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Kidervals How to Train for Ultra Marathons with Kids All Things

Kidervals How to Train for Ultra Marathons with Kids All Things


How I'm able to train for ultra marathons, with my little kids tagging

But the kids aren't quite old enough to be left at home alone…so they come with us.

Building Young Runners

... whether they run 3 miles or 30 feet, they always thank us for taking them out there. And in turn, we thank them for tagging along for training.

How to Transition from Road to Trail Running #TrailRunning Ultra Marathon Training, Spartan Race

The “kidervals” give the kids a chance to run, and run fast (because kids basically have only two speeds: walk and sprint). But it also gives them plenty of ...

5 Trail Running Tips for Your First 50k. #TrailRunning #RunningTips #TrailRunningTips Best

kids on trail

5 Best Ultra Running Books

So many amazing reasons to love running in the fall Running Training, Training Tips,

A comprehensive guide with everything the new runner needs to know from starting training to crossing

Road Cycling

A run coach is there to help you plan your training with your individual needs in

Hero Kit

Let's take a trip on the way-way-back time machine: my oldest was 6 months old, the not-yet-born youngest hadn't destroyed my abs yet, and I had yet to even ...

Running Tips

road cycling

The Secret to Successful running

How Long Should I Rest After an Ultramarathon?

Captain's Log: Entry #999

Heather Hart | Ultramarathon & Trail Running Coach - Relentless Forward Commotion


Go Running Now!

5 non running mistakes that may be sabotaging your running #Run #Running # Training

Bad running form can bring on injuries and miserable runs. Learn how to properly run

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The Beginners Guide to Training for an Ultramarathon

Zen on the Border.

the Ultramarathon Edition. "

(Free) Beginner 50K Ultramarathon Training Plan & Guide


Or why runners should do it? Find out

You'll be healthier.

3 Training Truths (For Everyday, Real Life, Runners)


How to train for a 100 mile ultra marathon: 5 tips from a non-

2 Ripleys family fun run 2016

The do's and don'ts of running through pregnancy. 24 Weeks Pregnant, Diet

All three of us.

Ultra Running Maladies: What's In My Prevention "Feel Better" Toolbox

So, just because you are mom does not mean your wants and needs must always be at the bottom of the totem pole. Set a great example for your children by ...

Spartan Race Training, Triathlon Training

The nagging voice inside of my head that says maybe I could accomplish something more productive for my family with my time, rather than spending 3 hours on ...

How to Survive Back-to-Back Long Runs

Free 50 Mile Ultramarathon Training Plan

Ripley's Family Fun Run

6 Tips for Running Short Looped Ultramarathon Courses

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Running* Volume 4

10 things to know about training for a marathon | running tips for marathon training |

What To Do if the Couch to 5K Program is Too Difficult.

6 Lower Leg Strength, Stability, & Balance Exercises for Trail Runners


50 reasons to run your first ultramarathon | Advice for beginner ultrarunners | What's your motivation

A blast form my past: pushing the double jogging stroller, circa maybe 2009?

Thinking of training for an ultramarathon? I've created a checklist of questions you

Seemingly EVERYONE on my Facebook feed is suddenly obsessed with catching Bulbasaurs and Charmanders, both kids, parents, and adults without kids alike.

All Things Running · Training Tips for Your First Marathon: Cross Training, Training Plans, Race Day Nutrtion

Excuse the blurry photo, but this happened once. Went to take the Garmin off of its charger, and the whole thing split in half.

Free 50 Mile Ultramarathon Training Plan | RELENTLESS FORWARD COMMOTION

Pizza at Ripleys

Everything you Need to Know about Trail Running and Poison Ivy. Ultra Marathon TrainingRunning ...

I've seen a number of friends wax poetically about the birth of their children with catchy, heart string pulling phrases like "the moment you were born, ...

8 Core Strengthening Exercises for Trail Runners (No Equipment Necessary)

Couch to 100K · Knock On Wood 100 (K) Race Report

10 MORE Motivational Trail & Ultra Running Films for Inspiration (or Distraction). Ultra Marathon TrainingRunning ...


Get your kids involved and learn the 5 tips you need to know when you run


Controversial as it may sound - runners don't lack mileage, they lack strength

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Five Safety Tips for Runners


10 Weird Things People Say to Ultra Runners


How Frequent Bouts of Sitting May Hurt your Running #Run #Running #Training #

... Runners · Giving Back: My Experience as a Running Coach

3 major reasons why you should switch to trail running. Marathon Training For Beginners,


5 non running mistakes that may be sabotaging your running Race Training, Running Training,


26.2 Marathon Quotes To Develop A Marathon Mindset


Click to read my story about how being a runner and how it has impacted my

Training for an Ultramarathon? You Still Need Speedwork.

Sea Level Musings

Running with kids: Half marathon training for parents

Review: Brooks Cascadia 11

How to Prepare Your Body to Run an Ultra Race Running Training, Running Guide,

Cleared for Take Off

6 Things Every Beginner Should Know Before Trail Running Running Training, Trail Running, Running

Running Through Pain…and How it is a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Idea.

Trail etiquette isn't necessarily about hard-and-fast rules. It's mainly

... SMART Goal Setting for Runners

Have been thinking about trying trail running for a while now, this post makes me

... The Joys and Dangers of a Fun Run (a One Mile Race Recap).