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Lovely Lou Reed wwwsplicetodaycom Lou Reed in 2019 Music

Lovely Lou Reed wwwsplicetodaycom Lou Reed in 2019 Music


Lovely Lou Reed

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Enough Authenticity for Anyone

Anarchy and Apathy in Charm City

Resounding: Blue Angel

Censor Readings

Older Music

Inspiration Is Everywhere

Elizabeth Wurtzel TOP 25 QUOTES BY ELIZABETH WURTZEL of 147 AZ Quotes

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Elizabeth Wurtzel Elizabeth Wurtzel AntiAging Tips Elizabeth Wurtzel

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Elizabeth Wurtzel Elizabeth Wurtzel Confronts Her OneNight Stand of a Life

Early life

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Surgery with Skyjelly

Stanley Booth's latest chronicle of musical leaders, losers and lovers.

Elizabeth wurtzel david samuels creatocracy

Snocko in Slovenia

On Robert Dean Lurie's new biography Begin the Begin about the band's early years.

The Night I Saw Jeff Buckley Perform

Resounding: The Kendalls

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One Direction and the Great Mid-Life Crisis Album

UK Sensation Jake Bugg Might Deny It, But His Debt To Dylan Is Obvious

5 Depressing Songs: An Inventory

Ultra Sonic Love Poems

This Week in Karaoke

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Chicago's Bandy and their debut LP The Challengers.

Tell You One Goddamn Thing

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Subway Furnishings

A Quick Subway Design Primer

Most of these stations have basically the same design that consists of alternating, differently-colored beige tiling, and can be found along what was known ...

For example, the Astor Place station incorporates beavers on the plaques, and namesake John Jacob Astor made his millions in the beaver pelt trade.

…which had been allowed to retain its original lighting sconces both on the walls and hanging from the ceiling. Not chandeliers, they're simple, ...

In 1907, architect and painter Squire Vickers was hired to work in the NYC subway. His name is little-known these days, but he would oversee two separate ...

The Vickers stations, as I call them, have a simply-designed green canopy over the front entrances, as well as slightly larger sconces carrying white globe ...

The diamond tilework is a hallmark of BMT station design; nearly all BMT stations designed from 1911 through 1928 (after which IND stations dominated) ...

The line is considered the apotheosis of the design, with Vickers using somewhat off-the-wall colors like pink and purple. At the Morgan Avenue station, ...


During this period (1950-2005), several individual stations were updated with glazed color brick, a favorite design tactic in the 1970s.