments, Shareholder Says

75% of Bitcoin Exchanges Report 'Suspicious' Crypto Trading Volumes: Research

While Bitfinex registered a course at $7,788. At Coinbase , for example, the maximum price of Bitcoin was $6,810.

Bitcoin ...

Photo illustration of Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange website

Our top stories in bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency news for the week of March 10, 2018.

CoinMarketCap removes Bitfinex from exchange calculations

Bitcoin trading price on Bitfinex has topped $1,400. Chart courtesy: BitcoinWisdom

An error page trying to access Bitfinex. The price of Bitcoin ...

At the moment of the rapid growth of Bitcoin, Bitfinex experienced technical problems due to a sharply increased number of orders.

Chaotic trading marks new surge in bitcoin price


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Bitcoin 7-day price chart

How Crypto Markets Are Reacting to the Tether-Bitfinex Allegations

New York Prosecutors Demand Transparency From Bitfinex and Tether

Bitcoin is slipping after study claims its 2017 bull run was driven by market manipulation | Business Insider India

Bitcoin-rigging criminal probe is said to focus on tie to tether

The aforementioned Reddit thread can be found here: Bitcoins from the Bitfinex Hack 2016 moved today

Bitfinex Vows to End Deposit Freeze as 'Stablecoin' Tether Falls Below 90 Cents

Exchange Wallet is used for buying & selling supported cryptocurrencies on the exchange. 2. Margin Wallet is used when trading on margin.

Bitcoin [BTC] influencer surprised by Underwood's report; says Bitfinex should be on the

Bitcoin price crash 'bloodbath': Cryptocurrency could drop 80% as tether criticism rises | City & Business | Finance | Express.co.uk

Bloomberg: Puerto Rico's Noble Bank Reportedly Loses Clients Tether, Bitfinex, Seeks Buyer

Bitcoin Price Falls 14% Following Bitfinex 'Flash Crash'

Bitfinex Strikes Back at Allegations of Insolvency

Bitcoin PRICE UPDATE!! | Bitfinex Involved In DRUG TRAFFICKING Via Shell Company "Crypto Capital"? - Actualité cryptomonnaie : Bitcoin, Ethereum

Industry Report on Tether: Most Comprehensive Real Story What is Tether

Recent analysis by the team at DataLight Lab indicate that US Crypto traders are the most active across 4 exchanges out of the 5 that were researched for ...

Bitcoin Bitfinex price

The Tether Case – the Bitfinex audit

Report Shows QuadrigaCX “Cold Wallets” Actively Involved in SIGNIFICANT Criminal Activity: Ties to Silk Road, Hacked Funds, Identity Theft, and Drug/Human ...


fraud. The price of Bitcoin ...

Bitcoin price

Bitcoin price: Roubini on Twitter

iFinex, Parent Company of Bitfinex Exchange, Secures New Offshore Banking Services

Bitfinex Bitcoin (BTC) Price Exclusion


Free Cryptocurrency & Market Data API (Historical & Real-Time Price, Exchange & Trade Data)

New York Prosecutors Demand Transparency From Bitfinex and Tether

Why Tether's Collapse Would Be Bad for Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin price in 2017

Sports World Eyes Crypto and Bitcoin Scandal Embroiling Ex-NFL Owner As Bitfinex Gets Axed

Historical monthly bitcoin trading into fiat or stablecoins

Why Does Tether Tend to Get Printed Before Crypto Prices Go up? Bitfinex ...

This ...

Bitfinex Releases Statement on Fiat Deposits After Panic Causes Bitcoin-Tether Premium to Hit All

In the Order Form, select the Exchange tab.

Photo: Pavlos Giorkas / Flickr

Balance on exchanges

Bitfinex was unloading its Tether holdings back to the treasury at the same time. On 8 October 2018 it was the second richest Tether holder with over $260 ...

Tether ...

Bitfinex launches new fiat deposit system; says it is more 'resilient'

The above depiction shows an Order being filled for the USD/BCH pair. Note that one can choose between Exchange (“normal” buying and selling) or Margin ...

Bitcoin Shorts Worth $34 Million Are Eliminated On Bitfinex

Bitcoin briefly rose more than 5 percent to a high of $17,615.47, according to CoinDesk's bitcoin price index, which tracks prices from digital currency ...

Source: TradingView

CoinMarketCap Reveals Bitfinex Exchange's Tether Stablecoin Trading Data (USDT/USD)

Bitcoin has just endeavored a fruitful getaway from an converse head and shoulder configuration whose neckline was near 6551-fiat. Day traders could harvest ...

Billionaire Bitfinex Shareholder Hints New Token after $850M Tether Scandal

News: Hacked Bitcoin Moves: 300 of Bitfinex Users' BTC Moves for the First Time

Bitcoin Price, Op-Ed, Research

Bitfinex data excluded from CoinMarketCap A report by TIE on Mar. 20, 2019,

Bitfinex announces Introduction of 12 new ALTcoins

Click on Trading from the main page and select the pair you wish to trade (e.g. USD/BCH – buying USD using BCH)

[“Spoofing” is when someone puts in a large buy order below market or a large sell order above market to make it look like there is either a lot of interest ...

U.S. Copyright Office: Craig Wright merely applied for copyright on Bitcoin whitepaper

Tether Limited, which is a Tether issuer, has close ties with the largest leading cryptoexchange – Bitfinex. These companies both have the same managers and ...

iFinex Inc., the parent company behind Bitfinex and Tether, has been involved in a series of events over the past weeks that have appear to have negatively ...

Bitcoin Us Dollar Tie Litecoin Historical Chart

... that the previous month saw a 70 percent increase in volume from crypto-to-crypto exchanges. Crypto spot markets also saw a huge increase, leading many ...

What Are Bitfinex Fees and Limits?

China's bitcoin market: another ticking time bomb? | South China Morning Post

China's bitcoin market: another ticking time bomb? | South China Morning Post

New Report Sheds Light on Bitfinex's Financial Dealings

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