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Magnetic Reconnection Solving A Major Astrophysical Mystery In a

Magnetic Reconnection Solving A Major Astrophysical Mystery In a


PPPL scientists take key step toward solving a major astrophysical mystery

In this visualization, as the supersonic solar wind (yellow haze) flows around the Earth's magnetic field (blue wavy lines), it forms a highly turbulent ...

Magnetic reconnection is a complicated phenomenon that Nuno Loureiro, an associate professor of nuclear science

A solar flare, visible at the right of the image, occurs when magnetic field lines split apart and reconnect, far more rapidly than prior theories have ...

A sketch of the magnetic reconnection lines in Earth's magnetosphere

NASA Probes Witness Powerful Magnetic Storms near Earth

Magnetic reconnection: a prominent mystery, part 2… | The Sky's the Limit

The solar wind carries the interplanetary magnetic field (yellow lines), here oriented southward, into the northward-facing geomagnetic field lines ...

The Magnetospheric Multiscale mission will use a set of four satellites to probe magnetic reconnection at the boundary of the magnetosphere.

Sidebar: A Four-part Mystery

Magnetic reconnection is imminent in this plasma current sheet, and the plasmoid instabilities are clearly visible. When the field lines snap, ...

Scientists believe that magnetic reconnection is behind the extraordinary bursts of radiation that have emerged from the center of the Crab nebula, ...

New Tech Helps Solve the Twin Mysteries of Magnetic Reconnection and the Aurora

Astronomy Citizen Science

Secret Origins of Magnetic Explosions Promise Insights into Solar Flares, Fusion Reactors | Inside Science

A hierarchy of interacting current sheets and islands arise in the plasmoid instability model of current sheets. Image credit: Phase Diagram for Magnetic ...

Earth's magnetosphere, showing the northern and southern polar cusps (illustration). Credits:

... the terrestrial magnetic field reconnect. MMS spacemission

The genesis of enormous explosions on the sun has long been a mystery, but no more. Lauren Fuge reports.

Northern lights in the night sky over Norway. (Photo by Jan R. Olsen)

Astronomers Solve Mystery of Purple Lights in Sky

IMAGE: The tadpole-shaped pseudo-shocks, shown in dashed white box, are ejected from highly magnetized regions on the solar surface. view more

Solved: The Mystery of Earth's Theta Aurora

Magnetic reconnection near the PIL at time 37.2 minutes. (

Visualization of particle acceleration in magnetic reconnection

Scientists Solve 70-Year-Old Magnetic Wave Mystery

Magneticum Pathfinder: A Web Interface to Access Simulation Data

Geomagnetic storm

Our Cosmic Home in a Box: SLOW Dancing Galaxies

Fleet of NASA Spacecraft Finally Solve Mystery of the Earth's Magnetic Field

PPPL Large. PPPL. Magnetic reconnection in the ...

Research | Division of Theoretical Astronomy, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

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Big power law in the sky from Ref. 19 that we

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Mason's article analyzed three observations of Raining Null-Point Topologies, or RNTPs, a

A Big Piece to the Solar Corona Puzzle Solved · Astrophysics ...

Magnetic fields go in, energy comes out. Magnetic reconnection is a fundamental process of

Space Magnetism May Hold Secret to Fusion Power

Massive stars die in type-2 supernova explosions; their stellar cores implode into a dense ball of subatomic particles (a). If the newly formed neutron star ...

Figure 1: Schematic view of the reconnection region (image credit: NASA)

Many unsolved astrophysical mysteries still surround the Sun, our closest star, and extrapolate to most of the stars in the Universe.

magnetic fields


Numerical Modeling of the Collision of Plasma Blobs in Active Galactic Nuclei

Auroras are usually created by electrons but this image shows a North Pole aurora emitted by protons, which glow brightly in the ultraviolet range.

Quantifying the Effect of Non-Larmor Motion of Electrons on the Pressure Tensor

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19 Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission NASA Solar-Terrestrial Probe mission launch 2013 SMART- Solving Magnetospheric Acceleration, Reconnection and ...

MMS mission will help scientists understand the process of magnetic reconnection, which can accelerate particles

Swept Up in the Solar Wind

Figure 23: This graphic illustrates the MMS suite encountering an electron dissipation region, ground zero for a magnetic reconnection event on July 11, ...

Magnetic braids and loops

Evolution of magnetic fields and magnetic tension force during the reconnection. a–c Static magnetic fields (frequency below 0.8ω0) and d–f z-component of ...

Standard image ...

In core collapse supernovae, large numbers of neutrinos are emitted from the protoneutron star after core bounce. At such high neutrino number densities, ...

Understanding Mercury's Magnetic Tail

Images showing the Sun's outer atmosphere, or corona, and a jet of hot material

Figure 1.


... solve magnetic mystery In this undated photo provided by NASA, Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) observatories are processed for launch in a clean room at ...

Magnetic Reconnection - Solving A Major Astrophysical Mystery - In a research conducted on the Magnetic Reconnection Experiment (MRX) at… | Science!

Moon mystery REVEALED: Is THIS why there are swirls on the face of the moon?

The supermassive black hole Sagittarius A and its accretion disk have been observed to emit massive flare ejections, which may be caused by magnetic ...

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Jan 12, 2018: GST Detects Very Strong Transverse Photospheric Magnetic Fields and Twist in a Light Bridge of Active Region NOAA 12673 ...


Antimatter plasma reveals secrets of deep space signals | Horizon: the EU Research & Innovation magazine | European Commission

Diagram of the ...

The Theta Auroral Oval as observed by the NASA IMAGE FUV camera on September 15,

MMS (NASA) Magnetic reconnection (shocks, turbulence) Resolving electron scales Launch 2013

Shown is one magnetic field line... | Download Scientific Diagram

Then, how can we measure the size of growing dust grains? We have theoretically proposed that we can constrain the grain size from millimeter-wave ...

Mysterious electron acceleration explained

Earth's Magnetic Shield Buffered Powerful Solar Storm

Scientists Can Create Mini Solar Eruptions With The Magnetic Reconnection Experiment

Open image in new window ...

Mystery of Purple Lights in Sky Solved With Help From Citizen Scientists


From GIZMODO: “A Major Mystery About Earth's Magnetic Field Has Just Been Solved” | sciencesprings

FIGURE 2.4 Southward-oriented interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) lines (blue) merge or reconnect with Earth's closed field lines (green) at the subsolar ...

Magnetic Reconnection

Scientists Can Create Mini Solar Eruptions With The Magnetic Reconnection Experiment

NASA, Moon, Sun, Sun's radiation, lunar surface, Earth's moon, ARTEMIS

PPPL's FLARE device

The Chaotic Nature of Magnetic Reconnection and Coronal Dynamics

Figure 22: The latest findings of the SwRI-led Magnetospheric Multiscale mission detailed the magnetic reconnection processes taking place in the Earth's ...

New Study Helps Explain Mercury's Magnetic Tail