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Necklace with lions head closures Byzantine 4th century AD

Necklace with lions head closures Byzantine 4th century AD


Necklace with lion's head closures, Byzantine, 4th century AD


Byzantine Gold Necklace with Amphora (Vase) PendantMade in Alexandria, Egypt, 4th Century CE Handsome rams' heads worked in repoussé form the clasps of this ...

ancientjewels: “ Hellenistic period Greek gold necklace featuring an amphora-shaped pendant and lion-head terminals at clasp. Circa 3rd-2nd centuries BCE.

File:Roman - Necklace with Large Open-Work Disk and Snakes' Head .

Necklace (Byzantine? 6th-8th century). Gold, emeralds & agate intaglio.

Gold necklace with lion's head terminals, 4th–3rd century B.C - Stock Image

Sarmatian Gold Choker with Mythical Beasts Inlaid with Turquoise and a Large Amethyst Cabochon, 1st Century BC/AD

Necklace with lion-head terminals. Gold. C. 300 BC. Probably made

1970s Vintage Pendant Necklace ANCIENT Roman COIN Pendant Necklace LION Motif Antiqued Goldtone Finish Never Worn Old Store Stock in 2019 | Accessories ...

Byzantine Gold and Emerald Necklace, 6th-7th Century AD

Interconnected pieces of gold wire and blue, green and brown glass beads with hook and eye closure, Roman century A.

Lady of the Keep Necklace/Belt


Roman Gold and Glass Luna Pendant Necklace and Earrings Set, 2nd Century AD

Africa | Necklace from the Ashanti people of Ghana | Brass, copper alloy | Est. 500 - 1000€

Byzantine Gold and Emerald Necklace, 6th-7th Century AD

Greek Gold Dove Pendant with Necklace 4th-2nd century BC. A gold dove pendant attached by suspension ring to the head.

Sumerian headdress

Biblical, Medieval & Byzantine Coin Jewelry

Byzantine Gold and Emerald Necklace, 6th-7th Century AD

Bracelet with spirally twisted strands and a Heracles knot at the bezel. 2nd century Egyptian, Roman period. gold.

Minoan gold pendant of bees encircling the Sun, showing the use of granulation, from

Byzantium and the West: Jewelry in the First Millennium

Lady of the Keep Necklace/Belt

Byzantine Empire. Alexius I. Comnenus, 1092-1118 AD. Bronze tetarteron, Constantinople mint. Bust of Christ facing, cross behind head, holding book of ...

Alexander the Great of Macedon, 336 - 323 BC. Silver drachm. Set in custom .925 silver bezel. Head of Herakles right, wearing Nemean lion's skin / Zeus ...

Earring; Middle Byzantine.jpg

Byzantine necklace of gold ducks and glass beads, 4th century

Roman Mixed Bead Necklace. 1st-3rd century AD. A restrung necklace of glass beads comprising long balustered beads with large spherical and two tabular ...

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80's Chanel Gripoix Cross Necklace For Sale

A ...

Roman Gold Chain with Filigree Terminals 1st-3rd century AD. A gold chain of double-loop links with wire loop and hoo.

transition to christianity Art of Late Antiquity, 3rd–7th Century AD

Byzantine Empire. Reign of Romanus III, 1028 - 1034 AD. Class B bronze follis, set into a stunning .925 silver bezel.

Gold Necklace with Lion head closures and a folded foil chain - Roman. 4th Century AD [575x718] : ArtefactPorn

Necklace of assorted gold and carnelian beads, with gold terminals and carnelian pendant. Culture

103-76 BC, circulated during the time of Christ. Large bronze prutah, set into a gorgeous custom silver cross pendant.

MMA Metropolitan Museum of Art Egyptian Eye of Horus Pendant Necklace 1970's

10 Great Jewelry Findings no. 3

Queen Elizabeth of England, showing the queen adorned in Renaissance fashion with pearl choker and

Byzantine amethyst, rock crystal, and gold necklace, dated to the 6th to 7th centuries CE.

Hip Hop Ace Of Spades Pendant & 18" Full Iced Prong Miami Choker Cuban Necklace

Mixed Hardstone Bead Necklace. Sumerian and later, 3rd-1st Millennium B.C. 16" strand, modern string and clasp, with.

c.300 BC, Italy. Italian Chain with Lion Head ...

