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Love how the corresponding triangular shapes are combined into a

Love how the corresponding triangular shapes are combined into a


Love how the corresponding triangular shapes are combined into a brand new geometrically aesthetic! Definitely

How-to-Creatively-Use-Shapes to-Make-Your-Designs

How-to-Creatively-Use-Shapes to-Make-Your-Designs

How Area Formulas of Triangles, Parallelograms & Trapezoids Relate

Combined Figures: Perimeter, Area, and Volume


The figure illustrates the three basic theorems that triangles are congruent (of equal shape and

Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love: Definition, Examples & Predictions

The fourth point brings depth (the z axis) to the triangle, a stable

Using Polygons as Interlocking Shapes

Identifying 2D Shapes in 3D Figures: Lesson for Kids

Seven-sided polygon divided into five triangles.

Congruent Triangle Rules | Angle and side rules for congruent triangles. If you would like more math infographics I have a dedicated page on my blog.

Calculating the Centroid of Compound Shapes Using the Method of Geometric Decomposition

How-to-Creatively-Use-Shapes to-Make-Your-Designs

similar isosceles triangles

special quadrilaterals with diagonals

Irregular triangle tiling.

Applying Scale Factors to Perimeter, Area, and Volume of Similar Figures

The Exposure Triangle – A Beginner's Guide

Proof: Triangle altitudes are concurrent (orthocenter) (video) | Khan Academy

Character's personality is a crucial part of creating engaging, believable and likable designs. It is not enough to have beautifully drafted character, ...

Look for the patterns… Margot Trudell

Conscious Combination of Shapes and Color

The ability of a star's points to scale infinitely provides a geometric source for the spiral's

Talking about Geometry in Kindergarten, Part 1: Same or Different

He was primarily interested in using the triangle to advance his studies in probability theory – a field which he more or less invented in correspondence ...

Triangles-as-rule-breakers How-to-Creatively-Use-Shapes

Triangle tiling

Area Of A Triangle Inside Of A Rectangle

Properties of 3-4-5 Triangles: Definition and Uses

Psychology of logo shapes


In this method, there were a number of parameters, or “levers”, I could pull to tweak the feeling of the shape. Things like the number of points along the ...

FREE printable Pirate-themed shape sorting and matching activity, sure to be a hit

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Find the area of the largest rectangle that can be inscribed in a right triangle with legs of length

Geometric Shapes: Simple and Unusual Personality Test

John Arioni's Euclid VI.31

Octahedron: The octahedron is a three-dimensional, self-reflecting shape and is represented by the element of air. It is linked to the Heart Chakra, ...

Love this for practicing alternate, co-interior, vertically opposite and corresponding angles.

How to Study Math: Geometry

Remember we said we are going to go in the details too? So here is an example of the different shapes used on a smaller scale – in the facial features of ...

This pirate themed activity is perfect for kids who are interested in pirates and love the theme! You can definitely differentiate this activity by using ...

Psychology of logo shapes

combined rectangle and triangle with labeled sides

History of geometry

Thales of Miletus (fl. c. 600 bc) is generally credited with giving


Figure 7.9 Triangular Model of Love

regular pentagon with diagonals

The two most immediate patterns that tumble out of the triangle are its bilateral symmetry – the left and right halves of the tree mirror each other ...

Proof #11

Showing that the diagonals are congruent is a great way to show that a figure is a rectangle when you already know that the figure is a parallelogram.

Math = Love: Trig Interactive Notebook Pages for Unit 1: Algebra and Geometry Review

Amazon.com: Learning Resources Folding Geometric Shapes, Geometry/Math Helper, 16-Piece Set, Ages 7+: Office Products

Irregular quadrilateral tiling.


One of the ways we love to introduce shapes to our students is by having them look at the world around them for common geometric shapes.

Art Event Poster

Psychology of logo shapes

The third step of basic geometry encloses three points as a triangle, or two-

The formula in the figure reads k is to l as m is to n if

Sketch of relationship between smooth curve and faceted edges

Migration by zonal system.jpg157.56 KB

The Merkaba: The Merkaba is another powerful symbol that is created when two star tetrahedrons are combined — one pointing up to the heavens, ...

Feast on these mathematical snacks | Science | The Guardian

Hexagon filled with triangles and square filled with squares.

Solution for Irregular Shape

Real life examples of 2D shapes. Could assign each table group a 2-D shape and then they could cut and paste from magazines real world examples.

30 geometric logos that measure up

ellipse(farthest-side closest-side at 25% 25%)

What is Square? by Rebecca Dotlich What is a Triangle? by Rebecca Dotlich When a Line Bends...A Shape Begins by James Kaczman The Wing on a Flea: A Book ...

Crude Migration Intensity by zonal ...


Flinders and Wellington building detail ...

Pick any number inside Pascal's triangle and look at the six numbers around it (that form alternating petals in the flowers drawn above).

We have no other way of knowing, but by dropping us a line in the comment section below!

I tend to like paintings where the abstraction is strong. By this I mean that the paint, the colors and shapes, are distinct, like strong actors in a play.

New vocabulary is best learned in the context of experiences. After the students had explored measuring the Pattern Block angles with hinged mirrors, ...

The hand may become a square, the bus a triangle, the bird a circle, and these will give you specific psychological and emotional information, which others ...

regular octagon with stars

Psychology of logo shapes