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Midwest flooding is causing an exodus of US workers Politics

Midwest flooding is causing an exodus of US workers Politics


Midwest flooding is causing an exodus of U.S. workers

In this image, two cars float in the flood water between two buildings. This


... in flood waters after leaving casualities and causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, with waters yet to crest in parts of the U.S. midwest, ...

Floodwater surrounds the town in Craig, Missouri on March 22, 2019.

US Midwest floods prompting workers to migrate to safer ground: LinkedIn data

Farms surrounded by floodwater near Craig, Missouri, on Friday. Huge stretches along the

Minnesota floods

Global Floods Caused $8 Billion in Economic Losses During March – Aon Catastrophe Report

Readers share what they love (and hate) most about Houston

A BNSF train sits in flood waters from the Platte River, in Plattsmouth, Neb

USA – Deadly Storms and Floods Hit Midwest and South, Mississippi River at Record High

LinkedIn: US Midwest Floods Prompting Workers to Migrate to Safer Ground

Nebraska floods, March 2019. Photo: Nebraska National Guard

Experts Say Mass Katrina-Like 'Exodus' not Expected After Louisiana Flood

Miami-Dade officer who threw woman who called 911 to the ground charged with battery

Canada – Floods Damage Over 2,000 Homes in Québec

USA - Floods in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota as Rain and Melting Snow Push

Floods have destroyed the Spencer Dam near Spencer, Nebraska, March 2019. Photo: Office of the Governor, Nebraska

American Exodus

Spring Flooding Nebraska

us spring flood outlook 2019, Spring outlook for flooding puts much of the region along

Catastrophic Floods in Midwest Cause Widespread Damage. USA

USA – Severe Flooding in 3 Midwestern States, 2 Dead in Wisconsin

Food Supply Threats from Ongoing Catastrophic FLOODING in US Midwest

Midwest Blizzard Weakens – Growing Severe Storm Risk Southern/Eastern USA

Deep Dive: The Digital Divide

USA – 3 Dead as Rivers Reach Record Highs in Iowa and Nebraska

2 Dead as Floods Inundate Midwestern US

A bomb cyclone has impacted 25 US states, causing flooding, white-out conditions

Jim Freeman tries to saw through thick ice slabs on his property in Fremont, Neb., on March 14, 2019, after the ice-covered Platte River flooded its banks.

More evacuations in Midwest as floodwaters head downstream

People view the rising waters from the Platte and Missouri rivers, which flooded areas of Plattsmouth, Neb., on March 17, 2019. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

Midwest flooding causing an exodus of U.S. workers - Stats

Trump's Midwest

Great Migration: The African-American Exodus North

2019 03 28 22 01 34

Missouri residents pack up and leave as once-rare floods become the new normal | US news | The Guardian

USA - More Flash Flooding Hits the South

Devastating floods on the Missouri River last year were the type of event that will become more and more familiar in a warming world.

A pre-Civil War cemetery is surrounded by farms and a two-lane road near Freeport, Illinois. Washington Post photo by Melina Mara.

Corn, soybean and wheat are the highest yielding crops in the country, and feed

After Devastating Floods, US Midwest Farms Need Funds to Recover

Getting Better – Because It Has To Get Better

FDA cracks down on youth vaping

Indicators Point Toward Worse Great Lakes Flooding Than 2017

DRP News Bulletin 8 April 2019: PM Modi asks: Are Dams ATM for Politicians?

Illinois Loses Out as Companies Move Out

Deep Dive: Drug Pricing

More flooding in store for storm-hit US Midwest

USA and Canada – 2 Dead, 1 Missing as Rivers Overflow in Midwest and Ontario

A personal perspective on Mexico's mass exodus to the United States - Chicago Tribune

New Mexico's Exodus Problem

The state worker. “

A bomb cyclone has impacted 25 US states, causing flooding, white-out conditions, and power outages — here's what that is

Missouri River flooding forces evacuation of 7,500 from waterfront city - Reuters

... them find drillable oil faster, angering workers who have been pushing Amazon to do more to combat climate change.” (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File).

2019 Ice-Out Dates. After a slow start ice is coming off Minnesota lakes in a hurry, according to The Minnesota DNR. So what exactly is ice-out?

Floods in USA. Oklahoma and Arkansas – Evacuations as Rivers Approach Record Levels

Marriott workers win strike

Outside the big cities, Trump rolled up big margins over Clinton in Midwest counties.

Colder than average for the northern Plains and Upper Midwest, but warmer for the Southeastern USA, according to NOAA NCEI.

Illustration by Jeff Chang

Jim Foerster

Dirty Snow – Blame Texas. Texas dust lofted high into the atmosphere was observed as far north as Minnesota on Thursday, giving the snow a tan/yellow ...

Strict earthquake rules may make fracking not viable, says Cuadrilla boss

2018 India floods. More than 450 families whose houses have been flooded are taking shelter

Weather Bliss Today - Risk of Another Inch of Rain Sunday-Monday - StarTribune.com

From UK floods to US heat, extreme global weather linked to El Niño and climate change | South China Morning Post

Harvey and the future of energy

Missouri residents pack up and leave as once-rare floods become the new normal | US news | The Guardian

Deep Dive: The Refugee Crisis

The Politics of UFO's. Longreads.com has a fascinating tale; here's an excerpt: “...Although broad discussion of UFOs has been eclipsed in the general ...

As Storms Hammer Midwest, Jobs and Workers may Flee | Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Michael Upgraded to Category 5 Storm At Time of U.S. Landfall. NOAA has details: "Scientists at NOAA's National Hurricane Center conducted a detailed ...


James N. Gregory has published two books and several articles (four on-line below) about the Dust Bowl Migration and other American migrations

'Exodus' from Puerto Rico: A visual guide - CNN

Viewpoints: Hurricane Maria and Florida's politics – Al Gore's ultimate revenge?

Data from January through March suggests that much of the Midwest and Ohio Valley has received 2-3 times normal precipitation since the beginning of the ...


Links - April 12, 2019

The Flood Makes News poster image

GFS guidance from NOAA suggests warmer than average temperatures over roughly the eastern two-thirds of the USA the first few days of May, ...

Dirty Snow. No, you weren't hallucinating. The snow that fell on Thursday had a tan/yellow tint or hue, especially once you broke through the icy crust to ...

Pence Tours Hard-hit Nebraska as Midwest Reels From Historic Floods


Council Bluffs, Iowa

Democrats Force Mass Exodus to Red States

Democrats Force Mass Exodus to Red States

A young girl walking home along the coast near Trinidad. Photo: JC

... change are prompting an exodus of workers from the U.S. Midwest, finds the world's biggest professional social network @LinkedIn ...

Andrew Chesney, left, a businessman and politician in Stephenson County, in northwestern Illinois


Sara Egge, “Woman Suffrage and Citizenship in the Midwest, 1870-1920” (U Iowa Press, 2018) from New Books in History on RadioPublic

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