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Tutankhamun: gold funerary mask

80's Chanel Gripoix Cross Necklace In Excellent Condition For Sale In Paris, ...

Byzantine monumental Church mosaics are one of the great achievements of medieval art. These are from Monreale in Sicily from the late 12th century.

Roman, 2nd-3rd Century A.D. Circular gold earring with loop and hook closure with wraped ends. Wide.

2nd century AD and later. A restrung necklace composed of mainly spherical carnelian beads; with modern clasp. 83.7 grams, 73cm (28 3/4"). Property of a ...

3rd century BC - 2nd century AD. Nice bronze arrowhead set into custom .925 silver necklace. Arrowhead trii-lobate (3 bladed) type. cf. Petrie 69-71.

Medusa Gold Necklace c.200 AD. © Trustees of the British Museum.

There's a loooooot of talk about style over on twitter today, and I thought it might be helpful to share some examples of work I've done that draws from and ...

The crouching lions standing at the original location are replicas of the surviving ones. The original marble lions are located in the Delos museum to be ...

Mesopotamian carnelian, lapis lazuli, and gold beads, restored as a necklace, mid third millennium BC from Irak, Kish. Chicago, The Field Museum of Natural ...

Mtrll Gold pendants necklaces Men Women Charm Chain Jewelry

MMA Metropolitan Museum Art Modern Dangle Necklace BMCo

Pair of fine Roman Gold Earrings, ca. 2nd.-4th. century AD

Pectoral cross, early Byzantine.jpg

Necklace with Gold Marriage Medallion and Hematite Amulet, 400–450 (medallion);


Clasp with Intaglio Medallion of the Virgin and Child, 6th century, Byzantine, Gold

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c.1st – 3rd Century AD Roman

Hip Hop Iced Out Micro Medusa Head Pendant, 24" Franco Chain Necklace & Earring

Moses has iconographic dress, the others everyday contemporary clothes, 10th century

In 1716 one of the lions was taken by Venetians because it reminded them of the lion of Saint Mark. They added a preposterous head to it, and installed it ...

Metropolitan Museum Of Art Sunflower Necklace

Roman Mixed Bead Necklace. 1st-4th century AD. A restrung necklace composed of mainly spherical glass and stone beads, central feature of large rock crystal ...

Online Scholarly Catalogue | Art Institute of Chicago | Roman Art

Byzantine gold earring with enameled bird, 12th century; in the British Museum, London

As a group they appear to be distinct from the Huns who migrated to Europe in the Fourth Century AD. #JN2040x2: $250 SOLD

Gold Earring; Early Byzantine.jpg

Bronze Bearded Head. Roman, 2nd-4th Century A.D. Bronze applique head of bearded man with long hair. 50 mm high. Choice.

Late 80s gorgeous Chanel multicolored 24kt gold plated Gripoix cross necklace featuring glass stones, a

Bead necklace, Achaemenid period, c. 350 BC

Byzantine Gold Necklace with Ornate Clasp

Art of Century Collection Cubism

Hellenistic Gold Necklace with Square Pendants. c. 500 BC. © Trustees of the British Museum.

Gold Necklace with Amethysts, Glass, and Gold Beads, 6th–7th century,


Byzantine-revival pendant in the form of an oil lamp, ca. 1870

Anne Klein Goldtone Metal Snake Mesh Chain Link Lion Face Clasp 25.5" Necklace from Anne

65 123 124 125 ...

Carved Multi Scarab 14k Gold Chevron Nec recommended by LovePreAdored • Kit

... Metropolitan Museum Of Art Sunflower Necklace 5

The piece on left is a bracelet made of gold, lapis lazuli, cornelian and turquoise. The gold bangle with openwork scarab is set in lapis lazuli.

c.4000-300 BC Ur

Roman Gold Ring with Chrome Chalcedony Intaglio 3rd-4th century AD. A gold ring with round section hoop, the bezel wi.

1st-3rd century AD. Great bronze seal box, used to seal important documents, sealed together with wax. The top decorated with a large phallus, ...

Dimensions: H. of clasp 2 1/2 in. (6.4