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Natural Birth vs an Epidural Which Birth is Best for You LABOR

Natural Birth vs an Epidural Which Birth is Best for You LABOR


epidural vs natural birth

Epidural or natural? No matter what kind of birth you plan for, don't forget this!

natural birth vs epidural pros cons

1 Mom, 3 Birth Stories: Epidural, C-Section & VBAC

Natural Childbirth V: Epidural Side Effects and Risks

planned natural birth

What Does It Really Feel Like to Give Birth Without an Epidural?

Hospital Labor

Guide to labour-pain management

dad and doula

12 Women Share What It's Like To Have A Natural Birth

... natural birth😊😊. Oh my goodness YOU GUYS! This is the best thing I've read on how to get through labor without drugs. It's AMAZING! Check it out!

home birth

"When I look at this photo I see so many things," Cara told BabyCenter in an email. "First of all I see the miracle of childbirth and am amazed at what we ...

Learn about the benefits and complications involved in having an epidural. Here's everything you need to know about this popular labour pain relief option.

Labor and Delivery | Natural Birth | No Epidural


Quizler Delivery Room Banner Asian Couple In Labor

The stages of labor during childbirth adapted from the American Pregnancy Association website.

It is important to make a decision about whether or not you would like an epidural

water birth Share on Pinterest Getty Images

Whether you are planning an epidural or natural childbirth, you need strategies to cope with the pain. Labour is hard and long but you can use this simple ...

Epidural pain relief for labor

Labor and Delivery Vlog -Giving Birth With An Epidural -My First Pregnancy.Pregnant at 21 - YouTube

A mom holding her baby in the hospital bed after giving birth

What Does Labor Feel Like? 25 Women Talk About What It Really Feels Like To Give Birth, Because You Can't Believe Everything You See On TV

Pain Relief Options for Labour and Birth

Anesthesia Errors During Childbirth - Epidurals and Spinal Blocks

Anesthesiologists Say Complications from Epidurals 'Very Rare'

WHO recommendation on epidural analgesia for pain relief during labour

I know I should feel lucky, but so-called “natural,” drug-free birth wasn't the blissful experience I expected. Would an epidural have made a difference?

getting an epidural for labor pain


natural birth

Why was eating during labor banned in the past?

Trying to decide whether to have a natural childbirth or an epidural? Here are some good reasons to prepare for both.

Pregnant woman in labor on hospital bed

20 Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth

Want to give birth naturally, without an epidural? I asked other women what they


Photo of a laboring woman with an epidural

baby is delivered as mom pushes baby out

Labor - Natural VS. Epidural - The Pros and Cons of Each

A natural hospital birth IS possible. Find out how you can prepare for a natural

woman in labour

Everything to Know About Having a C-Section Versus Vaginal Birth

childbirth positions epidural

Natural childbirth

Epidural administration

Chapter 4: Care during labour and birth

Nitrous oxide for labor

Woman in labour in a birthing pool

woman in labor in hospital

WHO recommendation on birth position (for women without epidural analgesia)

Women Are Being Denied Epidurals During Childbirth. Here's Why.

For those wanting a natural birth, it's imperative to know how to get through transition

How do forceps and vacuum work?

12 Baby Birth Videos That (Really) Prepare You For The Big Day - Care.com


Cope with the pain of labor better - without drugs or an epidural. Di you know that controlling your breathing can make ALL the difference to your labor?


15 strategies for an easier labour


Having a Vaginal Birth With Twins

What You Need to Know About an Epidural

What you need to know about giving birth (and keeping it natural) in Madrid

a needle being inserted into the spine of a woman, in a medical setting

Is a birth ball a natural mama's secret weapon? Learn how to use a birth. If you desire a natural childbirth ...

There Is a Hidden Epidemic of Doctors Abusing Women in Labor, Doulas Say

It's messy, painful, and full of surprises

woman in hospital bed giving birth

Image via Chaunie Brusie

We'll tell you what's true. You can form your own view.

These are the 7 huge mistakes first time moms make before and during labor, even

Fear slows labor, and amplifies pain.

The maternity unit at the Government-run Al Wasl hospital in Dubai has a great

... childbirth. woman with newborn

Natural Labour vs Induced Labour - 6 Main Differences

Finally, The Dirty Truth About Pooping During Labor

An anaesthetist in surgical gown, mask and cap is inserting needle into a woman's back