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Learn the secret to long life according to Jessie Gallan You cant

Learn the secret to long life according to Jessie Gallan You cant


Learn the secret to long life according to Jessie Gallan. You can't argue

Jessie Gallan (lived to be 109 years old). Secret to long ...

109-Year-Old Woman Says Avoiding Men Is The Secret To Long Life - Elite Readers

Jessie Gallan turned 109 on January 2 and celebrated with a slice of cake in her

Secret to long life is avoiding men says 109-year-old woman

109-Year-Old Woman Says Avoiding Men Is The Secret To A Long And Healthy Life

VIEW ALL PHOTOS. Jessie Gallan ...

2, Scotland resident Jessie Gallan reportedly celebrated her 109th birthday.

"I also made sure that I got plenty of exercise, eat a nice warm bowl of porridge every morning, and have never gotten married," she continued.

Jeanne Louise Calment (lived to be 122 years old). Secret to long ...

How to live a long, happy life according to the world's oldest people

Miss Gallan (left) had a simple upbringing with five sisters and one brother who

How to Live as Long as Possible, According to the World's Oldest People

Adele Dunlap (lived to be 114 years old). Secret to long ...

New York Daily News via Getty Images

A senior support worker said Miss Gallan takes parts in group activities and continues to live

Set aside your daily glass of red wine or put down those weights. There is a new secret of longevity, and it's not the one you expect!

The 12 Oldest People On Earth Share Their Secret To A Happy And (Very) Long Life

Misao Okawa (lived to be 117). Secret to long ...

Besse Cooper (lived to be 116 years old). Secret to long ...

Pauline Spagnola (102 years old). Secret to long life: ...

A Tribute to Muriel Duckworth, Canadian Feminist And Peace Activist

Don't leave your house. Everyone loves a good night in, but no one appreciates it more than a centenarian. Morano also credits her longevity to staying in ...

108-year-old Alice Herz-Sommer says the key to long life is positivity. She had a twin sister that died at age 70 because she was a pessimistic, ...

Scotland's oldest woman says stay away from men – and more from the week online | Senior Planet


2. Eat well and wake up early.

With 109 years of life, Jessie Gallan is officially the oldest woman in Scotland. She agreed to publicize her secret to longevity, and many people support ...

Ana Vela Rubio (115 years old). Secret to long life: ...

Ilya Andriyanov/Shutterstock

Miss Universe Philippines Catriona Gray is one of the front-runners to win the crown in the Miss Universe Pageant 2018 this weekend.

This post topped USA Today's most shared content because it was a heartwarming, happy, inspirational story. It may also have some insights for long life as ...

12 Ways to Have Your Happiest and Fittest Year Ever

Violet Brown (117 years old). Secret to long life: ...

Director of Health Says Human Error Caused the Death of Two Babies in Safotu Hospital Last Year

109-Year-Old Woman Ate Oatmeal Every Morning from What the World's Oldest People Eat (or Ate) Every Day - The Daily Meal

Do this at 50 and you could live to 100

Scotland's oldest woman says stay away from men – and more from the week online | Senior Planet

You simply cannot judge a book by its cover. A heavily tattooed woman recently revealed that she has been kicked out of restaurants because of her ink.

Be nice.

Jessie Galan

Regional Director for WHO Supports the Health Sector Merge

Misao Okawa, lived to 117

A number of recent studies point to a correlation between physical fitness and the absence of central nervous system degradation, such as Alzheimer's and ...

Viola Davis won our hearts time and time again this past year, but the most

Ulises Ruiz Basurto/Landov

Jessie puts her long life down to walking, a bowl of porridge each morning, but primarily to avoiding men. However, this may not be the only answer to a ...

Shared Vision for Health in the Pacific – WHO Regional Director Visits Samoa

Little Boy Buys Roses To Cheer Up Senior Citizens At Nursing Home

Robert De Niro to be honoured at Marrakech Film Festival

Brooke Burke-Charvet's Healthy-Living Secrets

Porridge is secret to long life for Scotland's oldest woman at 108

Jessie Gallan

Learn How to Take Ownership of Your Life's Direction

Why being single is satisfying: The rise of 'consciously uncoupled' women | Daily Telegraph

Elisha Anderson/Detroit Free Press/AP

What the World's Oldest People Eat (or Ate) Every Day

Scotland's oldest resident Jessie Gallan celebrated her 109th birthday in January 2015. Being Scottish, it's rather predictable that one of the reasons she ...

Congratulations: Jessie's message from the Queen on her 105th birthday. (Image: SWNS)

Jessica Martin is on a Man Ban.

21 Reasons You'll Live Longer Than Your Friends

You asked Google – here's the answer

Dogs are usually known for being protective of their owners. Unfortunately, one distraught mother was shocked when her own pet attacked her baby.

PAY Jessie Gallan

In November, "Empire" aired an episode that featured a sex scene with

Alexander Imich, lived to 111

Gallan's sense of humor makes her seem much younger than she truly is.

Did it include some of the most shared articles of 2015? We think it's possible to reverse-engineer heavily shared content to help us learn to ...

Juhi Chawla


13 Secrets for Better Air Travel

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Japanese Man Credited Long Life to Portion Control and Reading Newspapers

Is A Beer A Day Good For You? 110-Year-Old Mark Behrends Says It Keeps Him Young

In ...

... daily life, poverty, and comments on Disraeli and Lord Derby

Chung Li Center for Healing

You have your own life.


... Make-Up – Adelina Domingues, she was once the oldest living person in the US, she died at the age of 114. She says that her secret behind her longevity ...

Today's Community Champion

Not everyone lives to be but Jessie Gallan did. The Scotland native shared her tips for longevity, and said the key to maintaining a long and healthy life ...

In October, Jennifer Lawrence

Lee Lin Chin is famously single. Photography: Ryan Pierse Getty Images

Posted by: Patrice Tuohy 🕔 Wednesday 30, July 2014 Categories: Catholic culture,Consecrated Life

If you have a friend you love, but at times can't stand because their harsh (though true) words can hurt like needles – you can't help but think that they ...

How the Teachings of Dharma Can Benefit Us All

5) Say No To Alcohol – Alexander Imich from new York city lived for more than 111 years, stated that his secret to longevity is because he kept himself away ...

25 Ways to Live Life to the Fullest

Only 24, Malaysian photographer Ryan Liu is making waves in New York City

She might be covered in tattoos but this woman is a gifted doctor.

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20 Vital Health and Wealth Secrets

Woman Credited Long Life to Sleep and Sushi