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Nela Dunato nelchee on t

Nela Dunato nelchee on t


Nela Dunato · @nelchee

"The Human Centered Brand" is a practical branding guide for service based businesses that helps you grow meaningful relationships with your clients.

I had something else in mind with this, but it turned into Delirium from @neilhimself's "Sandman" somewhere along the way, so I ran with it.

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Mind Patterns III: Starstruck by nelchee

Portrait of a woman's face with two red roses, using only red and blue colored

Nela Dunato · @nelchee

Creative Living: Interview with Nela Dunato

Daydreamer by Nela Dunato · “

Santa Muerte by nelchee

nela dunato

Crucify II by nelchee

Media by nelchee

Spider Lady by Nela Dunato. Fine-liner and watercolor on 21x30cm paper

Mind Patterns I by Nela Dunato

Credited Photos

More fun with the new Pentel Art Brush in red. Reference model from a Shiseido magazine advertisement. #art #ink #drawing #brushpen #sketchbook ...

nela dunato

The black brush pens never seemed to require any shaking so it didn't occur to me to do it immediately.pic.twitter.com/Xv0CY75RW8

12:56 AM - 2 Sep 2017

Mind Patterns II: Circuits by Nela Dunato

Mind Patterns: Self-criticism by Nela Dunato “

Nela Dunato

Media by nelchee: A quote from my book, "The Human Centered Brand"

Couldn't get a good photo of the whole painting because of the glare.pic.twitter.com/VUybCaGMea

Rethinking my online identity and personal brand. Published by Nela Dunato ...

Media by nelchee: Raven studies from photo references. Pentel brush pens in a Canson

Riječka dizajnerica Nela Dunato predstavila svoju knjigu "The Human Centered Brand"

I didn't take a photo myself, but I know who will.pic.twitter.com/4NM658XfnB

Green Dragon by nelchee

Nela Dunato · @nelchee

Nela Dunato speaking at WordCamp Europe 2018

Image Gallery

Design Speak NELA DUNATO ...

Like an hourglass

@ReneeRhyner @ReneeRhyner

Metamorphosis by nelchee Metamorphosis ...

Share “The Human Centered Brand” with your friends, colleagues & audience | The Human Centered Brand by Nela Dunato


Education by Nela Dunato Art & Design

Mixed media art journal experiment by Nela Dunato

Ebook cover – black & red (520 x 673 px PNG) ...

Cauldron by nelchee ...

Nela Dunato: The Human Centered Brand at WordCamp Europe 2018

nela dunato


Mind Patterns: Depression by Nela Dunato “

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Nela Dunato • 138 Pins

Nela Dunato speaking at WordCamp Split 2016

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Nela Dunato • 138 Pins

Featured Print. Phoenix by nelchee

Month Of Fairies Day 21

Media by nelchee

Month Of Fairies Day 14: Rusalka

watercolor portrait

One of the things that makes me sad is seeing great art photographed in such a

It is our tradition to announce speakers gradually. Today, we're thrilled to


End Design Revision Hell NELA DUNATO

Daughter of the Forest by Nela Dunato

Brand Revamp class: video and PDF guidebook

People outside of the design industry who don't understand the nuances behind logo design

Underground fruits by nelchee ...

doll face

Media by nelchee

Art journal page by Nela Dunato

Crucify by nelchee ...

neladunato.com [email protected] @nelchee PRESENTATION SLIDES: bit.ly/designspeak

Faerie by nelchee.deviantart.com Fairy Art, Nymph, Faeries, Elves,

Nela Dunato · @nelchee

39. neladunato.com ...

Art journal page by Nela Dunato

Media by nelchee

(any creative job really) #freelancing #freelance

Image Gallery

Bit of dancing skull action on a Friday afternoon! Don't mind if I

art card 01 - Black widow ...

... 41. neladunato.com ...

Media by nelchee

Nela Dunato · Birdsong Lettering #1

Slide 2

Month Of Fairies Day 17

Black dove. Mask is formed digitally from photos of feathers.

procrastination doodle

Daydreamer II by Nela Dunato - painting in progress

Nightmares by Nela Dunato

Media by nelchee

#Mermay #NelasArtChat

FIND OUT MORE: humancenteredbrand.com SAY HI OR ASK QUESTIONS: @nelchee [email protected] DOWNLOAD SLIDES: bit.ly/do-nela

Simple Blog, Website or Ebook Illustration by nelchee - 42144

Paint By Number, Day Of The Dead Skull, Day Of The Dead Drawing,

Month Of Fairies Day 23

Tripping by Nela Dunato - painting in progress

Random disembodied sketches

... Nela Dunato 2006 Tools: Olympus D-535, Adobe Photoshop 7, ...

Media by nelchee

... marielux - marie lux - „nevermore“ she whispered 🥀 made this one back in