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Moon Pool Science Fiction Art Pulp Fiction Pulp fiction art

Moon Pool Science Fiction Art Pulp Fiction Pulp fiction art


Fantastic Novels Volume 2 No. 3, September 1948. Cover art by Lawrence Sterne Stevens. Contains “The Conquest of the Moon Pool” by A. Merritt.

... Fantasy/Sci-Fi Book Art! A Merritt - The Moon Pool (Avon 370) (1951) | Explore LEGO D… | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

... Fantasy/Sci-Fi Book Art! "What secret compulsion made this lovely girl the handmaiden to unspeakable horrors?!"

Ace, Merritt, A.: The Moon Pool

Illustration for article titled Robots, Mad Scientists and Damsels: Astounding Pulp Cover Art. Last week, we talked about how science fiction ...

Famous Fantastic Mysteries (1939-1953 Frank A. Munsey/Popular/Altus)

The Moon Pool (Early Classics Of Science Fiction): A. Merritt, Michael Levy: 9780819567079: Amazon.com: Books

How Artists, Mad Scientists and Speculative Fiction Writers Made Spaceflight Possible | At the Smithsonian | Smithsonian

Illustration for article titled Where did science fiction come from? A primer on the pulps. Pulp ...

The Sci-Fi Art of Virgil Finlay Wall Calendar 2020 (Art Calendar). Virgil Finlay was an American pulp fantasy, science fiction ...

"Dean of Weird Menace Art" John Newton Howitt's "River of Pain", done in 1934 for Terror Tales, is the only one of his pulp paintings known to survive.

Regular Pulp Curry readers will be aware I am a big fan of Robert Deis and Wyatt Doyle's Men's Adventure Library (MAL) series. These books showcase the ...

Best known as ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION's primary cover artist from 1939 to 1953, Rogers' illustrations also graced the covers and interiors of ADVENTURE, ...

Classic Radiohead Songs Re-Imagined as a Sci-Fi Book, Pulp Fiction Magazine & Other Nostalgic Artifacts. in Art ...

June 1943 issue of Startling Stories; cover by Earle K. Bergey, showing his trademark "brass bra"


This week is the 100th Anniversary of the publication of maybe my favorite pulp-era fantasy novel, A. Merritt's Moon Pool, and I'm not alone: the creator of ...

Pulp Fiction (1994) poster.jpg

Regular readers of this site will be familiar with my particular jones for late 1960s and 1970s pulp covers, particularly the photographic ones.

Pulp fiction Sticker

Commentary/Can science fiction reimagine the future of global development?


How well does Alcott's approach work with artists who hit the scene when pulp fiction turned into Pulp Fiction, appropriated in a winking, expletive-filled ...

Vintage Astonishing Science Fiction Pulp Stories Poster

The Moon Pool

The pulp magazines under the floorboards

The stars of modern SF pick the best science fiction

... Science Fiction Adventures. amazing stories

... Fiction, Art, Movies, Music & More. These Fantastic Worlds

Bok's cover for the March 1940 Weird Tales, illustrating Clyde Irvine's "The Horror in the Glen". Bok is better known for his art than for his fiction.

The Sci-Fi Art of Virgil Finlay Wall Calendar 2020 (Art Calendar). Virgil Finlay was an American pulp fantasy, science fiction ...

Conquest of the Moon Pool - Famous Fantastic Mysteries - 1939

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Classic Space Opera. Space opera was a staple of the pulp and golden ages of science fiction.

Coming soon!

But it does lean more heavily on later-20th century productions, like the 70s sci-fi ...

It takes scholarly love and a fan's enthusiasm to devote oneself to putting together a 300-plus page book dissecting obscure pulp fiction.

Other Worlds Thumbnail ...

The April–May 1939 issue of Marvel Science Stories; artwork by Norman Saunders

Amazing Stories 1.jpg

Illustration for article titled The Golden Age of Science Fiction: A Pulp Primer, Pt

Radiohead: A Moon Shaped Pool review – something they've never achieved before



Hergé's Tintin comic On a marché sur la Lune (Explorers on the Moon, 1952–53; as an album, 1954). By the end of the preceding volume (Destination Moon) of ...

Artist Richard Lillis created "A Straw for the Thirsty" for Private Detective Stories in 1945. Unlike many pulp artists, he saved his paintings.

The 1990s and the New British Space Opera

Hey, Sci-Fi And Comics Fans: It's Time To Embrace The Dark Side

ORIENTAL STORIES – complete set of 9 issues, nicely bound in 2 volumes, in slipcase, with covers – Volume 1 contains the first 6 issues, Volume 2 contains ...

One of the most prolific and well-known of the original pulp masters, A. Merritt had his fiction published for decades by Avon. These are the 1970s reprints ...

Tales From the Magician's Skull No. 0 Back Cover

“Apollo 12” Lunar Module pilot Al Bean steps onto the Moon. Public Domain. “

Page 1

Virgil Finlay, Omar Khayyam

I have been unable to find any scientific speculation from that era concerning mysterious elements in Tycho, but I'm still looking!

Fun fact: Charlie Jane Anders, of io9.com, includes The Long Tomorrow on her list of “10 Science Fiction Novels You Pretend to Have Read.”

Drabblecast cover for In the End, You Get Clarity by Unka Odya

Tales from the Magician's Skull Issue No. 0

Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom: A Novel of Retropolis by Bradley W. Schenck

Gavel $150

The Land Of Esa Thumbnail. The Science Fiction ...

With the 2018 Australian Rules Football Grand Final almost upon us, it is only fitting that today's Pulp Friday post has a football theme, this 1964 novel ...

Astounding Science-Fiction - Feb 1934 . ...

A. Merritt (January 20, 1884–August 21, 1943) found time during his active journalism career to pen eight science fantasy novels and an assortment of short ...

Cover of the May 1941 issue of Cosmic Science-Fiction, by Bok.

Photo: J.V.Aranda

The Complete Adventures of The Domino Lady


asimov caves

Now available!

Moon Pool ; Kathleen Neely


... Science Fiction and Astrology, although their circulation was considerably lower. 1953 Fantastic, Virgil Finlay, Poe Lighthouse A Finlay's art ...

23. Attack Of The 50ft Woman

How Hard You Hit Canvas Art Print

How Artists, Mad Scientists and Speculative Fiction Writers Made Spaceflight Possible

Figure 1 The cover of a picture-book version of Death Ray on a Coral

Between them, these two artists crafted the distinctive 'look' for the entire Cleveland Publishing line. Many of their western paintings are equally ...

... “Creep” into creepy pulp erotica. Still, I wonder how Alcott resisted. View and purchase in handmade print form all of Alcott's songs-as-book covers, ...

War years[edit]


Alien Art Silk Poster Print 13x20 24x36inch Classic Science Fiction Movie Picture for Living Room Wall Decoration 016

Sisters of Tomorrow: The First Women of Science Fiction (Early Classics Of Science Fiction